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Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

Hi All,

Not sure if ‘allowed’ or worthwhile but thought I’d start an Australian ‘Model 3 Waiting Room’, as all responses with the LR thread I’ve been viewing appear to be from our US friends. So feel free to join and contribute here, and hopefully assist in consoling our fellow impatient purchasers (me)! 😁

Order date: 12/11
EDD: nil
VIN: nil
Located: NSW
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Wiki Superchargers Visited

**** NOTE: We have transitioned to a new platform ****
More Info: Supercharging.Life database

This is a friendly contest for Tesla owners to track the number of unique public Superchargers where they have charged

- "Supercharger count" is the number of unique public Superchargers where you have charged (just being there does not count), whether or not you were the person plugging in the vehicle (such as a Valet Parking garage or a Passenger) and whether or not it was your own personal vehicle (such as a rental, a loaner, or a friend's Tesla) as long as you were the one who drove >50% of the distance to reach the charger(s).
- The list of chargers in the supercharging.life database are the ones included in the game. If you think one should be added or removed from the list, let us know.
- Only chargers available to the public without special permission are included in the game.
- Chargers not connected to the grid are not counted.
- Doublet locations like the North/South Supercharger 'pairs' in CT, ME, NH, etc. count as individual locations.
- More than 1 charger at the same address, such as Lenox Square Mall (Atlanta, GA) or Montgomery Mall (Bethesda, MD) count as individual locations when they appear as a separate location on the Tesla Nav screen.
- Inactive competitors will be archived and removed from the leaderboard. Just post an update to be reactivated.

See Supercharging.Life database for info on how to post your own visits to the database (preferred), or post your locations with date visited to this thread and one of the admins will update your list for you. All visits must be posted to this thread - not just entered in supercharging.life. If you are the first in the game to visit a supercharger location, please post to the thread as soon as you can so others know it has been visited.

Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

Welcome to the 2019 Investors' Roundtable. This year, we are not going to try to split discussions between a "Market Action" and a "General" thread, as years of experience has shown all are too enthusiastic about putting their opinions and observations in a fairly random dispersion.

So post here - but as a specific topic gets discussed over a series of posts, we'll split it off to its own thread; this Master Thread will serve as the catch-all unless and until such a pattern emerges.

Othermod: Even better if you split it out yourselves, don't wait for us. --ggr.

Until midnight on 31 December...in some time zone...this thread will remain locked. You are encouraged to post away in the 2018 threads until then, at which time those will be locked.

With the key thrown away!

Happy New Year, all.

Powerwall minimum charge rate

So I finally had two more PWs installed and I now have a total of 4 on my 100A single phase supply.

Slight snag I’ve hit is that the installer said he can only make the PWs charge at a minimum of 16A for each.

So at “cheap o’clock” I now have a draw of 64A for the PWs (charging from mains in the winter) and 32A for the car. This is 98A (duh!) and leaves precious little to run the house and definitely not enough for the 16A immersion heater.

What I really wanted was for the PWs to charge at no more than around 10kW so about 45A in total (but still be able to discharge at the 20kW for the whole system).

Does anyone know if Tesla have the flexibility to set this configuration? Who should I contact to make this request?

Vision and Auto E braking issue…

I tried searching and didn’t find a specific result so here I am before anyone makes a comment.

I know the auto brake has been discussed numerous times. Lately with the switch to vision it’s been activating almost every time I drive. I live in South Korea, if anyone’s ever driven here you’ll know it’s terrible. From the tiny roads to the random braking with no one in front of said car. Some of the roads are so congested that it takes hours to go 4km.

My issue is the car is constantly beeping at me showing red cars on the screen that aren’t a worry to me at all but the car seems to think there’s a threat. Even on auto pilot it’s always hitting the brakes on the highway which makes other drivers stare at me as if I’m brake checking them on purpose or something.

My main issue is the auto emergency braking. If I forget to turn it off when I start my drive there’s a 99% chance it’s going to get set off. This is an issue because cars are in such close proximity to me that I feel I’m about to get rear ended. usually when it happens it takes a second for the car to let me start driving again and there’s constant horns going off behind me, as well as dirty looks. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve actually considered selling the car. I don’t know why it cannot be permanently disabled but if there is a way that you guys know of, please let me know because it has caused a lot of issues so far. One incident almost came to a fist fight. Another cause my eighty year-old mother to spilled coffee all over the front seat and her lap. I have a sticky note on my screen to remind me to disable every time I drive. I feel like on such an advanced car, This should not be an issue to be having. I feel like I can’t use any of the auto features that the car is known for like auto pilot. My car doesn’t even want to accelerate in traffic on auto pilot is turned on. I don’t really care too much for the auto pilot but I do want the auto E breaking to stop. I have emailed Tesla numerous times and not gotten a response. I wish I could say I was exaggerating on how much this activates, but I am not.

I have tried re-calibrating the cameras, and reset the car and done everything I can that I found when searching. I have cleaned all the camera lenses and made sure there was nothing on my windshield. I have even tried re-calibrating the cameras at different lighting conditions, thinking maybe it was something with a glare that caused it. I’m literally grasping at straws here. anyone have any clue what can be going on? Since the switch to vision, the car has had about six different updates, and it is the same with every single one.

Holiday update? what can we expect?

Wondering if anyone thinks something major is coming? Or a new polished UI? I feel that the Software has pretty much peaked in a sense that the new UI we have now is what is likely going to be used for a while. Cybertruck Model S and X have this new updated UI elements- maybe us Y and 3 owners can get a taste of that too.
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How far will current selling prices fall after Jan. 1 ?

How much will 2022 MY & MYP prices fall when Federal Rebates resume Jan. 1 ?

  • $2k - $3k

  • $4k - $5k

  • $6k -$7k

Results are only viewable after voting.

With $7,500 rebates around the corner, I'm wondering how far current prices will fall to compete with new purchases.
I will be in the market around Jan. 1 and anxious to see how much the value of used '22s AND '23s will drop.
If there is a substantial price drop, I'd probably be happy buying a '22 or '23 used model.
Makes no sense buying one now (if not absolutely necessary) if Fed rebate is around the corner.
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Shout out to Tesla Tech Support

I bought a 2016 90D about 2 weeks ago as a commuter car between Cleveland and Chicago. On my maiden voyage, I had to stop twice at about 1h each to make the journey. When I got to Chicago, I started looking for one with a bigger battery pack.

I found a 2018 P100D with super low miles and a bunch of upgrades, so I traded my newly bought 90D on it and drove it off the lot. (I didn't lose a dime.) But then it hit me: It took over a day to get my last car added to my account so I could Supercharge, and I was to leave for Cleveland the next morning. I was screwed.

I called Tesla Tech Support and after about 20min with a surprisingly good agent, we had the car added to my account and I was set to go.

The trip home required 2 20-25min stops and the car is a SERIOUS upgrade for me. EAP on a road trip is a godsend.

So just another thread about an awesome experience with Tesla. this is how all car companies should operate.

Stops on the way to the Alps?

Tips on where to stop on the way down?

We’re off skiing in Avoriaz the week before Christmas, aiming to get home on Xmas eve.

Planning to get the 1430 Eurotunnel after the kids break up from school on Friday lunchtime and hope to get to Troyes for an overnight stop on the way down.

Ideally we’d find a supercharger on route for a nice quick-ish dinner on the way down. Anything good at Reims on the autoroute or is there somewhere just off the motorway that’s better?

We think we might leave on the Friday evening from Avoriaz after skiing all day and get a couple of hours of driving in before doing the bulk of it on Saturday.

Snowchains out of stock on Tesla store so have bought snow socks instead (model y Geminis). Anyone got experience with these?

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New Powerwall install...appreciate some feedback if all ok

Hi Everyone,
We recently had 2 PowerWalls and Enphase solar installed at our house. The two power walls only backup one panel. I set the setting to Self Powered with reserve of 10%. I'm a little surprised we couldn't make it through one night without needing to rely on the grid. We didn't have any large usage, just heat pump and home lights (no Dryer, car charger etc). Does the images seem normal to you? Its possible I was duped by the sales agent who claimed the PowerWall's would be enough for 24 hours of backup, but looks like we barely got 11 hours. Are the spikes in usage normal? I appreciate any thoughts or feedback. Thanks!


Vendor S3XY Buttons - Regenerative braking

I would like to share more info about the Regen braking and its functionality with the S3XY Buttons.
If you have any specific questions let me know, I would be happy to answer!

Here's a list of a few scenarios when changing the Regen Braking with a S3XY Button can be quite useful:

  • Heavy winter/slippery conditions - avoid slipping in case of rapid Regen applied by the car. Usually, Tesla reduces Regen or enters Snow mode but only after it detects a problem that might be too late.
  • Low on battery and just want to coast without constantly switching between acceleration and regen
  • Not a fan of one-pedal driving - if you just want the control in your hands (feet)
  • Motion-sickness of your passengers when regen kicks in - a lot of customers send us feedback that this helped their passengers have more comfortable trips
  • Just want to get the rust out of your brake discs - remove the regen and make a drive using the brakes only.

Which use case is your favorite and do you have other ideas?

Also, another helpful tip - place the "Regen Braking" S3XY Button behind the wheel.


Tesla replacing ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision

Tesla announced today that they are transitioning away from ultrasonic sensors and replacing them Tesla Vision:

Today, we are taking the next step in Tesla Vision by removing ultrasonic sensors (USS) from Model 3 and Model Y. We will continue this rollout with Model 3 and Model Y, globally, over the next few months, followed by Model S and Model X in 2023.

Along with the removal of USS, we have simultaneously launched our vision-based occupancy network – currently used in Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta – to replace the inputs generated by USS. With today’s software, this approach gives Autopilot high-definition spatial positioning, longer range visibility and ability to identify and differentiate between objects. As with many Tesla features, our occupancy network will continue to improve rapidly over time.

For a short period of time during this transition, Tesla Vision vehicles that are not equipped with USS will be delivered with some features temporarily limited or inactive, including:
  • Park Assist: alerts you of surrounding objects when the vehicle is traveling <5 mph.
  • Autopark: automatically maneuvers into parallel or perpendicular parking spaces.
  • Summon: manually moves your vehicle forward or in reverse via the Tesla app.
  • Smart Summon: navigates your vehicle to your location or location of your choice via the Tesla app.
In the near future, once these features achieve performance parity to today’s vehicles, they will be restored via a series of over-the-air software updates. All other available Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capability features will be active at delivery, depending on order configuration.


Anyone worried about the value of their Tesla cars plummeting?

I'm currently waiting for my MY rwd, with delivery date keep pushing forward now November 06, and seeing recent happenings and arrival of MG4 (to challenge that a value EV can also be good) leaves me with an uneasy feeling. China's delivery time for the MY rwd is now 1-4 weeks, and I can't imagine what will happen as demand lowers, with Giga Shanghai alone set to produce 3000 cars per day. Tesla has huge margins and they can reduce prices in the thousands, and still make a healthy profit. Plus tough competitions, fighting for the same pie, BYD, NIO, and many startups may force Tesla to lower their price soon?

I will be trading in my M3 SR+ (as much as I love the car, it's just too hard to get in/out for my family), I just have a thought of getting something like the MG4 and ride it out till everything settles.

What are your thoughts regarding this? Or am I thinking too much?

Non Tesla charging station reliability

I recently got the CCS adapter for my Model 3 and I decided to drive around to find an Electrify America station to test it. There are 5 stations within 5 miles of me. The first station all the CCS positions were taken, The 2nd there was one CCS station available, but I kept getting an error after following all the directions for plugging in. The third had “unavailable” signs on the screens of all the CCS positions, and the 4th also had all the CCS positions occupied. I gave up and didn’t go to the 5th. I created an account and linked it to my credit card prior to starting this and even had some introductory credit in the new account.

Are EA station experiences typically like this? Additionally, at every station at least one stall was not working which represented sometimes 25% non availability :(

According to my Tessie app, I’ve supercharged 15 times in the 8 months I’ve had the Model 3, and in every case, there were plenty of spots available and no out of order chargers (one station was being built so that doesn’t count lol!)

I was seriously considering buying a Lucid Aire Touring, but now, not so sure. Tesla supercharger network is definitely a HUGE aspect of the Tesla brand!


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