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Will the Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Be Delayed?

Editor’s note: This article was updated after readers pointed out that Musk’s comments could be referring to a Plaid version of the Roadster, not necessarily the entire production run.

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk’s comments on Twitter have caused some to wonder if the new Tesla Roadster will actually go into production next year.

Musk was replying to comments and questions about an updated Model S with “Plaid” performance that is scheduled to go to production “in October or November of next year.” When asked about other models that would receive the Plaid powertrain, Musk said the “New Roadster and X will come later.”

If the Plaid Model S won’t hit the streets until the very end of the year, does that mean the “2020 Roadster” will be delayed until 2021? Or, was Musk just saying that the Plaid version of the Roadster will come after the Plaid Model S?

Musk didn’t outright say the car would be delayed until 2021, but he did respond affirmatively when the car was referenced as the “2021 Roadster.”

It’s confusing.

Will there be multiple performance versions of the new Roadster?

Is it possible that Tesla will sell a $250,000 supercar that doesn’t come standard with its highest performance tech?

The new Roadster is expected to pack impressive specs even for a supercar – 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds and a range of up to 620 miles from a 200 kWh battery pack.

Whether it comes in 2020 or 2021, Musk said on Twitter that the car will break the overall track record at Nürburgring.

Maybe that’s worth the wait. 

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From my understanding, Plaid is standard for roadster, optional for Model S & X. The roadster webpage still states the 200k base model will have 3 motors, which is the key factor of Plaid. The upgrade for roadster is the spaceX thrusters.
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Lest it be forgotten...

"There is of course only one thing beyond ludicrous, but that speed is reserved for the next-generation Roadster in 4 years: maximum plaid.

My loose interpretation of that phrasing given more recent developments is...

  • Sport - 2012 P85
  • Insane - 2014 P85D
  • Ludicrous - 2015 P85D, P90D
  • Ludicrous+ - 2016 P100D
  • Plaid - 2020 P100D

  • Plaid - 2020+ Roadster
  • Maximum Plaid - 2020+ Roadster w/SpaceX package

As an previous owner of many of the S offerings, the Plaid S is intriguing but my lust remains directed at Roadster so far.
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I just wish Tesla would focus on releasing the Roadster 2020 in 2020! Please give us a reason to spend our money!

If I had a date certain for the initial release I'd be willing to drop a deposit. The uncertainty leaves my funds in the market.

I am hoping for a solid release date too. Not putting down the deposit because the lost profit from not investing is too much
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