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TIP: Dog Mode Better Than Climate On

Often, while getting ready for a trip, I'll turn on the climate to heat up the cabin. The problem with this is that if I open a door or even the trunk, the climate will turn off.

I've found a better solution is to turn on Dog Mode. That way, if I'm loading stuff into the car, it won't shut down the heating.
Now if we could just turn on Dog Mode from the app...
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Yeah, except I'm usually loading something into the trunk, not the front.

I guess I would be okay with the app-based pre-heat command being canceled when I open the front door (and maybe even the rear doors), but not when I open the trunk. That should not cancel pre-heating (-cooling).
I LOVE dog mode. I use it frequently, even when the dogs are not in the car. I do like the fact that the OP mentioned that getting in and out of the car doesn't shut down the climate.
In the winter, it's nice to return to a warm car.
In the summer, it's nice to return to a cool car.

How much range/battery does Dog mode use?
I took a before and after picture, when using dog mode yesterday.
I was going to be sitting at a dog agility trial and I knew it was going to get warm.
I did put a windshield screen in front.
I also played Cat's Quest and Beach Buggy Racing while I was waiting, as well as listening to the radio.
Not sure what the drain is for each, but not suspecting much.

After 5 hours, I'd lost about 10% of the battery.
The Starting temp was 74 at 9:30AM. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.
View attachment 665228

I then took the after picture at about 2:30 PM. Not sure what I did differently, but at least the picture is clearer. The high temp the car registered was 92.
Dog mode set to 74.
View attachment 665229

As this was just one recorded test, it is not a double blind study with complete scientific results, but it's a reasonable approximation.
Plus I haven't done a record test in the winter to see how well the heat pump does.
Hope this helps folks.