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Winter Road Trip: SoCal to Utah

Wanted to share some pictures and notes from our road trip from Socal to visit Horseshoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, and Zion!

Some background:
- 2018 LR RWD (April 2018 build) with EAP, 30k total miles and riding on 19 inch wheels. Lifetime efficiency of 220 kWh/mi. Took the car on about half dozen trips before (SF/Bay area, Vegas 3x, Phoenix/Sedona, plus some weekenders to San Diego and Santa Barbara) so I'm pretty familiar with trip planning/charging.
- Used PlugShare to book hotels with EV chargers. Bryce was a bit worrisome due to lack of options but it turned out fine.
- Used ABRP and Google Maps to plan out drive times, stop locations, and surrounding amenities.
- Once in the car, I relied solely on the navigation since I've found it to be pretty accurate in the past, though I had to call an audible mid-way from St. George to Page.

- Day 1: LA to Vegas. Charged at Yermo (Eddie World), and Primm.

- Day 2: Vegas to Page. The drive through Virgin River Gorge is amazing! Charged at St. George to almost full to see if I could make it all the way to Page. Partway through, the arrival SoC started dwindling from 20% and went down each digit every 20 minutes or so. Didn't want to chance it with my family with me and it being ~25F outside, so we stopped at the La Quinta in Kanab to add some juice. No problem making it to Page thereafter.


- Day 3: Visit Horseshoe Bend. Wanted to check out Antelope Canyons but they've been closed since COVID started. Passed through Kanab again and headed to Bryce. Very few vehicles on the road and poor visibility due to snow so had to drive sloooow. Ruby's Inn is the only game in town with EV chargers so had to stay there. Saw maybe two other model 3s and one X in the two days there. No problems with availability though.


- Day 4: Visit Bryce Canyon National Park. Super cold...15 degrees, but pre-warming the car came in handy.





- Day 5: Bryce to Zion through Mt. Carmel Highway. Another awesome drive. Probably stopped three or four times to take in the scenery. Stayed at the Lodge inside the park with two EV chargers available. Saw only one other car using it in two days.


- Day 6: Did Riverside Walk and Emerald Pools trails. Made it to beginning of the Narrows but that was about it.



- Day 7: Couple more hikes and hung around Springdale. Then did the reverse drive... Zion/Springdale to St. George to charge, then to Vegas.

- Day 8: Vegas to LA. Just one charging stop at Eddie World this time.

Very fun trip, and longest yet with the Model 3. Already thinking about the next roadtrip!


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Thanks for the posting this. I’ve been through the gorge south of St George and Zion. Both are spectacular and I plan on seeing Bryce and other parks in Utah soon. We just returned from a 7300 mile trip from Sacramento to Florida and back. Not a lot of Tesla’s on the road outside of California. Chargers were well spaced on the freeways but mostly not very busy. When getting off the freeway to wind along the gulf coast we used hotel chargers. I averaged 257 wh/mi on the trip. I also learned a lot about range. Wind, cold and elevation really gobble up range and several times I needed to slow down to make my destination. Hotels were mostly empty all across the country but very safe in my opinion.

I’m looking forward to lots of trips in my M3. I even plan to do some car camping. So much fun.
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Thanks for sharing. I did my first roadie, from LA-SF. There were so many supercharging stations along HW101 my range anxiety was quickly lost. Any problem with opening your doors from the ice/frost on the windows? I've seen a video where Tesla Model Y didn't open bc the ice on window prevented the window from slightly sliding down when you first open the doors.