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Quality MX 2nd row seatback (5 seat)

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Hello everyone,
Picked up yesterday, majority of car is perfect. 9.9/10 on panel gaps, & alignment. Hard to do paint condition check as it was raining.

One issue I found; between the 60/40 split in the second row seat-back of the 5 seat (tax edition) version, part of the cover looks like it is designed to wrap around the folding pivot point. Mines kinda ugly and does not sit flat see pic.

At delivery I also noticed my rear seat has some permanent scratching which presumably occurred during installation.

Anyone else experience any of these same things / any tips on fixing these?

Debating making a claim before my 24hr/100mile period is up. They offered to swap in a new back bench because of a minor scratch I identified which I didn’t mention. should I have them swap it? Since these are very minor defects, I am vacillating because I theorize more harm would come from them having the car and putting in a new one.


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The plastic scratches shown in the picture are very superficial and do not warrant service imo, if you care to keep your interior clean and as new looking, you’d buy a $10 plastic trim restorer and these superficial scratches will disappear after one or two applications and the restorer would go a long way during ownership to make other panel scuffs disappear too. Also in 1 year none of this will matter, you’ll have more of your own scuffs if you use the trunk.

Unsure about the alignment can you show a better pic with the entire bench fitting so other 5 seater owners can judge? As long as the front of the bench doesn’t have misalignment and creases in the seat cover I wouldn’t think that’s a big deal either but if it looks off you can take them on their offer.