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Which vaccine did you get?

Which Vaccine did you get?

  • Pfizer

    Votes: 60 56.1%
  • Moderna

    Votes: 39 36.4%
  • J&J

    Votes: 5 4.7%
  • AstraZeneca

    Votes: 3 2.8%
  • Sputnik V

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sinovac

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Pfizer all the way! I heard of too many people having side effects after the 2nd Moderna shot.
I had Pfizer and my brother had Moderna. We both didn't feel so good (body ache, headache, fatigue) for 24 hours after 2nd dose. It just means your immune system is responding. I notice older people have less reactions. My parents only got localized soreness.
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I got the Pfizer. I got it because it was the one being offered to people in my category. (A different site was giving Moderna but only to people in a different category.)

After both jabs my arm was slightly tender at the injection site, but only if I pressed on it. No other side-effects after the first jab. About 30 hours after the second jab (on day 2) I developed a mild chill. I had to put on sweatpants and a t-shirt (which I almost never do in this warm climate). I also got a mild headache. I took an ibuprofen. Two hours after the onset of the symptoms I was back to normal.

I agree with the advice to get whichever vaccine you're offered first. Some people are concerned about the lower reported effectiveness of the J&J vaccine, but that one was tested later, after there were variants in circulation. It's likely that there is no significant difference in the real-world effectiveness of the different vaccines.
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I got the Pfizer. Didn't get any side effects. I was told to stay hydrated and take two Advil every 4-6 hours even if I didn't need it. Seemed to thwart any of the side effects.

Glad I wasn't given the same advice. My stomach would not have tolerated two Advil every 4 to 6 hours. One ibuprofen in a day is my limit and then only if really needed. Luckily one was all I needed. And I don't even know if it actually made any difference.
I got Pyfizer and I don't feel any illness or any side effects from it and It is already my 2nd day.

1st or 2nd jab? Symptoms are a lot more common after the booster.

My side effects (mild and lasting 2 hours) came on 30-odd hours after my second Pfizer dose. I got the second jab early in the morning and the symptoms began late afternoon the next day.

... I usually take 4 [Advil] at a time. An old Army doc told that one. "Drink water, drive on"

Wow! That is a lot of ibuprofen.
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My wife (teacher) got the J&J on Saturday, felt a little queasy a few hours after but that was it.

I'm not a big fan of needles, hoping to get J&J in a few months; I work from home so am at the 'back of the line'.
I'm not a big fan of needles...

My jab (Pfizer) was done with a needle so thin and short that I've had mosquito bites that were worse. I understand the fear of needles. I don't like them either and I cannot watch while they stick me. But this one is really nothing at all.

I've had other vaccines that hurt going in and left my arm hurting for a long time. This one, you hardly know they're sticking it in.
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I'm scheduled for Saturday but the county website listed 2 vaccines that might be given. Don't know if it's because they don't know what they are getting yet or if they are giving people a choice.
I just hope I dont faint like I usually do when they draw blood since needles freak me out.
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Maderna. Least painful shot ever. Hardly felt it

Did get a good bit of muscle soreness the following day.

2nd shot gave fever, chills, etc. Spent the day in bed. Cleared up after 24 hours. Spouse had only muscle soreness after second 2nd shot and no other symptoms.
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Moderna - first, sore arm second, died but thought you'd all want to know. Or maybe just vegged the next day and then samo samo.

Funny fact, most of my neighbors are doctors and most are Asian. Was told Moderna is more effective for Asians and they arranged it for themselves and their families.

Re older folks and Covid: pulmonologist neighbor had his male Asian nurse catch it, nearly died, the nurse's 95 year old mother - asymptomatic, go figure