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carbon fiber

  1. Red Rocket IV

    Sold Model and cleaning out the Garage

    Several items for sale for Model 3 TSportline Executive CF wing - $300. - New in Box Light Harmonic speaker upgrade; new in box never installed. - $600 Abstract Ocean CF Center Console vinyl - 25 Abstract Ocean CF Steering Wheel Vinyl - $10 Sub Floor Trunk Organizer - $90 Tesla...
  2. X

    2021 M3P Carbon Fiber Spoiler (OEM)

    Recently had the spoiler on my MP3 replaced under warranty (edges lifting), but they left me with the original, when they were both off I could see no difference on the dry fit other than the new spoiler appeared to have a different adhesive placement than the original one. I've gotten ~90% of...
  3. Mysterylectric

    3 piece wheels and carbon widebody kit

    Selling a set of unplugged performance UP-03 3 piece wheels in 21x9 and 21x10, et5 offset (will not fit a standard setup. Widebody required) with Pirelli P-Zero tires in 265/35ZR21 and 305/30ZR21, respectively. Wheel barrels have been vinyl wrapped orange, but are powder coated red with black...
  4. M

    Model 3 few accessories for sale

    I have few model 3 items lying around for sale. 1. Abstract ocean blue model 3 footwell led light blue color $10 2. Carbon fiber glossy mirror cap, need vhb tap to install. $100 3. M style mirror covers glossy, has 2 to 3 clips broken but still fits without any issues. $100 4. Taptes CF glossy...
  5. N

    For sale 2012-2015 model S Vicrez carbon fiber diffuser side skirts, front lip, tailgate spoiler

    Brand new never installed full Vicrez real carbon fiber body kit. Front lip, rear diffuser, side skirts, and tailgate spoiler. I purchased this new for $3,100 best offer will take it. fits Model S 2012-2016 first gen with nosecone. . Im in cal and would prefer not to ship because pf...
  6. N

    For sale 2012-2015 model S Vicrez carbon fiber diffuser side skirts, front lip, tailgate spoiler

    Brand new never installed full Vicrez real carbon fiber body kit. Front lip, rear diffuser, side skirts, and tailgate spoiler. I purchased this new for $3,100 best offer will take it. fits Model S 2012-2016 first gen with nosecone. . Im in cal and would prefer not to ship because pf...
  7. DeedWest

    Late-2011 Roadster 2.5 - Very Orange - Fully Optioned - 26K Miles - Impeccable Shape

    Hello all. I am facilitating the sale of a 2011 Roadster 2.5 for a very good friend of mine, per his request. I have owned several Roadsters over 6+ years now, and I have not found a more complete and flawless spec Roadster out there. It has been meticulously maintained and upgraded in...
  8. Leeon

    $3K OBO used CMST tuning body kit OBO

    Selling used CMST tuning kit for $3000 OBO. All carbon fiber Original price was $6k - invoice included 11 piece kit - 3 piece front lip - 2x side skirts - 1 spoiler -1 diffuser with light- minor damage -2x fender accents -2x mirror caps feel free to text me or call me directly at...
  9. K

    FS: OEM CF Model Y Performance Spoiler

    Hey everyone! Like new OEM Model Y CF Performance Spoiler Removed after a few days. Located in Stockton CA. $450 + shipping fees. Brand new from Tesla is $800. Thanks for looking!
  10. Reaction26

    F: Model 3 Parts

    Hey guys: A few model 3 parts for sale and willing to let them go for a fair price. Below is what I have so far: 1-RPM Carbon Fiber Mirrors - $100 shipped 2-RPM Carbon Fiber Backseat Center Console Base cover - $50 shipped 3-RPM Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Reflector Frame - $25 shipped 4-RPM...
  11. besnova

    Poll - Model S/X Steering Wheel Cover Wrap

    My 2014 steering wheel has 110K miles of wear on it (mostly from original owner) and I'm looking to try wrapping it with these. It's only $50 for each but need to wrap it myself. What are your opinions on the different styles? Carbon fiber is not real.
  12. K

    FS: Model Y CF Performance Spoiler

    Hey everyone! I have an near brand new spoiler for sale. Reason why I say brand new is it was just placed on by Tesla during a service appointment but I am going a different route and this will now be for sale. Asking 550 or best offer. Brand new from Tesla is $800. Thanks for looking
  13. hyperspeedy

    FS: (SOCAL) Model 3 or Y - Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim Replacement (not insert)

    Brand new never used. Opened only to take pictures. I went with matte CF instead so this one's for sale. Real gloss carbon fiber, not a water or transfer or wrap / vinyl. Absolutely gorgeous addition to any OEM wheel or upgraded CF wheel. Really easy to swap, all you need to do is transfer...
  14. 2chands

    PPF & Carbon Fiber Finish

    If you are from the NJ/Greater NY area. Check out always clean detailing in Fair Lawn, NJ. They PPF & carbon detailed my car! Also got front window tints (20%). Always Clean Detailing Services
  15. M

    Los Angeles, CA: Tesla Model 3 Real Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Selling a never installed Carbon Fiber for Model 3. It’s a more aggressive style than the Performance blade spoiler for those looking for something different. Comes with new tape ready for installation. The spoiler does have slight imperfections (can be optionally polished) that is not...
  16. PNWTMan

    Carbon fiber hood on M3?

    Anyone here installed a carbon fiber hood on their M3? Did you use hood pins to secure? And if so, where did you secure the hood pins to the body at? Thanks in advance
  17. jeremy0916

    Carbon fiber vinyl wrap Tesla Model S 2015 interior experience?

    Anyone have experience doing vinyl wraps on their Tesla? I have the obeche wood glossy finish panels but would really like a premium looking carbon fiber finish look. Would I be best to go to a wrap place and see if they can do it? Anyone researched and done this before with any products out...
  18. iSpyLife

    Model Y license plate frames!

    So, since there is nothing on the rear of the car that says "Model Y", Ive been looking for a non-chrome replacement to the chrome (thanks for the chrome frame that doesn't match my stock chrome delete Tesla!). I came upon these three options and thought I'd share incase anyone else is looking...
  19. C

    Carbon Fiber Tesla Roadster Hardtop + Factory Issued Cover $7000 obo

    Selling carbon fiber hardtop in near perfect condition along with the factory issued Roadster cover. Located in Atherton, CA. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Photos are attached, lmk if you need anything else.
  20. BoringMod

    Vendor Black Matte Metal Tesla license plate frames

    Hi guys Per the request of many TMC members I have been making custom plates. These are non oem but many here love them and give you an option to swap out your chrome oem one. The color is satin matte black and looks like a standard chrome delete color. The engraving is free and done via a laser...
  21. C

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

    I have a gloss carbon fiber rear spoiler for sale that fits all Model 3 vehicles. $350 shipped in the US (lower 48 states) or $300 if picked up locally in either Kings Mountain, NC 28086 or Charlotte, NC 28206. I purchased two of these thinking that I would paint one to match the color of my...
  22. L

    T-Sportline Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model S

    Selling my T-Sportline carbon fiber spoiler that fits all Model S variants. High quality material and weave that really catches the light. Overall in great condition, but there are a few small knicks on the corners / sides. These are not really noticeable unless you’re looking for them. Install...
  23. Reaction26

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Pearl White Carbon Fiber Addition

    Selling a one of kind special addition Tesla Model 3 Long Range you will fall in-love when you see it. This car has been babied and when you see what it has you will go crazy of how many options and additional options it has on the car. Selling this because need a larger car for family and...
  24. L

    Ebay Front Spoiler help

    Hello I need some help to get some feedback and experience about the following specific ebay front spoiler Front Bumper Lip Spoiler ABS Carbon Fiber Style For Tesla Model 3 Sedan 2016-18 | eBay Gloss Black Front Bumper Lip Spoiler Splitter Cover For Tesla Model 3 | eBay I had search and...
  25. _richard

    Ft Bumper Looking HOT AF - Splitter review..

    Ok, so I've been wanting a lower splitter for a while now just to bring the nose down and get a bit more aggressive, and finally found something I like. I was VERY dubious, since its one of like 3 i've found out there, and I wasnt completely sold on the 3 piece situation (it comes in 3 pieces...
  26. webbah

    Anyone have a Carbontastic Steering wheel? Photos?

    I’ve been looking at the Carbontastic Steering wheel here: https://www.realcarbontastic.com/product-page/tesla-model-3-custom-carbon-fiber-steering-wheel They also sell a fighter jet style one...
  27. BoringMod

    Vendor Carbon Fiber License Plate frames / Slim For Chrome Delete

    Tons of customers wanted a license plate frame that went well with Chrome Delete it has Performance models. These carbon fiber are similar to Tesla’s Model 3 license plates. I found a manufacturer that has a patented design that Does not block different states registration stickers...
  28. C

    Real Carbon Fiber Interior

    Is there a company that offers real carbon fiber replacement parts for all of the the piano black parts of the Model 3? I’ve seen several different companies offering carbon fiber wraps and even ordered one to see what it felt like but the finish is disappointing compared to a real gloss resin...
  29. SumaPerformance

    Vendor Carbon Fiber Spoiler, what else?

    We are launching a new product line in Carbon Fiber. What parts would you like us to make in carbon fiber!?
  30. TheTeslaStudio

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Accessories Now Available at Our Studios.

    Personalize Your New Model 3! We are currently selling and installing the following accessories for your new Model 3. All Weather Fitted Floor Mats/Liner Carbon Fiber Spoilers Eibach Lowering Springs MountainPass Performance Coilovers MountainPass Performance Toe & Camber Arms Big Brake...
  31. R

    What's a brand-new Model S carbon-fiber spoiler (circa 2012) worth?

    I purchased at the same time as I ordered my car, back in 2012, but it wasn't shipping at the time and showed up a few months later. And I put it in the garage and never got around to doing anything with it. It's absolutely brand-new, obviously... never even took it out of the bubble-wrap it...
  32. 4agemr2

    Recent photos of my Model 3 with Maier Racing kit and BBS wheels

    Just wanted to share a few photos I took last weekend after finally getting my wheels mounted 1 year and 4 months since I took delivery. It's kind of a unique look and not everyone might like it, but I'd like to share this and maybe someone can be inspired or get an idea of how they go about...
  33. J

    Original Tesla Roadster Carbon Fiber Hardtop For Sale

    Reason for Selling: My father and I looked for several years for an original carbon fiber Tesla hardtop for our Thunder Grey 2008 Validation Prototype Tesla Roadster (Roadster #VP30). We came across this hardtop which was painted light blue and intended to have it repainted in gloss black...
  34. C

    Model X or S OEM Carbon Fiber Dash (4 Pieces)

    I have an OEM set of Carbon Fiber dash pieces that will fit either Model X or Model S. Please see pics. All in perfect condition. Includes 4 pieces total. $600 shipped anywhere in Continental US. Thank you Mike
  35. N

    Show me your lips

    Im looking to get a carbon fiber front lip for my P85D. Who here has one? Who made it? How much did it cost? What are you impressions? Ease of installation? Was it DIY? Matte or gloss finish? Please post pics.
  36. DeedWest

    2014 Model S 85 - Dolphin Gray - One Owner - 60K Miles - $32,000

    On behalf of a very close friend, I am facilitating the sale of this gorgeous, one-owner 2014 Model S. It has been family-owned, driven locally, and meticulously maintained by both Tesla and myself (thanks to our group Tesla car washing sessions). The owner has just taken delivery of a beautiful...
  37. Reaction26

    For Sale: Un-opened New M3 Dashboard Cap Matte CF -$250 +ship

    Selling a Matte Carbon Fiber dashboard cap from RPM and ended up not using it and paid $390. Looking to sell it as I will not be using it and going keep my natural wood. I willing to let this go at a sweet price as keeping it in garage is no use for me at all. Looking to sell it locally but...
  38. C

    Carbon fiber front spoiler and diffuser

    Model S 2012-2015. I have a German Rush carbon fiber rear diffuser I had on a 2013 P85, I only had it on the car for a week it’s in perfect condition fits in all factory mounting holes. I paid $1250. You can look at all of the specs on www.germanrush.com I also have Vicrez VZ1 style carbon fiber...
  39. thesnooch

    Model S Carbon Fiber Spoiler OEM (Socal OC)

    Fair condition.. can throw in some extra 3m vhb that I have left over if needed. I wasn't too careful with removing the spoiler so it shows and I've tried to capture those areas as well (see pics) $350 OC CA. Also open to any trades please pm whatever interesting items you may have.
  40. lingula

    Carbon Fiber Interior Trim - Model S

    Would rather not wrap it. Looking to swap out my wood grain 2018 Model S interior with Carbon Fiber units. Ship to NY. Thanks
  41. jfischer

    Pictures of CF door Sills?

    Afternoon ALL, I'm Trying to get these molded but wanted some good high res pictures of the CF sills of someone has them Looking for overhead. Side, etc... so we can get a feel for what is different from the normal sills. I had them on my 2008 roadster, but unfortunately I've not been able...
  42. K

    Model X Carbon Fiber Graphite trim

    Good Morning, I have a set of Carbon fiber graphite interior trim that includes Dash trim Sliding center console door Arm rest trim all four door trim For Model X Asking for 300 plus Shipping or OBO
  43. B

    Roadster Carbon Fiber Hardtop with Bag $8500 obo

    Selling In perfect shape, Carbon fiber hardtop with Tesla bag. This was purchased with a Roadster Sport 2.0 with the Carbon package. I am selling a Roadster Sport and wanted to include the hardtop with the sale of the car but I keep feeling like value of of the options are not being...
  44. L

    Carbon fiber spoiler for Model S -- off new P100D

    Hi, Selling my carbon fiber spoiler I removed off my new Model S P100D. This was on the car for about 145 miles / 3 days. Will remove the 3M tape that is currently on there and clean with isopropyl alcohol so it's ready for you. You will need to apply new 3M tape to it, but I might have a roll...
  45. digitalboi

    Brand New OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    I've got a brand new OEM spoiler for sale. Never installed, still has the factory tape ready for you to add some sport to your MS! $750 shipped
  46. M3totms

    Tesla "T" carbon fiber badge project

    Hi everyone, I'm starting on a project and wanted to share to TMC as I go. A little background on me. I work in aerospace as a composite technician. Having worked at a few different companies and with many composite fabrication methods, I've had the opportunity to implement those...
  47. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Exterior Sport Package

    Our Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Sport kit is what we call a great exterior upgrade if you're looking for that "oe plus" look. It's not too subtle, yet not overly aggressive. It's just the right amount of sport for a clean modern sporty look. Our Front Apron for the Tesla Model 3 enhances the...
  48. Tsportline

    Vendor Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing Spoiler

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing Spoiler is now available! Free Shipping For Pre Orders within the United States and Canada!
  49. Olds442

    I customized a used Evvanex console.

    i recently purchased this console for my P85. but since my car has a carbon fiber dash, i needed to put in some elbow grease. from this. to this! i used VVIVID matt carbon fiber off amazon for like, $10. i did have to disassemble the unit to do this, which wasn't easy as one of the...
  50. DeedWest

    2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport - Every Option + 3.0 (R80) Battery & 3 Year Warranty (9,950 Miles)

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine who owns this car, as he requested my help in posting & facilitating the potential sale of the vehicle. He prefers not to post the car directly, so I was happy to help find this remarkable car a new home. We're still waiting on the window sticker...

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