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audio speakers

  1. T

    Speaker popping noise

    Ever since my MYLR was delivered, I've noticed a popping, crackling noise from one of the internal speakers whenever it has to make sounds rapidly, like when I engage autopilot by pressing the right stalk down twice. It also makes this sound when the park assist is giving distance warnings. I...
  2. R

    Model Y Aftermarket Sub box

    Ive had this setup for about a year and half and its time for an upgrade. Taking offers for the enclosure/ top piece/ both L7 woofers and grills. Iv'e attached as detailed pics as i can but more available if needed. I can shed more details on the amp/processor if anyone is interested but NVX has...
  3. S

    Advice Needed on audio repair

    Hi, I'm a long-time Tesla owner but first time poster on these boards. Thank you in advance! I have a somewhat long question to ask. I have a 2017 Model 3. It was recently victimized in a smash and grab, and after that audio in the car started working intermittently. I am not sure what the...
  4. R

    Is my sound system working correctly?

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me as I've trawled through the threads and can't quite find an answer to my query. I recently purchased a Tesla Model 3 long range from Birmingham NEC in March of this year. On the very first day I had speaker issues on the way home, where the rear...
  5. D

    Lose all sound from back speakers, bass from all speakers after sleep on brand-new Model 3

    Hi all, we got our new Model 3 last month and we love it! However, while everything sounded great on day 1, we noticed that on day 2 the back speakers had stopped working and that none of the car speakers had bass. After much experimenting, we learned that this can be fixed with a soft reboot...
  6. L

    Loss of Rear Speakers and Subwoofer?

    Hi all! I have a 2019 M3, just updated to software 2021.24.11, which until today has not given me any issues beyond a few flat tires. However, as I was leaving work today I heard an annoying clicking sound from my backseat, and realized my sound system seemed to only be operating from the front...
  7. W

    2012 p85

    Hey guys, new to the club. Recently purchased my first Tesla 2012 p85 65,000 miles and both the drivers side and passenger side front speakers don’t work. I’ve found some cheap OEM replacements on eBay but just wondered if this has happened to anyone else? Just had the emmc upgraded today hoping...
  8. Y

    Hi fidelity audio question

    How can one tell if this is present or not in the vehicle, other than it just sounding better? TIA
  9. NickDeRoo

    SR+ Bluetooth audio is terrible with windows open

    Alright everyone, there are ton's of threads on people complaining about audio in the SR+, but here's another. I'm completely shocked that in a nearly 50 thousand dollar car I can not listen to music with the windows open. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the sound quality any better...
  10. flashflooder

    Details / Specs on PUP audio system

    Ok, so I've had my car for a couple months... love it of course, but now I'm starting to get the itch to see what I can do to improve the already amazing stock (Premium) stereo. This made me realize that VERY LITTLE is known, in the way of actual specs / configuration. So I figured I'd start...
  11. S

    Audio Upgrade Recommendations in Colorado

    Can anyone recommend a place to do an audio upgrade in the northern Colorado or Denver area? If you used a place around here could you also say what work you had done and how much it costs?
  12. Dan60D

    Another option for aftermarket sound upgrade for Tesla.

    I have a MS with standard audio system and I was looking for another option for sound upgrade beside of Reus, NVX, Light Harmonic. I found this Dutch company that offers the various sound upgrade for Tesla Model S. Does anyone have this system? Tesla Model S audio upgrade - meer dan alleen een...
  13. KyleDay

    Door Speaker Upgrade Recommendations

    Hi fellow addicts- I have the standard audio system in my Model S and I recently self-installed the NVX 10" sub kit and am fairly pleased with the results when measured against costs. However, now I need to turn my attention to the door speakers as they blow donkey balls. I saw several...