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Hi Guys

After some advice here please. We’re about to rebuild our bungalow and want to eliminate gas completely. So we’re going for Solar PV, Air-Source Heat Pump, Powerwall and a Zappi2 charger for our Model 3.

What I’m not sure of though is how/when we need to arrange singing up to Octopus/Tesla Energy? We have a smart meter today but we’re not with Octopus yet. Is there any benefit in moving to Octopus now and getting the smart meter installed before our house work starts? Guess I’m not sure what the bet sequence of events is here and cant seem to find any good guides on line - so any advice from you clever lot would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
There's some discussion of the Octopus /Tesla Energy Plan here. I initially thought it was a good idea but my calculations suggested it would earn me about £50/year at the expense of greater battery wear. However, I am on the Octopus Go 5p/kWh tariff which is my main source of power during the winter months when solar doesn't make much contribution. Is your Smart meter SMETS 1 or SMETS 2? Octopus can access the data for some, but not all, of the former while one type of the latter has problems with Powerwalls.

If you do the transfer to Octopus (bais tariff) now then you'll have time to get any compatibility issues resolved before you get the Powerwall installed (two might be better if you are installing a heat pump).
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