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Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

Hi All,

Not sure if ‘allowed’ or worthwhile but thought I’d start an Australian ‘Model 3 Waiting Room’, as all responses with the LR thread I’ve been viewing appear to be from our US friends. So feel free to join and contribute here, and hopefully assist in consoling our fellow impatient purchasers (me)! 😁

Order date: 12/11
EDD: nil
VIN: nil
Located: NSW
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Pricing Revealed

EST. $60,990​


  1. AVAILABLE IN 2025
  2. 250 MI. RANGE (EST.)
  3. 6.5 SEC. 0-60 MPH

EST. $79,990​


  1. DELIVERY IN 2024
  2. 340 MI. RANGE (EST.)
  3. 4.1 SEC. 0-60 MPH
  4. 112 MPH TOP SPEED
  6. 7,435 LB-FT TORQUE

EST. $99,990​


  1. DELIVERY IN 2024
  2. 320 MI. RANGE (EST.)
  3. 2.6 SEC. 0-60 MPH†
  4. 130 MPH TOP SPEED
  6. 10,296 LB-FT TORQUE
†With rollout subtracted.


Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

Welcome to the 2019 Investors' Roundtable. This year, we are not going to try to split discussions between a "Market Action" and a "General" thread, as years of experience has shown all are too enthusiastic about putting their opinions and observations in a fairly random dispersion.

So post here - but as a specific topic gets discussed over a series of posts, we'll split it off to its own thread; this Master Thread will serve as the catch-all unless and until such a pattern emerges.

Othermod: Even better if you split it out yourselves, don't wait for us. --ggr.

Until midnight on 31 December...in some time zone...this thread will remain locked. You are encouraged to post away in the 2018 threads until then, at which time those will be locked.

With the key thrown away!

Happy New Year, all.

[UK] Is it worth buying a 2019 M3P in 2023?

Hi all,

I've recently test driven a 2020 M3P demonstrator at a Tesla dealership and was impressed with the car

I'm interested in a used approved 2019 M3P - there are a good number of used listings with 20-30K miles on them going around the £30K or less mark

I've read a lot since becoming interested in these cars on things like build quality and battery wear/charging habits. I'm also aware that Tesla offers 8 years or 120K miles on the battery and drivetrain, half of which would be left once purchased. Additionally you get a 1 year/10K limited warranty.

I'm looking for opinions on whether this would be a sensible choice in 2023 or if I'm asking for trouble given the age and unavailability of information on how the car's been treated by previous owner/s. I know they're meant to be checked thoroughly by the dealerships prior to delivery. I'd welcome other peoples experiences in a similar situation.

I appreciate any advice or suggestions 😊

Longer term Ohmmu experiences?


Looking at possibly buying an Ohmmu lithium (LiFePO4) battery to replace the OEM one in my Model 3. The car is approx 18 months old and from what I can see from stats it has started waking up to top up the 12v battery every 24 hours, so I don’t think it’ll be too long before it says it needs to be replaced…

I tried reaching out to Sean @ Ohmmu to ask a few questions but got no response, which is a bit of a concern (e.g. for future warranty claims). I’m hoping some existing owners might be able to help.

I’ve got an automatic trunk and frunk kit fitted to the car. I’m led to believe both draw a nominal amount of power when idle, but it’s obviously enough that it is draining my 12v enough to need topping up. I should say that I barely drive my car, which possibly isn’t helping. I’ve done just over 2000 miles in those 18 months, and quite often won’t need to drive it for weeks at a time.

I’m keen on the Ohmmu on the basis that it should in theory last longer between topups, but at the same time I’m worried that the usual battery topup procedure doesn’t work with it? How does an Ohmmu fare in a lightly used car?

Also it gets pretty cold over here in the UK. Sub zero temperatures are common in winter, although they aren’t usually more than single digits. Bearing in mind the above is it possible that the car wouldn’t be able to recharge the battery if it’s too cold out, and therefore might go flat?

Thanks in advance for any help provided. :)

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Octopus Energy Saving Sessions

Does anyone know how the Octopus ”Power Hour” energy saving sessions are actually calculated?

I’ve taken part in all of them, but the results just seem totally random.

I’ve had sessions where we’ve switched off as much as we can and gone out, only to be told that we didn’t manage to save anything.

Some sessions, we’ve made very small savings, Including one where virtually everything was switched off and the whole family was in another country.

One session I forgot it was happening despite signing up, only to be told I’d managed to save 93% of my normal usage and be credited with over £16 off!

I’ll continue to sign up for them and don’t really do it expecting to save much as we are already quite energy efficient. It all just seems so random.

Now that NACS is becoming the standard, do you think highway restaurants will start installing charging options?

I've always thought that highway restaurants like Cracker Barrel, Texas Roadhouse, etc, and other big chains like Outback, Applebees, etc, would be great sites for EV charging. Any time I've identified a Supercharger location at one of those types of restaurants I've scheduled our drive for a meal time arrival and stayed for a full charge and a sit down meal.

Now that these businesses could potentially have their own charging scheme rather than having Tesla branded equipment, do you think we'll see more restaurant charging options popping up?

I suppose the same could be said for grocery stores and other big box retail like Target and Walmart.

Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

When I'm doing around 38-42 mph and slightly press the accelerator I get vibration on the wheel and in the car. It almost feels like you've shifted in 5th gear on an ICE car and its slowly bogging down the motor. Of course if you press harder you don't get the vibration. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

Anything before or after this speed doesn't have this issue. I'm wondering if the motors are not in sync at the speed?

Elon Musk draadje

Er was nog geen draadje over Elon, bij deze.

Er komt binnenkort (19 mei) een nieuw boek uit: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
Hier te bestellen: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future: Ashlee Vance: 9780062301239: Amazon.com: Books

Dit verhaal geeft alvast een overzicht van de smeuïgste quotes: The 22 most memorable quotes from the new Elon Musk book, ranked - The Washington Post

ALL CyberTruck discussion

MODERATOR EDIT: Thread's original name has been altered to reflect Tesla Inc's. revelation of pickup truck's nomenclature
Rivian and Ford are going conventional on design and compensating for the aero hit by putting in large batteries, with the hope that battery costs will come down as their federal incentive runs out and they need to price more competitively.

Tesla will [of course] take the opposite approach and make as aerodynamic a pickup as you could imagine, allowing them to squeeze maximum range out of currently affordable battery sizes. An aerodynamic pickup truck will undoubtedly be on the odd side given what we're used to. If the range, power, price, and features clobber the competition, maybe enough people can get past the non-traditional looks. Agree that the pickup truck could basically flop and it wouldn't be end of the world (especially since pickups are mainly an American affection), but missing the mark would be a huge missed opportunity. We'll see!

That's my take as well - I don't think the final design will be too far away from the teased first designs:


They might also go with a more traditional styling and use the aerodynamics of the Model Y or Model X:



I'm sure they'll come up with something clever to solve the turbulence caused by a traditional flatbed.

But my guess is that Elon's still convinced about the Blade Runner design language.

I see low chance of a 'traditional' truck design:


Why block the driver's view with a traditional hood that used to host an ICE engine?

What I'd love to see is a design close to this last image, but instead of a traditional hood in the front, a rounded front with panoramic glass running down in a futuristic but well-proportioned, visually pleasing way - more like a submarine than a truck.

That's not very Blade Runner though.

Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

Actually it's not a matter of a game in my opinion.
CO2 produced by ICE cars is responsible of temperature increasing in the world. As temperature increases ice at the North pole melts. As ice melts the salt concentration in the sea decreases. As the salt concentration in the sea decreases the current of the Channel decreases. When the current of the Channel will stop the North side of the Earth will get frozen.
Have you seen the film "The day after tomorrow"?
This film shows what will happen when the current of the Channel will stop. So driving pure electric is useful to save the Earth.

Do you still want to game?

Tesla should offer Range Extenders for Rental

This thing is huge, and for the majority the owners, this is only needed once in a blue moon. I think many folks could use the extra range from time to time, but not all the time but for that 1-2% of the year (3-5 days of the year), I think it would be extremely helpful to be able to rent the battery pack.

Say $50-100/day + $100 install/removal.

Totally valid buisness option here.


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