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body work

  1. Gurule92

    Got my MYP back after an accident. Looks better than new tbh

    So I am one of those people who grabbed a test drive vehicle at the end of a quarter. The paint wasnt perfect but i was happy to have the car. I got into an accident on Apr 12 and got the car back on June 28. I was thinking they'd total it. Repairs ended up being over 30k! But s-Y-per is pretty...
  2. 4

    Need Some Accessory to Cover Dent in bottom structure

    Hit curb. What is there out there to attach down the side to cover this?
  3. W

    Advice on body damage from accident today

    My wife got into a low speed accident yesterday (other driver's fault) where the other person's rear tire brushed up against the right rear tire well at about 20 mph. Lots of rubber slag and it seems to have taken off some of the autofilm I had installed -- a definite endorsement for the film...
  4. J

    Long Wait for Parts -Body Work

    Hi! I've currently been waiting 4 months, 6 days for all of the parts to arrive to my body shop for fairly major front end body work. It's a Tesla cetified shop/2017 Model S/ not driveable. Anybody else have experience with how long it takes for Tesla to get the parts supplied for body work...
  5. J

    Body Work Parts Delay

    I was in a car accident in my Model S four months and three days ago. She sustained front end damage and the airbags went off. She's been in a Tesla Certified body shop in Costa Mesa, CA for the entire time, and still not all of the parts have been sent from Tesla to the body shop. I'm involved...
  6. enolam

    Bumper Repair - San Diego - 5

    Just wanted to share that if you need to repair any minor damages of your Tesla without the cost or hassle of body shop and you live in San Diego... The Ding Doctor, Jason, is your guy!!!! My bumper is flawless now after a very unfortunate mishap with a "decorative" boulder in a parking lot!
  7. S

    Body work on Tesla in West Virginia

    Does anyone know if there is a Tesla approved body shop in the Huntington, WV - Ashland, KY - Charleston, WV area? The Columbus, OH Tesla Service Center assured me that I wouldn't have to travel 150 miles one way to Columbus to have mechanical or body work.
  8. J

    Experiences with Model 3s needing body work?

    My Model 3 got hit by some debris on the freeway on Monday. Scratched up bumper, dented and scratched hood, broken windshield, and an obliterated side mirror. I took it to a Tesla Certified shop and should be hearing from them on Monday. Anyways, I know new parts will have to be ordered, and I...
  9. B

    Warning before you buy a tesla model S

    Just writing to share an ongoing problem I'm having with my model S. I got in an accident in early March, and there were some dents/scratches on the back quarter panel of my model S. I took it to a repair shop and they said the part would ship April 10th, and my car would be ready by the 28th...
  10. chetmmd

    Minor Body Work

    Wher is a good place to get minor body work/repainting on a Tesla in Southeastern PA? My 'S' had a little encounter with the frame on my garage...
  11. Jett Black

    Real Time Chronicle of my Body Shop Experience

    There has been brooding buzz on the web of late regarding Tesla and what seems to be their biggest weakness: body repair. Here are is some of what I've seen: Jalopnik - Tesla's Potential Body Shop Backlog Nightmare Motley Fool - Repairing My Tesla Model S Has Been an Utter Nightmare -- and...
  12. Airhawker

    Torn Undercarige Going Over Curb Need Help

    I parked in a parking spot but turned too soon while pulling out and and drove over the curb. I didn't think anything was wrong until I heard scraping from underneath and noticed that I tore the plastic from under my car (see pics). I'll be taking it into the service center tomorrow unless...
  13. P

    Too many fender benders

    I pass by a body shop on my way to work everyday. In the past 2 weeks I have noticed 6 Tesla's show up there with almost identical damage to the front bumper. Am wondering whether this is due to the fender being too low or if there is a systemic problem with the front fender/nose? More than the...
  14. jbadger

    Unfortunate outcome for my three week old Roadster

    Hey guys, I picked up roadster #506 about three weeks ago. Last week, it was involved in an unfortunate accident with a motorcycle. Best news is the motorcyclist had absolutely no injuries. A car can be replaced, but a person can not. Basically, I was making a left turn out of a parking lot...
  15. P

    Repairs to aluminum body work?

    Does anyone yet have issue with body work yet. Will regular body shops be able to repair or does tesla service center do the work? How are insurance premiums out there as well