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Wheel Speed Sensors have failed me twice

I am writing this thread in hopes it helps another Model X Owner. 2016 Model X 11/16 build date.

This will be the 2nd set that I have put on the car. 1st set lasted 3.5 years, 2nd set 1 year, now set 3 just installed. HOW DO THESE SENSORS GO BAD?? Makes no sense, can any of the technicians on hear explain that please? Also no real way for the average DIYer to test the sensors to see if they are still putting out a signal, as these are digital I believe.

This issue is with the Wheel Speed Sensors and causes the following errors to occur,

GTW_w181 Park Assist Unavailable.
GTW_w277 Power braking assist reduced
DI_w124 Cruise Control Disabled
ESP_w003 Traction Control Disabled
ESP_w002 Stability Control Disabled
Automatic Emergency Braking Disabled.

Doing a car shutdown via the MCU would clear the errors and the car goes back to normal , you think until you start driving again. In about 1 mile the errors return and the car is basically not drivable due the brakes barely working. If you are lucky when the errors happen REGEN Braking will still work but you power brakes are basically almost useless so the car is not quick to slow down.

Opened a Tesla service request "no mobile service in my area right now" and they were able to basically tell me that cannot tell what the problem is and would need the car at the service center. I was able to get them to repush the latest FW in hopes is was a FW update error, that did not work. The would say they could see a generic ABS error but did not pin point any details or sensors that were bad and would need the car to further troubleshoot.

After doing some looking at various threads and only finding one one where a X owner was getting the same errors and it turns out the tire had rubbed thru the right front ABS sensor wire that had come loose from the strut. SO that was the first placed I looked on my car and both of mine were intact in good shape.

I ordered two new front sensors and two rear sensors, I replaced the front sensors first took approx. 1 hour, removed the frunk to get to the sensor connectors, the sensor are held to the hubs by one torx screw and come off easily. After replacement I rebooted the car and all seemed ok errors are gone. Did a test drive and the erros are back.

I replaced the rear sensors which was not hard other than having to take the pan off the bottom of the car to get access to the harnesses which are on top of the rear subframe arches, then you have to push the connectors over the rails.

SUCCESS after the rear sensors were replaced.
If you see these errors check your wheel speed sensors first.
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What model/year X do you have? Can you post the part numbers and costs? What was the cost to have the SC to change them?
2016 Model X though I have only seen one other thread for a 2018 Model X from this forum, 2018 Model X WSS replaced by SC for 168.00

I ordered my part off of ebay all parts were new Tesla parts, hard to find on ebay but I got lucky. 2015 thru 2020 Model X parts below,

This a very easy DIY once you have the parts, my service center is 150 miles away and we dont have mobile service in the area except for 12v batteries all other fixes I have to take to SC.
Hi @1percentcamber ,

Were the wire harnesses damaged at all???

In the quiet space inside of the rear pans makes a wonderful
hiding/living space for rodents...

Don't ask me how I know...
Coolant hoses on the rear drive unit for me.

No wire damage at all other than being dirty from road grime the wires sheathing on all cables was in perfect condition.
I had one replaced a couple months back, but that was due to my 19" square winter wheels rubbing through the sheathing on one side. Not sure how that happened, given I went w/ the same size wheels/tires as the Tesla winter package, but it did.

SC bent the brackets and ran the wire a little different, so they don't think it should ever happen again.

But...I've never heard of anyone having a problem w/o damage. That's odd.

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