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Vendor Top 10 Carbon Fiber Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Accessories

Tesla’s 10 Carbon Fiber Accessories You Must Have for Your 2023 Model 3 and Model Y

Elon Musk has done an excellent job of developing Tesla Motors. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are among the best all-around cars to buy in 2022 due to their focus on practicality, comfort, and environmentally friendly vehicles.

Like everything beautiful, there are always some drawbacks. Frustration with support centers, phantom power depletion, and, strangely, customization constraints are among them.

Depending on the owner’s point of view, the ability to personalize the vehicle’s accessories may or may not be important when making a purchase choice. However, due to Tesla’s growing popularity, the market for customized Model 3 and Model Y accessories will continue to rise rapidly in 2023.

Having a Tesla enables you to do much more than simply go from point A to point B without paying for gas. Owning a Tesla is wonderful because you may enjoy the highs and lows, adventure, and process.

Tesla Carbon Fiber accessories are one of the numerous exciting upgrades new Tesla owners may apply to their vehicles to make it stand out from the crowd. However, proceed with care. According to many Tesla owners, there is no going back when it comes to fitting more carbon fiber accessories!

So, where do I begin?​

1. Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Oh, the venerable spoiler. The spoiler is one of the most distinguishing aspects of vehicles with accessories. Fortunately, there are a number of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y spoilers available. The Tesla factory’s optional factory spoiler features a sleek design and airflow characteristics that are optimized to boost efficiency and high-speed stability. When going at higher speeds, the carbon fiber spoiler increases rear downforce.

2. Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Because of its larger size, the carbon fiber rear diffuser for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is one of the most aggressively designed elements on our list. The diffuser, like the carbon fiber spoiler, will help in retaining the vehicle’s stability at higher speeds due to its increase in rear downforce. It is vital to note that the diffuser decreases the likelihood of scuffing the item when a driver drives over a speed bump.

3. Carbon Fiber mirror cover

Create a unique look for your Tesla with Tesery side mirror cover . These real carbon fiber mirror caps are precision engineered to fit perfectly on the Tesla Model Y / 3. Add a beautiful carbon and OEM LOOK to your Model Y or Model 3.
Side mirror cover is designed with real carbon fiber , perfectly and seamlessly connected with the original car's side mirror , it does not require any cutting, and is scratch-resistant and durable, providing long-lasting protection

4. Carbon fiber dashboard

Many Tesla owners have complained that the OEM wood dashboard is “out of sync” with the rest of the car’s design. A full carbon fiber dashboard replacement replaces the factory-installed Tesla dashboard with an elegantly designed attachment, making it the first carbon fiber interior item on our list.

It is vital to note that the driving experience is heavily influenced by what the driver sees inside the cockpit since it is one of the items that a Tesla owner will view on a frequent basis.

5. Carbon Fiber Door Trim

Tesla transitioned to the revised Model 3 series in 2021. There were several upgrades made from their previous lineup, but the chrome elimination, new headlights, greater range, new trunk gasket, and door-trim extensions stood out. After listening to many previous owners, Tesla decided it was time to transition to a more efficient architecture.

Accentuate your 2021+ Model 3 and Model Y door trim with genuine dry carbon fiber accent piece.Enhance the look, add a stylish personality, and make your car look cooler and more distinctive.

Tesla released a "refreshed interior" for Model 3 and Model Y (Jun., 2021+) that includes revised wraparound door panels that are an extension of the wooden and white dashboard. Many owners opt to go with a more elegant and sleek carbon fiber interior.

6. Carbon fiber steering wheel

When Tesla Motors revealed its new Yoke steering wheel in late 2021, they drastically changed the game. Despite the discussions and various opinions around the switch, the U-styled steering wheel is rapidly gaining acceptance.

The carbon fiber steering wheel attachment for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y may be made to order in order to expand customization options. These include the kind of stitching on the upper and lower wheels, the color of the stripes, the form of the grip, and many more.


7. Carbon fiber Tesla T logo

Not every carbon fiber attachment needs to be unique. Sometimes the little details contribute to the broader picture. Owners who want to personalize the exterior of their Tesla might consider the Carbon Fiber Tesla T Logo.

The T logo, although somewhat altered, contributes to the overall aesthetic. Because the majority of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars appear identical, the carbon fiber T addition is an excellent location for aspiring carbon fiber enthusiasts to begin.

8. Carbon fiber door handle cover

The door handles on the Tesla are already impressive, but you can take them to the next level with carbon fiber handle covers. These covers replace the stock plastic handles and add a premium feel to the look of your car. The carbon fiber material also provides additional strength and durability.

9. Carbon fiber side camera cover

Tesla is equipped with side cameras that provide a 360-degree view of your surroundings. You can enhance the look of these cameras with carbon fiber covers. These covers are easy to install and add a touch of refinement to your car.

10. Carbon Fiber Hood Bonnet

Tesla accessories are limited in terms of full replacement supplies. However, the new hood substantially enhances the car’s appearance while also reducing the vehicle’s total weight. The carbon fiber hood is a great head-turner and game-changer for Tesla owners who want to make the most of their Tesla’s look.



Upgrading your 2023 Model 3 or Model Y with carbon fiber accessories is both a practical and stylish option. Not only will you be able to make a statement on the road, but you'll also be able to enhance your driving experience. Whether you're a car enthusiast or simply want to enhance the aesthetics of your Tesla, carbon fiber accessories are definitely worth considering. With a wide variety of accessories on the market, choosing the top 10 carbon fiber accessories can be overwhelming. However, by choosing the right combination of accessories, you can push your car to the next level. So, make the upgrade today and enjoy the benefits of having a car that exudes style while packing a performance punch.

Carbon fiber dashboard, does it fit 2023 model Y white dashboard? is there any issue with hot weather where it will come off the original dashboard?​


Available in white, you can click the link below for details. It will not come off due to weather temperatures, only super high temperatures will cause the tape to melt, weather temperatures will not affect it in any way!
Want to add more style or the carbon fiber look to your center console? The Tesla center console wrap really compliments the Tesla car interior. The Tesla center console wrap can improve the quality of the car and increase the sense of luxury. Perfect matching does not affect the original function and is convenient for installation. Protect your center console cover from wear and tear with our center console wrap.

Tesla Model 3 / Y Center Console Wrap Interior - Click Here

ADD Matching Carbon Fiber Interior Parts:

Real Carbon Fiber Dashboard Cover (full single piece) - Click Here
Real Carbon Fiber Backseat Center Console Base Cap - Click Here
Real Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Accents - Click Here
Real Carbon Fiber Armrest Cover- Click Here
Real Carbon Fiber Door Panel Trim - Click Here
Real Carbon Fiber Turn Signal Wiper Stalk Covers - Click Here
Real Carbon Fiber Backseat Vent Cap - Click Here





Model 3 / Y T Logo Overlay Front & Rear - Real Carbon Fiber

Model 3 Model Y Tesla Logo is a design that creates perfection. An exceptionally fine and perfectly fitting piece that instead the original front and rear logos for the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Add a perfect touch of carbon to your Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y logos.

Optional Choose:

1 Pair - 1 For hood & 1 for Tailgate (Glossy / Matte Carbon Fiber)

1 Pc - 1 For hood (Glossy / Matte Carbon Fiber)

1 Pc - 1 for Tailgate (Glossy / Matte Carbon Fiber)

These are real carbon fiber dry molded from 1 layer carbon fiber and they fit directly over your stock chrome T logo. They fit perfect and are totally flush.

You can find more details about our spoiler here: Model 3 / Y T Logo Overlay Front & Rear - Real Carbon Fiber


Model 3 / Y Steering Wheel Middle Trim Cover - Carbon Fiber Interior Mods

These real carbon fiber steering wheel middle trim cover are designed for the Tesla Model 3 or model y. They are made of 100% real carbon fiber. The twill weave pattern is very fashionable and beautiful, which can improve the grade of the steering wheel and bid farewell to mediocrity. Our unique engineering design takes hours of research and development to ensure perfect decoration and the best quality materials.

You can find more details about our spoiler here: Model 3 / Y Steering Wheel Middle Trim Cover - Carbon Fiber Interior Mods


Installation Video


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