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  1. fasteddie7

    HW4 auto wipers seem drastically improved

    After a few days of no stop rain in a new Model S with HW4, it seems the auto wiper behavior has been significantly improved from what I’m used to in 2.5 and dare I say on par with my 2016 MS with an actual rain sensor with the mobile eye suite. This was an improvement I wasn’t expecting and a...
  2. Ostrichsak

    Does Anyone Have Pictures or Experience w/ Exped Megamat Auto/Duo in a Model S?

    Does anyone have any pictures of the Exped Auto (previously called the Megamat duo according to their site) in their Model S? I see nothing online when I try to search Google Images. I'm a bit concerned that the official listing on the Exped website makes no mention of the Model S but lists...
  3. T

    PPF with Automatic Car Wash

    Just had my Model Y wrapped with Xpel Stealth and am curious to see if anyone else uses automatic car washes regularly with PPF installed? Thanks
  4. Brando


    Porsche assembly line in 2 hours long factory documentary created in 2020. Porsche creates Porsche 911, Cayenne, Panamera, Taycan and Porsche 992. Factory tour is from Stuttgart. posted from clips starting about 2013 NOTE: ICE engine assembly
  5. UncaNed

    Educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the established auto industry

    What's the best link to educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the auto industry in a simple decisive manner? Asking for my friend who just inherited an auto parts junk yard and needs to know what's happening to classic ICE manufacturers so he can figure out how it will affect the demand...
  6. D

    Don't try this on the highway... 2020.4.1

    Today I learned something new about Tesla's FSD AP. Luckily I'm still alive. When going on the highway with AP ON (without NoAP) and you are passing your exit, literally going next to the exit lane AND you enable NoAP car just rips towards the exit lane. Luckily for me the road was dry and...
  7. jkirkwood001

    Auto manufacturers market cap - who's climbing? who's sinking?

    In celebration of the Q3 surge to $TSLA, I've updated my chart of market capitalization of all the major auto manufacturers. Tesla ($58.3B) is back up to fourth most valuable auto manufacturer in the world. They just re-passed GM, Honda and BMW. Over the last 3 years, Tesla's market cap has...
  8. NCM3

    Improved Wipers

    During this morning's drive in light rain I noticed a drastic improvement in the automatic wipers. They have been way too inconsistent in the past, but today it seems like the camera is picking up even small drops and speed is dead on to keep the windshield clear. I know Elon promised they...
  9. Brando

    Bob Lutz - Madison Avenue & Wall Street [Profits & Marketing first]

    Great insights into the the American Auto Industry by the great: Bob Lutz (another immigrant?) Former Marine Pilot Bob Lutz is a Swiss/American automotive executive. Starting at GM; Ford in Europe then to BMW. Bob served as a top leader of all of the United States Big Three, having been in...
  10. Razorback787

    Auto open frunk

    What does everyone think about this mod? Considering doing, but might wait a bit to see if this guy reports any warping of the hood. Pretty cool though!
  11. J

    Auto Presenting door

    I was wondering why sometimes as I walk up to the car it doesn't detect me approaching? It either fails to open at all or it only opens slightly even though there is no car parked next to me. Is any one else having trouble like this?
  12. E

    Tesla huren tijdens de maand Juli

    Goeiedag, Ik ben Elie Gutwirth, student uit het Antwerpen. In de komende maanden eindig ik mijn studies hier in Antwerpen, vervolgens vertrek ik naar Engeland om daar voort te studeren. Mijn vrienden ga ik voor een lange tijd niet meer terugzien en hebben we besloten om tijdens de maand...
  13. DrTaras

    LA Auto Show-2014

    11/21-30: LA Auto Show An increasing number of vehicle models are considered for the Green Car of the Year as noted in this LA Auto Show Link. And you know what else will be at the LA Auto Show? Yup! The Hun! Fresh off an appearance at SEMA's Yokohama private-invite party, now Pirelli wants to...