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Would you buy used with drive unit concerns?

We recently bought used, with almost 60000 km on our CPO 2013 Tesla Model S 85.
Drove it 2500 km in first week, 6000 in the first two months.
This is our second EV, the other car (a Smart ED) in our driveway has 12000 km in two years of daily commuting.

Both are brilliant to drive, have no issues and little to no battery degradation.
My Smart ED hasn't even been back to the dealer since purchase, not for any reason.
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Not sure what the worry is. Drivetrain has an 8 year unlimited mile warranty, and failures have been quite rare.

If I were to pick something that worried me about buying used, that would be way at the bottom of my list (list is topped by Tesla's hostility towards anyone wanting to DIY or use a 3rd party repair shop)
I bought a 2013 P85+ 3 weeks ago and heard the hum some have reported at freeway speeds. Took into the Costa Mesa SC on Tuesday and got it back yesterday with a new motor. 0 issues with my buying used as its all covered regardless. They also took care of another 10 or so items including the underbody sheild the previous owner kept declining when it was in earlier in the year along with a software update, trimming something in the rear to prevent rubbing, aligned the car given the motor replacement, fixed the rear hatch water leak, etc. Car is good as new now but never gave me any grief to begin with outside of the low hum at 80. If you find a good deal, just get the car. The SC will make sure its in like new condition.