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As far as the phone apps area concerned, it is still not in the best location to report accurately. You can turn on the heat and watch the app and within a couple of minutes it will report a temperature that can be 10 degrees or more different than what the cabin temperature really is.
That s really the issue! Since the temperature reported is higher the bloody fan is blowing out cold air even if you set the desired temp to say 26-27 degrees.
At some point the reported temperature was around 30 degrees, while outside it was 12. We were coldish inside and fan blowing out cold air.

This usually happens after a while you re driving , so not as soon as you start the car.
i have range mode disabled, never had it on.
Nope, there's no way from the car's screens to see the reading from the cabin air temp sensor.

This is something I wish they would change. I'd like to know the interior temperature.

I could then set the temperature to be slightly warmer or colder, or equal. Currently having to pick a number makes me unsure whether I am causing heating or cooling to happen.

I tend to dial up and down while listening to the fan speed in order to make that determination.
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