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    PSA: Check your signature lights if it's not working

    Mine failed and the tech that came out to fix it said it’s one of the most common issues they fix.
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    My Model 3 niggles. One week on

    We’re in agreement. I was just noting that it WILL roll to a complete stop, on a flat road given enough room. I think regen braking tapers off at lower speeds.
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    My Model 3 niggles. One week on

    The car will come to a complete stop with creep turned off, just maybe not quick enough to be useful. It will actually start rolling back as if in neutral if you attempt it on a hill.
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    Give us manual control for rear AC/Heat

    Same thing happened to me while driving the car home. It’s odd that you can manually direct airflow but not close the vents. The on screen icon is also really poorly designed.
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    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Looking to trade USB-C for lightening cable in Portland, OR but willing to ship.
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    Documentation needed for Lightstream

    I’ve financed through Lightstream multiple times and they are by far the easiest and fastest loan processor around. I recall only needing a recent pay stub to obtain an unsecured loan with 0 down payment. They used to have the best rates but that’s no longer the case unless you jump through...
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    Chip inside Charge Port Door

    Mine fell out and needed to be glued back in as well.
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    Cracking sound coming from Aero wheel covers

    We’re in the same boat. Crunching came back after a few drives :-/
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    Cracking sound coming from Aero wheel covers

    Have you tried popping off your covers and reinstalling? I did that on mine to check for captured rocks. There weren’t any, but my crunching sound went away. I’m guessing the rim of the covers were rubbing the wheel.
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    Wavy Window Trim

    These responses are crazy! This is maybe a 1/16” indent in soft rubber from the windows pressing on them.
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    Wavy Window Trim

    Mine is similar. The indent matches where the window edge sits when opening and closing the doors. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I wasn’t looking for it due to this thread though.
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    Am I in Trouble or not?

    I received the same email and had the same concerns. I asked the delivery specialist if it was ok to bring a personalized check or if I needed a certified check and they said not to bother going to the bank. They were very accommodating (in fact, the employees almost seemed more excited for me...
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    Am I in Trouble or not?

    I did the same thing. They asked me to give my bank a heads up so they didn’t put a stop hold on such a large check but otherwise it was no problem.
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    Inside of hood not fully painted.

    My response was directed at AWDtsla telling me what to do, not you. I thanked you for your post above as it was helpful. Can we all let this thread die now? It was never intended to be a knock on Tesla. I never asked about corrosion, hood liners, or for a comparison with a Mitsubishi. It’s sad...
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    Inside of hood not fully painted.

    Thanks for telling me what to do with my purchase :cool: So is your Model 3 hood like mine or not?

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