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  1. Transformer

    Quick tap on a turn signal doesn't work

    A quick tap on the turn signal stalk (also on yoke buttons?) fails to start the turn signal. If you don't notice that in a busy + noisy situation, then you have to push through the auto lane keeping feature. To reliably start or stop signaling requires a longish tap, say 1/3 second. Even after...
  2. NowIsGood

    V11 Transition Guide

    I wrote this up as a guide for myself and my SO to help transitioning from V10 to V11. Thought it might be helpful to others. I know many folks feel that V11 is a mixed bag at best. This isn't intended to address that, just to help find and do things that we were used to doing a certain way in...
  3. N

    left vs right

    The symmetry of the Tesla 3 driving controls is beautiful. However I have a kind of left-right blindness. It's a developmental issue that I have learned to cope with over the years in one way or another. Having had the T3 for just over a week now, I was leaving my drive the other day when I...
  4. khorton

    Minimizing Cool Temperature Impact on Range?

    We will be doing our first long road trip with our Model 3 LR AWD starting on Sunday. It may be fairly cool on the morning we leave (temperature around freezing is forecast overnight), so I'm seeking advice on how to keep a warm enough temperature in the car while minimizing impact on range...
  5. M

    Ventilation without the heater in cooler weather?

    Model 3 has a button to turn off the AC but unlike most other cars, it has nothing to prevent the heater from activating. Here on the Central Coast of California, it is quite cool in the mornings and evenings and unless I manually set the temperature way down until I hear the fan and heat go...
  6. Minecon_CA

    Holding down the Controls button makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster.

    Holding down the Controls button on the screen makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster. What does this do?
  7. Minecon_CA

    Holding down the Controls button makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster.

    Holding down the Controls button on the screen makes "Thanks for your feedback" on the instrument cluster. What does this do?
  8. T

    HVAC Heating or Cooling

    Is there an easy way to tell if the HVAC system is heating or cooling? You can tell from the app by the color of the airflow arrows (red vs. blue), but I cannot see any way to tell from the screen inside the car. This may seem like an obvious thing but at moderate temperatures, it is not...
  9. I


    I have had my S for a month and love it. However, several times, I have read folk refer to this type thing, in answering a question: Controls > Settings > Driver Assistance > Summon > ON I am yet to find the words Controls, settings. I have Quick controls and turn things on and off but that's...
  10. Nocturnal

    Solution to saving energy in cold weather (no heater required)

    Get a 12v heated blanket! :p https://www.amazon.com/Car-Cozy-Patented-Trillium-Worldwide/dp/B0000DYVN9/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1543853558&sr=8-3&keywords=12v+heated+blanket
  11. Birdman325

    HVAC (Heater) Really Does Use a Lot of Energy

    Very unscientific test. - I have a LR AWD Model 3 currently running on the 18” Aero winter package. - Most mornings I do the same drive - first I drive my son to school, and then I head down to work. The drive from my son’s school to my office in downtown Toronto is apx. 17.6 km (just shy of 11...
  12. Minecon_CA

    No more "Auto" setting for each section of climate control in version 9?

    Is there a way to have the "Auto" setting for each section of climate control like in version 8 instead of Auto all?
  13. ratsbew

    How to stop the car from heating the cabin?

    I'm still new to my Model 3. Sometimes I notice that the car is heating (red user interface for the HVAC) when I really just want low AC. If I set the temp to 74 and it's already 73 then it seems to want to turn on the heater to change that 1 degree. There should really be a software toggle for...
  14. M

    Control Parameters Do Not Stick

    I set Steering to COMFORT and Acceleration to CHILL but it doesn't stay. Later when I check the screen I find that it no longer shows those choices. My car is a 2017 Model S 75. Does this happen to anyone else?
  15. B

    interior temperature

    hey does anyone know where is interior temperature sensor ? i mena sensor inside car
  16. Carspotter Daily

    Mac Tesla App - (Tapp 1.5 release)

    Tapp 1.5 Features: Automatic Login Minute-by-Minute vehicle location and tracking Google maps car location Lock + Unlock, Horn, Lights, Climate control, Charge Port control, Charge functions including Start, Stop, Charge limit, Remote Start, Valet mode controls Graphs - Temperature both inside...
  17. fasteddie7

    Instrument panel trips question

    this has probably been answered somewhere but I can't seem to find it, maybe I'm not searching for the right terms. What is the negative number over minutes mean on the trips portion on the instrument panel? I've included a photo of said negative minutes.
  18. MrJones390

    [POLL] Center Console with Backseat Touchscreen

    Just saw this image in a post about the 2017 Porsche Panamera. Looks like a backseat touchscreen that's part of the center console. Now THIS is something that's worth the crazy price Tesla charges for the new center console. Thoughts?
  19. R

    Interior Temperature Gauge?

    I know I can get the cabin temperature on the iphone app, but I can't seem to find it on any of the screens in the car itself. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  20. J

    Climate settings

    I confess that I did not thoroughly scour the forums for this answer, so kindly redirect me if warranted. I took delivery on 4/1/13 in Anchorage, AK (no joke), and while winter is trying to give way to spring, the arctic forces are ahead at the moment. At any rate, the temperature last week...