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camera unavailable on 2017 MX

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I have a 2017 Tesla Model X 75D with MCU 2.5 (with EAP).
Today, the backup camera suddenly went black, and afterward, the main screen occasionally goes black for a few seconds while driving. I've tried reinstalling the software (CAN ECU in service mode), turning off the power, but the cameras still show 'camera unavailable.'
Other functions such as charging, AP, EAP and radar seem to be working fine. Can anyone help with the possible reasons?
I had this issue several days ago and contacted Tesla. Was told to unplug all devices from the USB ports and do a full reboot. Foot on brake pedal, hold left and rights buttons on steering wheel and hold until screen goes off and wait until Tesla logo comes back on screen before letting up on brake and buttons. This worked for me.

Unplug all devices from the USB and reboot (and/or power off)?
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reinstalling the software (CAN ECU in service mode)

Have tried reboot (no USB plugged in)
Will try to reboot again and again.
Your reinstall was a good idea. It reboots all the subsystems AFAIK ... like unplugging the 12v for a few minutes would (which I've done for odd problems).
Service mode apparently didn't give you any ideas with log entries or other info I guess.
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? related

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