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What does this speed number mean?


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Dec 4, 2019
Riverside, CA
I recently got updated to the 2021.4.13 firmware. Some weird stuff today - the speed limit chime was going off continuously until I realized what it was. Apparently it turned itself on. Now, I am seeing this "!25" while I am driving AND while I am stopped. Anybody know what it means? I have the speed warning turned off entirely so I don't know that it's related to that.
What is your speed limit mode speed set to? It looks a bit different now but I think it’s the same thing I had. At 80 kph I kept getting this warning and it was because I had set the speed limiter to that. I didn’t have the speed limiter on, just set to 80 and it would warn me whenever I hit that speed. Set it back to like 125 kph and it disappeared.