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Mobile Service

  1. E

    TESLA Mobile Service experience - MY 2023 Australia

    Hi Everyone, I feel that positive experience needs to be shared more so just sharing my experience with Tesla mobile service in Melbourne Victoria so far. The first one was a tyre replacement. One of my tyre hit a piece of metal sheeting and the tyre was gone. Called the Tesla 1300 number and...
  2. S

    Homelink installed but not activated?

    I was replacing my damaged bumper DIY and found out my May 2019 build SR+ had a homelink module all along! Homelink was already removed as a standard option by then. So I booked a mobile service appointment in hopes of getting it activated for a labour charge but was instead quoted 415$ +tax...
  3. Skyeforge

    Distance for mobile service?

    Waiting on delivery for my MYP. I’m about 2.5 hrs away from a service center and was curious if mobile service travels that far should (when?) I need it. Who else lives farther than 120mi from a service center? Experiences?
  4. El joe

    My First Mobile Service Experience

    TL;DR: I’m amazed at how great the experience was! I bought a used, still under-warranty 2018 Model 3 LR AWD this past October after lurking on these forums for months, watching every possible YouTube video I could, reading as much as I possibly could about the car and so forth. And the one...
  5. M

    I feel bad for Mobile Service Technicians

    Had an appointment to replace an interior part that was never properly installed and clips were damaged and smashed sideways (from improper installation and blunt force). Mobile technician showed up with no part "the part didn't arrive but my boss sent me out here anyway" Why? "to see if I...
  6. A

    Can you request mobile service?

    Rear light cluster on my Model 3 cracked when something fell on it. Booked the service appointment via the app and it told me had to go to Bristol in September. Seems they have to replace the whole light, not just the plastic at a whopping £230. Anyway, this being my first service interaction...
  7. BuildingCap

    Mobile service in Wyoming

    I am near Casper and had to schedule a service appointment for the first time in a while because the buttons on my steering wheel stopped working. I was hoping to get a mobile service appointment, but I was only given the option to go to the Colorado (or farther) service centers. Does this...
  8. V

    Mobile Service availability?

    Does Tesla have Mobile Service in the New York metropolitan area?
  9. mac9899

    Homelink: Improved install process.

    Good news, had mobile service come and install my home link module, they have made it easier to install, only the frunk tub was removed, front bumper doesn't need to be removed on the Y. The actual part is shipped directly to your home address, when it arrives you schedule the installation...
  10. J

    Mobile Service problem in Michigan

    A mobile tech came out to fix a harness back in june or july and he didn’t put on my bumper back on correctly and when he came back out a MONTH later, he damaged my car. I noticed my bumper was not aligned and was sticking out and also had a chip in the paint as I was unwrapping my car to get it...
  11. I

    Mobile Service in Sydney

    I had the Tesla Mobile Service out to my place this morning to replace my windscreen washer pump. I only booked a few days ago, so the timing was impressive. Arrived on time, fixed it in mins, checked the tyre pressures and had a quick chin wag about my first Tesla (P85DL he worked on) and...
  12. ACarneiro

    Tesla SIM

    Out of curiosity, does anyone if Tesla use a SIM or is it some sort of eSIM? Is this something that could be replaced? Does anyone know which network they piggyback their services on? :)
  13. km-nm

    Service in ABQ Seems to be Improving

    I've been having better luck lately with Tesla service in Albuquerque. Parts that were on backorder for months finally arrived and were installed by Mobile Service. Follow-ups for additional work are being proactively handled. Until this month I kept feeling like work was "falling through the...
  14. K

    Mobile service

    So, I'm having some interior trim issues (I knocked the trim on the B pillar loose), and had an appointment next Thursday at the local service center Tesla contacted me, asked for photos, said the road service team could do it, would I like that, and I said yes They said "we will be in touch...
  15. David29

    Any experience with annual service being done by Tesla mobile service in Boston area?

    I made an appointment for my third annual service for my Model S, at Dedham. Shortly after that, i got a call from the Dedham Service Center, advising me that the scope of the annual service for year 3 was such that a mobile technician could do it. I asked if they can rotate tires, answer yes...
  16. 1

    Mobile Service Available in Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane

    Just received an email from Tesla (text only below): Mobile Service [LINK] Tesla Mobile Service is now available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our technicians can now meet you at your home or office, and repair or maintain your vehicle when and where it is convenient for you. Combined with...
  17. goldengate

    Now possible to schedule mobile service online

    I just went online here in Northern California to schedule a service and notice that we can now schedule mobile service online! Very cool!!! The wait time is about a week longer than the regular service.
  18. S

    Mobile Service (formerly Ranger) rant....

    Well, I am usually quite positive on these forums, but I am a bit baffled by the new "mobile service" being touted as a replacement to a service center for most issues. First, I love the service folks in CLT. Great people, very helpful, enjoy chatting with them. However, CLT is nearly 500...