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Thinking of getting a Taycan Cross Turismo...

OK. Flame suit is on. Give it to me.

I love wagons, I love EVs, now there is a EV wagon. Checks all the boxes for me.

Had a '02 2.7t allroad. LOVE that car.

Really wanted the new RS6 Avant as my ICE replacement for the '19 RRS, so that we always have 1 ICE in the garage. Albeit not being driven often.

Now comes that the Cross Turismo is available this summer. I'm gravitating toward it like a moth to light. My '16 X is still very much alive, thinking of getting extended warranty till 100k, and doing the MCU2 upgrade. But the back of head, I really really want the 4S Cross Turismo. Optioned out = ~$140k.

Already have my '21 LR+ for road trips. Should I just go for the Turismo as a DD? Here in CA. I can get HOV stickers for it. Still have $7500 tax credit, plus CA $1500 rebate.

Range if it resembles the regular 4S Taycan will be in low 200s per EPA, but everybody tested the sedan indicates it's over EPA ratings. So I figure 250 miles per charge. Drove the sedan, loves it, but the range and charging infrastructure prevented me from getting it the 1st time around. Now that EA is building more stations, it helps.

Also I figure this will be regulated to local driving and commuter car, plus weekend fun drive car. Not that the X is not fun for weekend drives, but this is a totally different animal.

Thought about getting rid of the '16 and use fund to bring cost down. But then I thought about it, will keep '16, unlimited supercharging, LTE, OG seats. No major faults with car other than typical Tesla build quality issues. Maybe keep it till my kids feel like driving (don't get me started on kids and driving nowadays, 2 X, 1 3, a RRS, and they don't even want to touch the cars, I have to forced them to get their licenses after turning 16), or pass it along to family members who would appreciate the X.

Anyway, at the Turismo price point, there's the Rivian, the Lucid, RS6 Avant, AMG Wagon, quite a bit of options out there. But only the RS6 and Cross Turismo excites me with the looks and only one of them is a BEV.

What do you you all think? Save up for a Roadster 2.0 instead? lol. told my wife the Cross Turismo will be my mid-life crisis car.

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sounds like you have kinda made up your mind on the Cross Turismo....

being another p-car owner, only the RS6 avant would have my attention as an ICE. but give it 1-2 years and getting a low mile CPO RS6 avant will be a better value, imho.

if im getting another EV sedan or similar, im going Model S Plaid Plus. i don't see how anything can come close to that when/if it comes out. i would wait to shop a Plaid Plus with a CT before making a final decision.
If you want milk, why not just rent the cow? What I'm saying is, this car will be plentiful once it is properly out, and you can just rent it, whenever you feel like it. The only car you should own is the one you want to drive on most days. Ofcourse you can do reverse also, rent it out on Turo the days you are not using it.
YOLO! Do what you want.

I love that car and would really like to own one, but a couple things stop me: 1: there's a plaid model S that is more practical and has all the smiles (but none of the style and interior lux) and 2. the Taycan is a sneaky small car (like it's not spacious inside and I'm doubting the CT version cargo space will be as usable as what you get in a model S, which is much more substantial than most people realize. I'd say: go test drive a Taycan and sit in the back seat, if you love it, go for it.
I love the Cross Turismo and sometime in the next year will be replacing my 2015 85D likely with the Taycan or the E Tron GT. I drove my buddies Taycan Turbo recently and it definitely drives like a Porsche. I don't need the extra room of the Cross Turismo as my wife drives a Range Rover so I'm leaning towards the Taycan 4S or the Audi version of it. I still like the looks of the Model S but IMO going on almost a decade of the same body style makes it look tired and boring compared to the Taycan or Audi GT.
Porsche is also offering a lot more color options than Tesla including this Frozen Blue.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 8.41.54 AM.png
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The Taycan's charging curve is killer. It would be a great road tripper and have better quality/customer service.

Regular Taycan is beating EPA numbers all the time. I think it will be a great road trip car. I'm starting to see EA chargers next to Supercharging stations more and more now. They broke the EV cannoball record with a Taycan 4S. Less range than M3, but faster charging curve.