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cabin overheat protection

  1. Tezzie


    I hadn’t turned this on since I read that it degrades battery life, but today my car interior went up to 127°. I expect with the upcoming hotter summers this will likely happen more often, so I wondered if I should turn it back on? I want to keep the electronics from getting damaged from the...
  2. Abraham

    Does Cabin Overheat “No A/C” mode work for anyone?

    I don’t have issues triggering the A/C mode every 12 hours, but I’ve never seen the Fan only “No A/C” mode do anything ever. Have y’all seen it do anything?
  3. C

    Cabin Overheat Protection Doesn’t Work

    Does anyone know why my cabin overheat protection does not work? I know it only works for 12 hours after parking. I’ve woke it up, turned it off and on the app, and even walked outside and opened the door. Nothing works. ‘21 model that I’ve only had about a month. Most of the time I park in...
  4. T

    Interior Cabin Temperature Sensor (2022 Model S Plaid)

    Hi all, I've got cabin overheat protection activated and received a notification today. It's about 72F outside and the app is reporting that the cabin is 102F...I'm thinking something is wrong with the cabin temperature sensor...Has anybody else experienced this? Does anybody know where the...
  5. David29

    Inconsistent control of sunroof and AC through the App

    My car is parked in the sun in my parking lot and it is a warm day. I decided to check if my cabin overheat protection was working (I know it is set to 'on' in the car) so I opened the app. The app reported an interior temp of 117F, which concerned me because the COP is supposed to keep the...
  6. BM3B

    Cabin Overheat Protection A/C not working for 2 months

    I have observed that for the last two months my cabin overheat protection is not working properly in A/C mode. Frequently I walk up to the vehicle it is hot and the fan is not running. When I open the app to check it is 125-137 F, sometimes opening the app is enough to get the overheat system to...
  7. n.one.one

    Cabin Overheat Protection - Turn off @ home - Feature request

    Cabin Overheat Protection has an option to turn it off. I like to keep it on during the hot summer. Unfortunately when left on it keeps the vehicle from sleeping and leads to phantom power drain (not so phantom when we know what causes the drain). It would be nice if we had the option to turn...
  8. M

    OCD About Overheat Protection

    It's getting really hot where I live lately, and I love the cabin overheat protection feature! However, I am very worried about wearing out the HVAC system over time. I'm not concerned about how much energy it's consuming, only the wear-and-tear of its use 8+ hrs per day. Is my fear warranted...
  9. S

    Keep an eye on Cabin Overheat Protection if using with Sentry Mode on

    Don't know if is this is related, but husband's MS had problems with AP and Sentry Mode being on together recently. AP suddenly wasn't working. Turning Sentry off and coming back to the car and turning Sentry mode back on resolved the issue for him. Just now I looked in on his car which was...
  10. S

    Cabin overheat protection in hot climates (110 F+)?

    Is anyone running cabin overheat protection in a place where the outside temperatures reach 110-115 F? If so, what has your experience been with battery usage per hour? And do you run it with or without AC?
  11. ishareit

    Cabin overheat protection - on with no a/c

    I was checking out my friends model 3 and noticed that his car has an option to prevent cabin overheat “without” a/c. I have my overheat protection on my Model S set to try to save some battery but the no a/c option seems like a good balance. Why isn’t this option available on a Model S and...

    Any way to keep the A/C on for short stops?

    Run into a store, deliver stuff - would be so much easier than having press the app every time (which takes forever on my android phone to wake it up). When it's 115F, just one minute with no A/C really matters. Overtemp won't fix it, 105F is still toasty, but I have yet to get that upgrade...
  13. E

    Cabin overheat protection...is it working?

    To my understanding, cabin overheat protection is designed to help keep the cabin from... overheating... when the car is not being operated. However I have encountered multiple instances where it does not appear to be functioning as I would expect. I would appreciate any insight... Many of the...
  14. tescroft

    loud fan in "hot" weather

    My Model X makes a loud fan noise when it is exposed to direct sunlight in warm conditions (>25° C) when A/C is on. It is very loud from the outside, unusual for a car. During driving, it is not a problem for me inside the car, but the environment is exposed to a noise louder than that of a...
  15. S

    Is your Cabin Overheat Protection coming on?

    We had a period of hot weather shortly after we got our car back in mid March and I saw thru the Tesla app that the cabin overheat protection was working. The temp would get to 105F and then automatically cool down while I was monitoring. Been in the 90s here last few days and thought to check...