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  1. B

    Dog ramp for Model Y entering via rear side doors?

    I'm searching for a dog ramp that will let our 60 pound dog enter via a rear side passenger door. Unfortunately, that passenger door is rather narrow, and does not open as wide as my previous cars, which is making finding something that works more difficult than I expected. Instead of...
  2. Runs Kwh

    Pet liner recommendation for 2nd Seat (that allows the pup to go back/forth to front seat)

    We just took delivery of our 2023 X (beige interior). Our pup is 4 years old, doesn't shed and weighs 20 pounds. We'd like to get a liner to protect the second row of seats when we take her with us, but we don't need a barrier between that seat and the front (our little Scout likes to go back...
  3. K

    Seat Belt alerts - Dog on back seat

    Hi. When my dog is into the back seats moving around the seat belt icon keeps flashing and beeping. I thought a recent update meant I could silence it but it doesn’t. Anything I can do?
  4. P

    Dog damaged the interior door panel

    Hey y'all, I really need your help. I have a Model 3 ( just 6 months old). I left my dog in the car for about 30 Minutes and he damaged the interior window panel of both the driver and passenger side. Damage is so bad that I can see the foam stuffing inside it. What are my options to replace...
  5. A

    Dog Cage for Model X 7-Seat

    So there have been some solid threads about dog cages in Model Y, curious about experience other owners have with Model X if any. We have a 2018 Model X 100D, and just inherited a dog. 7-seat config, obviously thinking in terms of folded-down rear seats. He belonged to my Father in Law, who...
  6. YorkshireBrew

    Model 3 - Dog and Baby Tetris.

    Hi All, I was wondering whether any of you have had to get their 'significant other', a baby and a dog in their M3 at the same time? The dog is a border collie so medium sized dog and is more than happy in the boot of hatchbacks with the parcel shelf removed. I'm picking up my M3 at the end of...
  7. D

    Trunk/Folded Backseat Dog Bed Option?

    Hi there! I’ve seen some great threads about backseat covers and hammocks for dogs, but I’m wondering if anyone has figured out a good solution that allows you to take more advantage of the trunk and folding backseats. Specifically, I’m wondering if the smaller backseat could be folded down...
  8. J

    Is M3 Big Enough?

    Really want a MY but I might be a bit priced out of that. So considering a M3. I have three basically grown kids (two live with mom the other, college grad, lives with me right now) and rarely more than 2 of them in the car at the same time. Also have a black lab that is in the car a lot...
  9. F

    Dog protection in the rear trunk

    I am looking for a solution other than a blanket to protect the back of the second row from drool. I have kids in car seats so I typically cover the second row seats, as well. We have a model x with black leather but got the S with white leather bc....you only live once? Any good suggestions...
  10. Dave K9

    2016 Model X - large dog question, etc - TIA

    Hello, thanks for having me here. I’m currently shopping on Carvana for my first Tesla. It’s actually a surprise birthday gift for my wife. The model that I have a purchase pending on is a 2016 P90D. My first question is for any model X owners with large dogs, with the third row of seats folded...
  11. mkmazer

    Driving Cross Country Female + 2 Dogs

    I'm looking at Driving from NYC Metro - Los Angeles this summer to move. I'm going to have my two small dogs with me but curious if any females have done cross country trips alone. Did you have any issues? What safety items do you suggest I get? Any suggestions on route/dog friendly...
  12. J

    White interior with dogs?

    Hello everybody, I am awaiting my LR AWD white/white/19 FSD. I have been thinking about how my dog would work on the white interior over and over. Does anybody have any opinions on large dogs in white interior vs black interior? We got hiking alot and often would have dirt or mud on his feet.
  13. mipmapped

    Seatbelt Warning with Backseat Dog Fix

    I though this might help others. I have an 80lb Golden Retriever and when he's riding in the back seat I get seat belt warnings displayed on the left of the dash display. This is really annoying when it overlays on the navigation. I found this buckle insert fix on Thingiverse and 3D printed...
  14. T

    Backseat protection for toddler and dog

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a solution to protect my back seats from my 2 year old toddler and my 20 pounds dog. I already have a seat protector and car seat for my kid but now I want to add something for my dog on the other side for a roadtrip. I only see pet seat covers that work hook...
  15. B

    Improvements on my new ‘used’ P85D

    Hey everyone. I finally pulled the trigger on my ‘new’ used Model S and it is a beauty! It’s a 2015 P85D, loaded to the gills. I actually think it has every option Tesla offered at the time, including rear facing jump seats, panorama roof, alcantara dashboard and carbon fiber trim. I’m thrilled...
  16. I

    Greyhound in the Model S boot

    Hi there, newbie here looking to buy a Model S soon. The only thing causing me concern is that I have a greyhound- and they're obviously quite tall. So first question- any pictures with your greyhounds or equivalent height dogs in the boot? Size isn't the concern- the boot is broad and deep...
  17. W

    Model 3 AC only works on "LO" temperature setting

    So I took my 6 months old model 3 MR that has (had and later updated to 4.1) 2019.20.2.1 to grocery shopping. Turned on AC and had temp setting on 73F but only fan turned on and started blowing air (hot due to afternoon time). Tried all different permutations and combinations (Auto, turn on...
  18. T

    dog backseat cover

    Hi, Im looking for a good cover for my back seats to protect them from grimes from my dog. Ive found a couple of covers, but they all seem pretty small and my guess is that they wont rest of the seats if i attack them to the headrests. another vital thing that im looking for is gaps in the seat...
  19. PittCaleb

    Looking for custom-fit rear seat cover

    I moved the seat cover I use for my dog from my Outback to my Model 3. It does not fit or stay in place well. Every site I've looked at (generic car sites) have only 'universal fit' rear seat covers. I know there are some Tesla-specific accessory websites. Is anyone using a rear seat...
  20. Jivas

    Modification to turn M3 trunk (w/ back seats down) into a dog crate?

    I recently took delivery of a Model 3 and was able to implement my dog travel strategy: to push down the back seats and provide my dog, named Baby, with a bed to lay on. (Because, as much as l love Baby — and I love her a *lot* — she’s not allowed on the white seats!) It then occurred to me...
  21. K

    Lots of Model 3 Newbie Questions- Hawaii

    Aloha! I configured my M3 and I'm in the "waiting" zone for delivery. In the meantime, I'm trying to kill time by looking at after market accessories and planning on how to protect my new baby when she arrives. If anyone has thoughts on the following, I would appreciate your advice: 1)...
  22. Nathanael

    Model 3 - Tips for dog owners

    Do any current M3 dog owners have any tips to share? Im getting my model 3 next week, and I would like to prep it as much as possible for my med-large shepherd/husky mix. He sheds like crazy, and we like to take him to the outdoors often, so mud and dirt is an issue as well.
  23. L

    FWD and dogs?

    Anyone have any issues with the Falcon Wing Doors and dogs? Just curious if you have any issues with your dog(s) when opening and closing the doors.