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  1. 3Mfilms

    Available 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    Service 3M Paint Protection Film, Automotive Window Film, Wrap, and Ceramic Coating

    3M, where innovation meets passion. Preserve the flawless allure of your Tesla with 3M Paint Protection Film, ensuring it remains pristine against scratches and chips. Enjoy clarity on every drive with 3M Auto Window Film, blocking glare and UV rays while enhancing privacy. Personalize your...
  3. Mum Sports

    Available PPF and Ceramic Coating Deals

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing PPF and Ceramic Coating Deals. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. PPF and Ceramic Coating Deals

    Service PPF and Ceramic Coating Deals

    "Rev up the thrill in your Tesla's shine! Ignite excitement with MUM Sports! Dial 510.657.3224 to lock in your PPF perfection and window tint dazzle! Experience the rush of 10% off on serrated package items with this TMC exclusive offer! Plus, elevate your ride with our all-around PPF package at...
  5. C

    Model Y factory tint levels?

    I’m looking to get my new MY ceramic tinted. I was wondering what level of tint factory MYs in Australia came with for each window?
  6. CADetailing

    Vendor Window Tint: Defense For Car Break-In's!

    Don't Be The Next Victim! There's an average of 74 car break-ins each day within San Francisco. Did you know that our IR Window Film could help prevent you from being another statistic? - Let's get you set up with an installation today :) Direct: (415) 622-8327 Check Out Our Website...

    Vendor DFW PPF, Ceramic, Tint, Chrome Delete, and more at ALSET Auto!

    DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, A-pillar blackout, and more. Give us a call or check out our website today and get a free quote. dallas.alsetauto.com In the spirit of Halloween...
  8. T

    Intersted in DIY PPF Together! Let me know (Houston / Cypress)

    I used to have a Model 3, and have a Model Y getting delivered at the end of the month and wanted to see if anyone is interested in tag-teaming a DIY PPF to my tesla and your tesla. I'm sure with 2 pairs of hands and 2 brains, it may go quicker and lower the frustration level. I am planning on...
  9. krashinit

    PPF/Ceramic/Tint Expectations and Results

    I recently took delivery of my Model X in August, but Tesla had to take it back to repair/replace a lot, including the windshield. About three weeks ago, I got it back and took it to the highest-rated luxury wrap place I could find in Cleveland, and they kept it for two and a half weeks. They...
  10. A

    2022 X tint percent

    Anyone know the tint % of the side and rear glass?
  11. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas 5% off all services! Save $ on ppf, ceramic coating, tint, and more!

    Hey Tesla Motors Clubbers, ALSET Auto Dallas is currently running a special on 5% off all services! We are DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, chrome delete, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, a pillar blackout, and...
  12. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor Dallas PPF, Ceramic, Tint, Chrome Delete, and more at ALSET Auto!

    Alset Auto is DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, chrome delete, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, a pillar blackout, and more. If you can do something to a Tesla, we can help! Here's a few examples of what we've been up...
  13. SumaPerformance

    Vendor 15% Off Ceramic Coating | 2-Year Protection with 1 Bottle, done in 10 Minutes.

    Have you always wanted to try DIY ceramic? Now it's the time with the15% off promo. Use "WELCOME15" at check out. www.sumadetail.com Formula developed by us to ensure that 1 layer lasts 6+ months that can be done in 10 minutes. Simply wipe on and wipe off. reapplying every 3 months for the...
  14. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto FREE TINT Special!

    Beat the Texas heat this summer with our window tint special! Book any paint protection service at Alset Auto and get $299 off window tint. At Alset Auto, we offer PPF, ceramic coating, window tint, chrome delete, emblem blackout, caliper paint, wheel repair, and powder coating. Check out our...
  15. I

    EZ Pass no longer works after Xpel XR Plus

    My EZ Pass used to work fine mounted horizontally at the top of my windshield to the left of the front camera housing. After getting Xpel XR Plus front windshield tint it no longer works in the same spot. Couldn’t find anything on any forums about it not working with ceramic non-metallic tints...
  16. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas End Of Year Specials!

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for making this a great year so far! We are currently running an end of year sale with a $200 discount for every paint protection service you book before January. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Spots are filling...
  17. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas - We don’t protect cars. We protect Teslas.

    Hey y’all, My name is Cris Townsend and I am the owner of ALSET Auto here in DFW. We work exclusively on Teslas, specializing in PPF, ceramic, tint and vinyl. Our first two locations are in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA and I’m excited to to have brought our third location to my hometown...
  18. S

    Ceramic Coating After Care

    Hi all So I have had my new M3 LR ceramic coated and windows tinted. I had the Kubebond Diamond 9H and Nano X ceramic treatment. I have tried to search the forum and found a few posts re aftercare but all seem to be pretty generic. I have a Karcher K4 pressure washer and would like to purchase...
  19. Mum Sports

    Vendor Happy 4th of July 2021 to everyone from Mum Sports

    Mum Sports is here to make this 4th of July more exciting for Tesla car owners! Get a flat 10% off on Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro Coating services on the 4th of July. Mum Sports is here to make this 4th of July special for Tesla vehicle owners. We are offering a flat 10% discount on...
  20. Diamond Hills

    Matte Clear Bra VS Gloss Clear Bra...What do you prefer?

    Which one do you guys prefer? A clean look or a stealth look?
  21. J

    Diy ceramic coat after professional paint correction

    Title summarizes it. I just cannot justify spending $1,500+ on a ceramic coat and looking for more affordable options. I have definitely done my research and know that what I would not be able to do is the paint correction and polish. I know a reputable local shop that's willing to do a detail a...
  22. C

    SoCal (OC) PPF, Ceramic, Tint

    Hi, I searched the forums for some recent (late 2020/2021) posts about some recommendations but I couldn't find too many. I'm looking to get full frontal PPF (clear bra), Ceramic coating, and tints - was wondering if anybody had any recommendations in the orange county area. I've gotten some...
  23. Red Rocket IV

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance White Ext Black Int 19” sport wheels with carbon center caps 9916 miles Asking $52k $10k + in added performance and protection Xpel Ultimate full body PPF GTechniq Ceramic coated Xpel Prime XR 30% tint all windows Tesla Sunroof and rear window screen Mountain...
  24. S

    Best place for Vinyl wrap at a fair price?

    I live in the Bay Area and I'm about to take delivery of a new M3 in a few weeks. Does anyone know any good places in California that will do vinyl wrap + ceramic coating, at a good price? Willing to travel 2-3 hours away if it means not having to pay thousands extra. Thanks!
  25. MotoShield Pro

    Vendor Tesla Tint Tuesday - Ceramic Tint Package Giveaway Every Tuesday!

    Summer might be over, but the ongoing heat and dangerous UV radiation from the Sun will never come to an end. We want to give a few TMC members an opportunity to win a precut ceramic tint package of their choice for their Tesla Model S. With that said, we will be picking 1 lucky winner every...
  26. DennyL

    XPEL Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating and Tint

    After delivery in May, it was a roller coaster ride to get paint repairs resolved by Tesla which took nearly 2 months and finally dropped off my White/White MY at Auto Armour in San Diego for paint correction, XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF, XPEL Fusion PPF ceramic coating & Cquartz interior ceramic...
  27. P

    Anyone used ceramic sprays?

    I’ve seen ads for Exoforma Ceramic Shield, hydrosilex, chemical guys hydro-something, etc. Has anyone actually used any of these products? Recommendations? Reviews?
  28. eXntrc

    Road Strike, PPF Wrap and Ceramic

    This post is a request for opinions from fellow M3 owners. I bought my M3 new in early 2019. I really wish I'd done PPF at the time but I didn't. In October I had an unfortunate encounter with a metal plate that took flight and impacted my bumper. The whole event took only 1 second and...
  29. MoeMistry

    Vendor GP PPP Loan Promotion

  30. K

    Tint and Ceramic Coating pricing

    I've been looking into the XPEL Prime XR Plus and have contacted the only isntaller in the Pasadena (91107) area. He quoted me $1,325 for four regular windows, panoramic glass, hatchback glass. Do you guys think this is fair? Also, what do you guys think is a fair price for ceramic coating? The...
  31. Premiertint

    Vendor Premier Auto Tint

    We recently finished up this full color change wrap on this Model 3 Performance. We also did Satin Black Chrome Delete and XPEL XR Prime Plus window tint!!!
  32. J

    Tipping for PPF/Ceramic installer?

    Hi all, Having PPF and ceramic along with window tint installed this week. What’s the etiquette on tipping? The guy owns his shop and is the one doing the work if that makes a difference. I found some stuff online that a car detail deserves a tip but couldn’t find something for a high value...
  33. D

    Model 3 interior preservation

    I've only had the car a few months, and I'm already starting to see scratches and nicks inside the vehicle, some on the hard plastic bit near the door, but also on the material coating on the door too. I don't want a full detailing job done (boot and back seats can stay untouched for instance)...
  34. P

    Recommendation on Seattle detailer/ceramic coating + ceramic tint

    Bought my M3 lightly used so it came with quite a few swirl marks. I was hoping to get a good detail and ceramic coating to protect the paint afterwards. I'm not a guy who cleans his car obsessively so I'm looking for something that will make it easier to keep clean. Not really interested in PPF...
  35. djroberts

    Continuously upgrading paint protection

    I was pretty ignorant about PPF, ceramic, etc. I bought a black Model 3 and someone recommended I put ceramic on it so I did. Started finding rock chips in the paint so upgraded to Front PPF and rocker panels. As soon as I got the car back I noticed a bunch of scratches near the passenger door...
  36. D

    Western, MA - Northern, CT - Ceramic and/or PPF Installers

    Hi, Looking for recommendations for a Ceramic coating and/or PPF installer in the Hartford, CT to Springfield, MA (and surrounding) areas. Model 3 is going into the body shop this weekend to repair paint issues which were discovered on the car at the time of delivery (back in June). When it...
  37. D

    Bad Wrap Job?

    White Model 3 wrapped in Xpel recently and then ceramic on the full car. $3000 dollar job all in. The wrap was full front, rocker, and door edges. We got it back, and within the first 2 weeks I now have many new dirt line accents. Trying to determine whether it was just a bad application...
  38. E

    Tint 3M Color Stable vs Ceramic Series vs Crystalline

    A local installer with a good reputation is willing to do the following options on all windows minus the roof and the windshield: All have a lifetime warranty Option #1 : 3M Color Stable Option #2 : 3M Ceramic - 10% more $ than #1 , reflects 12% less heat than #3 Option #3 : 3M Crystalline -...
  39. kpedraja

    PPF vs Ceramic coating - help a noob out

    So, my M3 is currently having some repainting done due to some pitting that I got from driving it over the Cascade passes this past winter. (More detail here: Model 3 paint wearing off). I'm considering whether to have PPF or ceramic coating (as well as chrome delete) applied when it's finally...
  40. Bryan L

    Glass roof- Ceramic tint or Sun Shade?

    I am trying to decide if I should purchase the roof sun shade that Tesla makes or just have my tint guy ceramic tint it. The tint may look better but I am also afraid of getting the headliner wet since they use a lot of water in the install. Has anyone done the ceramic tint and are you happy...
  41. H

    PPF, Ceramic and Tint in South SF Bay Area

    Hi All, I've been going through a lot of threads on this forum in the last couple weeks, and finally my very first post! Before placing an order for the model 3, I've been researching on PPF, Ceramic and tinting, and now I finally ordered one, and I got a quote from a shop in South San...
  42. EVS Motors

    Vendor Huper Optik Tint Blowout Sale

    Hi everyone, We're doing a blowout sale on Huper Optik window films. We don't have much left, so please pm me with 1. Which Tesla you have 2. Which film and shade you're interested in so I can check availability while supplies last. *Pricing listed is only for sides and back windows for S/X...
  43. ShowCarPerfection

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings by ShowCarPerfection in Anaheim Hills

    Hi everyone! I'm Richard Lin and I've been a forum sponsor here for a long time, but admittedly not very active. We are pretty familiar to a lot of the Tesla owners but I wanted to make a post to introduce myself and my shop again to those of you just receiving your new cars and wondering...
  44. Kenriko

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating

    Length 11:26 | 12 Hours Labor | 24 Hours Cure TLDW How to wash, Clay, Polish, Prep, Ceramic Coat. 1) Wash with the two bucket system top to bottom, a foam cannon is handy. 2) Clay bar the whole car to get ride of contaminants. 3) Polish using a random orbital polisher and M205 with a orange...
  45. professortech

    Ceramic Coating before or after OEM Spoiler install?

    As title suggests, I have an OEM carbon fiber spoiler I'm planning to have the service center install on my Model S. I'm also very interested in doing a ceramic coating on my Model S (not the spoiler). I'm not sure which order would be best? I'm assuming ceramic install first could make the...
  46. P

    Window tint: Carbon or Ceramic film?

    Hi everyone, I've been reading all the various threads on window tinting and different films. I have narrowed it down to the SunTek carbon or ceramic films. I can find a bunch of thoughts on the carbon films, since they've been around awhile. The ceramic ones though look to be very...
  47. kgb

    Window Tints: How can you tell if they are legit?

    I've been on this forum for a while, and I have been impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge of the participants. In addition, I noticed that the background of the majority of the posters seems to be in the sciences, so I feel this is as good as any place to pose this question. I...