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  1. T

    Loud buzzing noise coming from under passenger side while Model 3 sitting still in drive (but not while in park)?

    While sitting in drive, there is a loud buzzing noise coming from under the front passenger side. The sound goes away when I put the car in park. Is this normal? I know there are cooling fans but this sounds very loud, almost like a grinding sound. Here is a link to a video of this sound...
  2. M

    Dust sheet to protect Powerwall 2

    Hi all, Owner of two Powerwall 2s in UK here. They are installed on the wall inside my garage and I’m getting building work done (converting two single garage doors into one large automatic garage door) which involves removing a central brick pillar which is going to generate a lot of brick...
  3. Z

    Selling Logo Badge, Fan Motor Shroud, Wheel Fairing, Door Seal, etc

    I am selling the following Tesla parts. Shipping NOT included. I will use Pirate Ship to send at the lowest rate. Please be aware that any international sales outside the U.S. will be very expensive to ship. PM if interested! 1. Front Logo Badge (1047884-00-E) - $100 (nine available) 2...
  4. L

    Battery Coolant Pump or Fan Always on and Making Noise

    Hi everyone, I am long time fan and new owner of Model 3 SR+. The car runs well, but it seems the battery coolant pump or some fan in the front is constantly running. It seems to be coming from the center-back of the front hood and can be heard distinctly from the inside or outside of the car...
  5. D

    Servo noise when heater is on

    I have a 2015 70D, and yesterday the heater started making weird noises. Initially, on my way home, it made sort of a repeated clicking noise - kind of like a fan hitting something. I turned the heater off the rest of the way, and hoped the windows wouldn't fog up. This morning I tried the...
  6. S

    AC fan running - not charging and parked in cool garage, why?

    Did not drive my car at all yesterday, opened my iOS app once to check on charge level and a couple hours after that was in the garage and could hear a fan that sounds like it is coming from near the top of the frunk near the wind screen. Mirrors were folded in and I peaked in the window and...
  7. L

    Hint: rear facing seat fans

    Hi. My kids get got in the back rear facing seats in the summer. I ran a 12 V lighter socket back there from the front one by tucking a cable under the carpet and seat. It looks great and doesn't get kicked. Then bought 2 fans that rotate and have 2 speeds on one pedestal. I screwed a plastic...
  8. mrfra62

    Newbe questions: High wind noises driver side and heating

    Hi. As a new owner of Model X (since june 2018) I come across some issues which seem to be so minor that in my opinion I cant call support for. 1) One of them is that I have a whisteling noise at the window on the drivers side when the the fan is on a speed 5 or higher. It starts around fan...
  9. S

    Clip on fan to cool 3rd row seats

    Folks, is getting hot here again and I remember how hot the 3rd row seats were last year and decided to do something about it. Bought two clip on fans, USB powered with single 18650 Li-Ion cell backup from Amazon. Clips onto the jump seat headrest right in between the seats. USB cable runs...
  10. tescroft

    loud fan in "hot" weather

    My Model X makes a loud fan noise when it is exposed to direct sunlight in warm conditions (>25° C) when A/C is on. It is very loud from the outside, unusual for a car. During driving, it is not a problem for me inside the car, but the environment is exposed to a noise louder than that of a...
  11. fasteddie7

    Supercharger stopped suddenly then resumed

    I was on a long trip this evening and stopped to supercharge. It's around 90°f out and was charging at 330 mph. The fan was going at a good clip suddenly my screen said supercharging stopped. About 15 seconds later it picked up again and returned to 300 mph. Issue, normal?
  12. MGMDaware

    WTF is up with audible's random chapter art

    Ok, I tried googling and come up with nothing. Can someone please explain to me how audible fan art is derived? I get these random pictures on my MS depicting different chapters (although sometimes there is repeated pictures). The center screen or hud will often display fan art such as THIS...
  13. J

    I Want A Tesla Model S For Christmas- Video

    This is a sing along video I made that professes my love for the Model S: Enjoy!
  14. scotty2541

    Anyone know how to replace the Cabin Blower?

    My cabin blower just died. No air flowing. There are no warnings on the screen, and the fuse is fine. I turn on the AC and I can hear the compressor spin up, then shut down after 20-30 seconds because there is no air moving across the coils. So, unless this is a "marketing" tool, as it...
  15. K

    Fan noise at startup: HEPA?

    Has anyone noticed a fairly loud fan noise when the car first resumes from sleep? It seems to originate from the dash, which makes me suspect the HEPA air filter. It occurs while parked, so I doubt it's the motor. The noise is rather loud, and somewhat ruins the tranquility of an electric...
  16. X

    Continuous clicking noise under dash, please help.

    We decided to take our first road trip in the Model S 85 from Houston, Texas to Denver, Colorado. Its been great until today, after coming back to a full charge at a public charging station, a continuous clicking noise developed out of nowhere and refuses to go away. I first thought it was the...