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Various media issues

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Hey people,

I'm wondering if the issues I'm experiencing on my MS 2017 are common issues or not. And those are getting worse over time:

1. Lots of issues with Spotify
Examples: can't load saved albums/artists, sometimes plays the same song over again when I click on "next", won't play any song (and sometimes displays the timeline as if it was playing but no sound is coming out of the speakers), displays a "unable to load track list" error message, plays a song but crashes and stops, and most of the time can't resume playing when I go out of the underground parking lot at work. Those issues usually require a soft reboot to temporarily disappear.

2. Issues with voice commands
From time to time, hitting the voice command button on the steering wheel displays the adequate icon on the ICU display, but then it doesn't hear anything I'm saying. I've got to wait, hit the button again and retry.

3. Volume wheel issues
From time to time, trying to increase or decrease the volume with the steering wheel control doesn't work.

Well, I also have the "yellow" ring on my main screen. The SC ordered a new screen, but apparently it could take months before I'm getting a new one here in Europe.

Thanks for any tips on how to fix those issues :)
1. Yes, all the time.
2. Sometimes
3. Never. Think I remember a post about this issue and the steering wheel controles were replaced by SC.

I have put 1 and 2 down to poor 3G signal. Have had a loaner with the same "features".
Thanks for your input, Ande & Swwacm.

Thing is, I had some Spotify issues from the beginning, but that was from time to time. Now it's been a few days those happen every single day, at least once. I'll take an appointment at the SC.
1 exactly face the same issue since 2018.10.4 Software. Has nothing to do with mobile bandwidth in my case. E.g. TuneIn is woring, full LTE coverage but does not load spotify saved list etc. Repoot of both screens does not help.

2 had this sometimes but aloway when mobile coverage was poor.