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driver profiles

  1. S

    Multiple Driver Profiles

    We have had a Model 3 for nearly 3 years. Recently, we got a Model Y which required me to create a new profile before I drove off it off the lot. Now, every time I drive the Model 3 (my primary car) the profile created for Y has become the default. There must be a way to attach the original...
  2. J

    2 Fobs in car, MS picks wrong one for driver profile

    Sorry if this was asked somewhere else (could not find when searching). Does anyone know how my MS picks which driver profile to use based off 2 key fobs? Recently, my wife and I have been riding together with me driving and both our keys in the car. It seems to randomly take her profile...
  3. P

    Key Fob Setup

    Good evening all, I'm a new Model S owner and upon taking delivery, only one key fob was setup. I'm trying to figure out how to setup my wife's key fob with her driver profile. I couldn't find anything in the owner's manual (maybe I'm overlooking it). Also, it seemed strange that the delivery...
  4. F

    Depending on whose phone the car detects first, will it select the associated driver profile?

    When the model 3 arrives I want to setup both my wife and myself for the phone proximity/Bluetooth unlocking option. If my wife and I both setup our custom profiles with our individual seating and mirror adjustments, does each profile get associated with their respective phone? Depending on...
  5. jmaddr

    Phone key not recognizing different people and activating profiles

    This might be a newbie question, but for some reason my M3P does not seem to know the difference between my wife and I. Everytime we switch drivers, we have to change the driver profile manually. Shouldn't this be automatic based on the phone used to unlock. In the confirmed cases, only one...
  6. BridgeMojo

    Preferences forgotten after driver change 2018.50

    This is a problem that existed in 2018.48 and appears to remain in 2018.50. When I drive the car, I change my settings for: Creep mode: off Mirror tilt: off Navigate on Autopilot: enabled Steering: Comfort Parking chime: off As long as I'm driving, these settings persist. When my wife...
  7. ZsoZso

    Driver profile change not moving a mirror

    I have experienced a very specific strange bug related to driver profile switching: Every time my son wants to drive the car after me and switches driver profile from mine to his, the right side mirror does not adjust, stays on my setting. For the first few times, he kept adjusting it again and...
  8. H

    Driver profiles not adjusting seats. Any ideas?

    Ever since I picked my car up from a service appointment last week, my driver profile/easy entry settings haven't been working. Neither the seat nor the steering wheel responds to switching the driver profile or easy entry when the car is put in park (the side view mirrors do respond, so I know...
  9. B

    Fob-profile link forgotten

    My car forgot (twice) the link between Fob #2 and my profile. It continues to remember the link between Fob #1 and my wife's profile. I reboot the UI and it remembers. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. SturgisWaters

    Seat memory for front and second row!

    Loving our X! My wife and I play music for a living, and it's been awesome driving to all of our shows in the Model X. It holds all of our equipment and then some... I loved the update that added the Seats control to the touchscreen. It allowed me to quickly move the second row seats forward, to...
  11. mspohr

    Husband/Wife Key Fobs and driver profiles?

    Tesla allows different driver profiles to adjust seats, mirrors, etc. I have set up a profile for myself and for my wife. Is there some way that the profile can be triggered with different key fobs? I would like the profile to switch to my settings when I get in the car with "my" key fob and...