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  1. Electric700

    Solar Powered Tonneau Back Bed Cover

    Does anyone know when the solar powered tonneau (or back bed cover) will be offered as an option? It would be nice as a retrofit. A lot of people park their trucks outdoors, so this option is perfect for generating a few miles of extra energy each day. I heard it could possibly be up to 15 - 20...
  2. IronCoffee_Max

    Automatically turn AC on when Solar is producing, and off when it isnt?

    I am interested in discouraging A/C usage unless Solar is on. That doesn't mean we don't allow A/C, but that we auto-turn Ecobee AC on when solar power is generating, and we auto-turn it off when solar power is not generating. A person can go turn it back on if it's necessary. I would've thought...
  3. P

    Tesla app not showing all power flows

    It reports total energy buy not home and utility breakdown. Any one else seen this problem?
  4. J

    SCE (Southern California Edison) Solar annual bill, is each TOU category independent for usage / surplus rate

    I am about halfway through the year for first solar annual bill with NEM 2.0. Our system is undersized, and overall we are a net consumer. However with the winter TOU rates, we have a surplus in the daytime 8am-4pm "super off peak" TOU category. If we are a net consumer does it matter is one...
  5. F

    Powerwall design with 100 amp meter main feeding two subpanels

    Hi, I have a 100 amp meter main (with 1 disconnect). Currently the meter-main feeds house subpanel which is rated at 125 amps, my load-calculation is much low, like 60 amps. I am doing an addition which has its own 125 amp subpanel(load calculation on this this is also around 65 amps). I am...
  6. Y

    Happy Solar roof solar-versary to me

    Officially 1 year in service today. This took forever to sort out and get installed. Tesla corporate is probably the worst company I've ever had to deal with. The local crew was great and if not for them, I probably would have given up and abandoned the project. Anyway, we needed a new roof...
  7. danny

    Tesla officially launches Charge On Solar

  8. D

    Dump net metering [in NJ]?

    I have Tesla solar with PSEG (NJ) net metering and now two Tesla cars. Charging both cars is giving me a monster electric bill even with the solar. PSEG told me I cannot have a time of use plan (to charge my cars cheaply overnight or on weekends) and still have net metering. So, here’s my...
  9. SanDiegoM3

    San Diego: CCA and solar install on Friday - do I stay with CCA, do I have a choice? Other noob questions

    Hi everyone! I'm getting my Tesla solar installed on Friday and I'm currently on EV-TOU-5 and I'm in the CCA instead of SDGE. Is there any practical difference between being with the CCA versus SDGE? If there is, do I have the option to swap to SDGE as part of going solar, or maybe after...
  10. C

    DIY Increasing System Capacity under NEM 1.0 without re applying for PTO

    Hello, I had a 6.5kW system installed in 2015 under a net-metering agreement with SCE that specifies a "nameplate rating" 7.2kW generating facility producing an average of 1037kWh per month. I am only generating an average of 720kWh per month and I am using about 1000kWh per month. I would...
  11. C

    What to do? Some solar panels shaded late in the afternoon

    I just finished installing solar panels with Tesla. I asked to put all the solar panels on the west side thinking it's better for peak hour performance. There is a little bit of shade from the chimney from the west side but it only covers a small portion of the roof. However, I just learned that...
  12. danny

    Tesla Opening Charging Connector to World | TMC Podcast #26

    We cover Tesla opening up their charging connector to the world, Tesla scaling back on solar, FSD V11 going out to Tesla employees, and more. Topics- 0:00 Intro 2:47 Tesla opens up their connector standard 26:10 Tesla scales back on solar 49:50 California power companies and solar 55:32...
  13. A

    Very low solar generation - 26k System - 3 Inverter - 3 PW - Less power on sunny days

    Let me preface this by saying my apologies up front , this is going to be a semi long post with as much detail as I can provide. Some of you may have seen my prior post regarding the oddities in my system reporting (which seemed to be the CTs misconfigured by my installer , which was fixed by...
  14. T

    Anyone have issue with Tesla App not displaying home usage/grid export data?

    In my Tesla app I only see two options, Energy and Support. I can only see the energy generated and I have no data on home usage or grid export. I have called Solar support their rep told me they will "activate" it on their end and it will show up in 48hours but its been way past that and...
  15. Y

    Solar has been great then dropped suddenly. Normal?

    I have a 20 kwh system with 2 powerwalls, installed Aug 2021, started operating on self consumption mode in Oct 21, then finally PTO in March this year. System has been awesome and I haven't had an electric bill since March. I noticed that one day in August my production dropped by almost half...
  16. D

    Charge your Tesla at home using clean energy ONLY

    Hi, my name is Dario and I have developed a system that makes possible to charge your Tesla using clean energy ONLY from your solar panels. I named it ChOp (charge optimizer). If it rains, you don’t charge. If you’re cooking your meal and using up your current production, you don’t charge. But...
  17. B

    Should I get Powerwalls if I am on an essential "circuit/block"?

    I am in the Bay Area (PG&E) and have an order for a 9.6 kW solar + 2 PW in-progress. However, I recently discovered that I am in PG&E's special outage block #50. This means that I am "generally exempt from rotating outages" because "essential services such as hospitals and police and fire...
  18. M

    Is the deposit for solar panels refunded if canceled within the 5-day cool-down period?

    As the subject says, I'd like to know if I get my $400 deposit back if I cancel within the 5-day (CA) Cancellation Rights period. To be honest, I'm an idiot and forgot to use my referral link and confirmed the design Sunday evening. They've made it clear that adding in a referral post order...
  19. G

    Solar+Powerwall line side tap in Texas

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for clarification on a certain question I had. I was wondering if Tesla allows using a line side tap from an existing main service panel to the backup gateway with solar and powerall configurations. For further clarification, the service panel and meter can are in...
  20. S

    PowerWall or not ?

    I just moved in into a new build and I am considering installing solar + battery. I managed to get a quote for solar + Powerwall and solar + Givenergy battery. I also just realised the tariff for the Tesla Energy plan jumped from 12p to 24p with a higher daily fixed charge as well. Now because...
  21. MrNik

    Zappi or Hypervolt for a solar home system ?

    I know for a long time, Zappi had been the best charging point for integrating with a solar powered house. But now with other good CPs in the market, is Zappi still the top choice in terms of features, solar integration etc ? I'm deciding between Zappi and Hypervolt ... Does Hypervolt provide...
  22. D

    fantasy charging system

    Someday I'd like to have solar panels; I'll have to move to a different house (not least so that I can have a driveway, for the charging component of this scenario). I gather that solar goes well with a big battery for the house. But that's expensive, in part because the battery doesn't last...
  23. S

    Solar panels in Asheville, NC?

    I'm moving to Asheville, NC and want to install solar panels on my house to charge my Tesla. Who has researched the most economical way to do this? TIA!
  24. K

    Panel performance 4.8 kwh

    Haven’t got PTO yet. Tesla says they have a 90 day wait. BUT, I can see performance on app. Tech support says full power will be realized after pto. What? Are they holding back power? I’m generating anywhere between 27 to 31 kilowat hours daily close to west coast of California. Wondering? Any...
  25. J

    Can Tesla inverters be sold or transferred?

    Hey everybody, I have two Tesla inverters from May 2021 before powerwall was required. I'm thinking about doing my own battery install and may want to sell my Tesla inverters and buy hybrid inverters instead and just use the current arrays. Does anyone know if it's possible to sell inverters...
  26. EVPartsSol

    Vendor Tesla Parts in Phoenix, AZ! Batteries, Motors, Collision Repair Parts, Conversion Kits, Solar! Worldwide Shipping

    Hello there from us here at EV Parts Solutions in Phoenix, AZ We have a wide range of parts available and in stock ready to ship to meet your many needs. For the repair crowd, body shops, and DIY members, we offer great replacement parts at fair prices and speedy shipping! For the...
  27. damonbrodie

    Solar + Powerwall in Ontario

    Is there anybody out there that has installed Solar on their home with Powerwall in Ontario, Canada in the past year or so? I'm looking to get some insights before I starting contacting dealers and I'd like to be forearmed with some knowledge. I'd like to ask some questions about cost...
  28. MontyFloyd

    Solar system info, resources, web sites, personal experience.

    Making a resource post for TCM people looking at installing PV, everyone encouraged to post. I am seriously looking to install a set, want to share the research and process at same time. Web sites: Solargraf is a directory of installers, like a portal...
  29. itsallaboutme

    Anyone have solar other than Tesla solar?

    This company called Sun Run is in my neighborhood claiming no upfront cost. I haven’t really researched but wanted to see if anyone hd any other solar panels Installed from a brand other than Tesla. And if it’s worth it or not. I am in NJ and I see a lot of ads for no charge solar. Never...
  30. M

    More than 20% decrease in solar output in 1 year

    Hi, new member, hoping to get some perspective. I have a 12kW system, live on the peninsula, bay area, CA. Recently, I finally reached the point where I have data from the same dates in 2021 and 2022 and was able to compare solar production. I noticed a decrease of 20-30% solar production...
  31. SSDTester#1

    A Tri-House Solar Panel Build

    I'm doing a solar panel build on 3 different houses, all within 1/2 mile of each other. I figured this thread might be beneficial for those who are looking into build times, problems, price increases, adjustments, etc. I will keep tracking the house updates in the original post (if possible) and...
  32. H

    Powerwall- Adding 2nd Solar System

    I currently have a solar panel system connected to two Powerwalls. I'm considering adding a second solar panel system, and I want the second solar panel system to also connect to the Powerwalls (both solar panel system connected to the PWs). This way the Powerwalls will get charged quickly...
  33. Gwgan

    WTB RWND-3D-240-MB solar power meter

    I have the RWNC-3D-240-MB meter on my 14kW SolarEdge/ Powerwall system but that’s not good enough for automated reporting since that meter is only valid for nameplate capacity less than 10kW. I need instead the RWND-3D-240-MB model. Any chance someone has the D model on a small system and could...
  34. TydalForce

    Solar In Suburban Philly

    Hey all, was hoping for a local perspective. We're out in Chester County and seriously considering solar with battery backup (especially after yesterday's storm knocked our power out for the whole day!). Do any of you locals have experience with solar installations, Tesla or otherwise...
  35. S

    Solar Data in a multiple accounts

    I am trying to get my solar data to show in both my Tesla account and my wife’s account but Tesla said this was not possible. I am concerned because I bought a vehicle in my account, but my wife has the solar in her account. So, if we share the vehicle and use the app as a key, then I won’t be...
  36. S

    Selling House with Massachusetts SMART Contract

    I purchased Tesla solar panels for my house and signed the 10 year contract with the Massachusetts SMART program where I receive a check every month for my solar production. If I sell my house, obviously the new owner will get the benefit of the free solar generation, but is there any...
  37. B

    SOS please help, difference between tesla app reported net power export and what PGE bill says

    Hello, i am seeing a substantial difference (on certain days) between what the APP says it exported to the grid and what PGE says it received. Please see attached plot and data below. This has been going on for a while. please help me understand this. regards BK
  38. MontyFloyd

    the Solar (PV) BOOM economy.

    Wanted to discus the economic effects of moving to a 40% PhotoVoltaic (Solar) power generation. Argument: A drive to significant PV energy source will cause the biggest economic growth since WW2. Reducing CO2 emissions is not the goal, just a collateral benefit. Why will there be such growth...
  39. n.one.one

    North Carolina Tesla Energy Installations (by Tesla)

    I believe that Tesla Energy has either started or is planning on doing energy installations in North Carolina. I'm starting this thread for two primary reasons: I hope this thread will be an ongoing discussion for folks in North Carolina with helpful input from those in other regions who have...
  40. ascottallison

    How can I get Tesla to increase the number of panels in the design?

    I placed an order for 12.75kW solar panels.... Weeks and weeks went by and they've now come back with a 7.48kW design. Although my roof is a little choppy, 3 reputable local companies have sent designs for around 11kW. Tesla say they can't go that high due to code citing fire set backs. Any...
  41. xkwizit

    Tesla or another Integrated Solar Roof experience?

    Hi - we are in planning stage for a custom home and every builder we have talked to is trying to talk us out of doing solar roof saying the technology is too new and not yet stable. From our respected member community, if you have a Tesla or another integrated solar roof, I will appreciate...
  42. K

    Model S in Houston

    Glad to be on the forum! My name is Kelly Bedrich (he/him) and I'm the proud owner of a 2013 Model S. It's practically ancient for an EV these days, but it was one of the original 50 in Houston. I'm have a background in programming and project management. My wife and I own ElectricityPlans.com...
  43. R

    RI REF Grant? [Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund]

    Has anyone here from RI attempt to get Tesla to apply for the REF Grant? I order my panels 4/8 when they announced they would force you to buy powerwall and solar panel combo so I placed an order without powerwalls. Since the process has been taking forever I was curious about other quotes...
  44. MountainPower

    Tesla Solar Install Timeline + Question

    Hi all, I wanted to share my timeline for my Tesla Solar install, as I'm seeing a number of horror stories on here, and ask a quick question. Overall I've been blown away by Tesla Solar, with one exception - how they communicate. The following is an example of my experience in the Denver metro...
  45. T

    Tesla Energy has the worst Customer Service. Regret getting Tesla

    Tesla customer service is non-existent. Terrible experience from the start. I should of listen to my gut and NOT used them. I ordered the panels July 2020. They installed the equipment in December 2020. They installed the Powerwalls on the floor when I asked them to wall mount it. They...
  46. G

    Is there a way to start charging based on my solar panels outputting energy?

    Hi, not sure if this is in the right forum. I wondering if there is a way to have my Tesla start charging when my solar panels are outputting enough energy. Maybe something like IFTTT app? I have Enphase Energy micro inverters and I can easily tell when they are generating enough power to not...
  47. H

    Tesla switched inverter to Delta (no optimizers) from promised solaredge (with optimizers)

    A couple weeks ago, we had install of a 11.8kw panel set with 3 powerwalls completed. While I was promised a system power optimizers for shading and a solaredge 10k inverter (both verbally and was on the planset in 11/2020), what is actually installed has no optimizers and a Delta M10-TL-US...
  48. n.one.one

    Georgia Power monthly net metering (RNR-monthly)

    I've ordered a 16 kW + 4 PW setup (from Tesla) and I'm rethinking the kW size because of the 10 kW limit on the Georgia Power monthly net metering plan (RNR-monthly). I'm looking for advice both for a qualifying 10 kW system as well as for a 16 kW system that will generate more than I will need...
  49. G

    UK - Tesla Energy Plan/Octopus

    Hi Guys After some advice here please. We’re about to rebuild our bungalow and want to eliminate gas completely. So we’re going for Solar PV, Air-Source Heat Pump, Powerwall and a Zappi2 charger for our Model 3. What I’m not sure of though is how/when we need to arrange singing up to...
  50. willow_hiller

    Tesla Unveils New Tesla Brand Solar Inverter

    Looks like it's officially here: Tesla Solar Inverter | Tesla Built on Powerwall 2 technology for exceptional efficiency and reliability Wi-Fi, Ethernet and cellular connectivity with over-the-air updates Designed to integrate with Tesla Powerwall and Tesla app 3.8 kW and 7.6 kW models available