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  1. N

    Can I choose when I want to complete the configuration?

    Hello! I'm new here. I am considering placing an order for the dual motor Cybertruck. It says I will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in late 2021. My understanding is I am placed in a queue, and once it is my turn I can configure, and complete my order. I'm currently...
  2. T

    Model Y - details of configuration for those getting delivery notices

    Even though one can get some idea about the details of the configuration on the website, I'm left wondering about certain things that aren't being mentioned thus far. Has anyone who has a delivery notification heard anything on: - tow package - heated steering wheel - chrome vs blacked out...
  3. jordanthompson

    YouTube setup for account with 2FA

    Hi all, I have a Model X and am trying to set up my YouTube account. I use 2FA (with a Titan key) so I am unable to use my regular google account and I created a Google app password. Unfortunately this is not working. I contacted Google and after hours (literally) of testing and debugging, we...
  4. D

    LR RWD FSD 53100€ vs SR+ FSD 47900€

    Hey there, It seems that although LR is not available on my country's site, they did say I could have it off-menu. That's the model I wanted since the beginning, so I'm quite tempted but there's still 5200€ of difference. I've asked if this was some stock or production, she said production...
  5. abasile

    Powerwall feature request: Expert Mode

    The Powerwall is a great product and I have high hopes for the future of battery storage at personal residences. Powerwalls can increase our consumption of solar energy, minimize our use of expensive peak power, and provide valuable backup services. For most people, the existing Backup-only...
  6. ConcordeSST

    Configuration Queue Priority

    I feel like this has been discussed before, but I'm struggling to find the thread, so please forgive me if it has. Now that all reservationists have been invited to order in the U.S. and Canada, does anyone have insight into how they prioritize the orders once we actually configure? My...
  7. galbrecht7

    Delivery Fee

    I received my VIN earlier this week (before the policy change removing the VINs). While going through the process of getting loan terms through Tesla Finance, I noticed something in the final price of the car. On my Tesla account page, it lists my price as $55,000 which is accurate. Base price...
  8. Krash

    Quarter End Purchasing Advice

    I thought I would add my experience to the collective knowledge. I put a deposit on an S 60D right before the announced discontinuation. During the window to change configurations Tesla announced the price change on the 75D and the included glass roof. But they also discontinued the Air...
  9. M

    4 adults and 2 babies / 6 or 7 configuration?

    4 adults ( 3 under 170 cm, 1 is over 185 cm), which configuration is better for our family? 6 or 7? If we put 2 babies in the 2nd row, will my parents (both around 170cm) be very uncomfortable in the 3rd row?
  10. igotzzoom

    Building my hot rod Model 3

    Maybe I'm the weird one here, but I'd rather have more of the go-fast goodies, and less of the ooh-ahh tech geegaws, price being an object. Here are the things I definitely want: - Performance Dual Motor option - Ability to activate AutoPilot at purchase or in future - 225+ mile range -...
  11. I

    When it's time to configure...

    I'm a pre-reveal reservation holder (I drove 3 hours to the nearest store to wait in line) and am eagerly awaiting my Model 3 much like many of you :) I understand that with the Model X reservation and configuration process they released the design studio in batches, and that the configuration...
  12. Garlan Garner

    If you had a choice: Acceleration or Distance?

    It has been said by Mr Elon M. that there is definitely going to be a Ludicrous mode on the M3. Some have concluded in their minds that Ludicrous means sub 3 second 0-60 times. Mr. Elon M. has also said that the distance for the M3 will exceed 200 miles per charge. He has also stated in a...
  13. mcmcmc

    Model X Configuration Options and Pricing (UK) - What would you choose?

    FYI, Configuration Options for Model X in the UK. Spoiler alert: can get quite pricey! Ignoring incentives, petrol savings, etc for a moment. Does not include £4,500 for government's electric vehicle grant. Prices include VAT. Doesn't include £380 delivery fee. Model Purchase price / 36...
  14. T

    Possible Canadian Orders problem

    Just as an FYI, there was a possible problem with some Canadian orders. Double check your configuration. I placed my order on April12th and the configuration went back to the base (70D, white, no options) and couldn't change it. I called into Tesla, who are investigating. I don't know how many...
  15. Haxster

    Model S Options Popularity

    I'm curious about Model S configuration percentages. That is, what percent of buyers order which configurations and options. Has anyone done a recent survey of or know about an existing list of Model S options and the percent of cars ordered with them? If nothing is out there, I can post a...
  16. wasmithorg

    6 seat vs. 7 seat

    Which configuration do people prefer (assuming you only expect to carry 6 people or less) and why? I'm trying to decide. 7 seats could be handy, but after sitting in it, I didn't like the idea that I hit my head on the ceiling when sitting in the middle seat (I'm 6' tall). Also the rear seat...
  17. jsollender

    So How Many People Are Ahead Of Your Delivery?

    Without discussing P90D vs 90D vs 70D order of fabrication, signature vs founder vs production, take your Sequence Number (if you were ever assigned one) and estimate what your real order of delivery is. What I'm getting at is my belief there are a healthy percentage of people who make up total...

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