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  1. J

    A simple way to make everyone happy with super charging idle fees

    Here is a simple way to make everyone happy with super charging idle fees: don't charge them unless the initial projected time to charge has passed. If we hookup to the supercharger and it initially says 45 minutes to charge to the rate set, what excuse could we possible have if idle fees are...
  2. S

    How to avoid idle fee at super charger station

    Hi, I am a new model 3 owner and recently charged at a super charging station which had an idle fee after the car charged to the limit specified. But I dont think I saw a notification on the mobile app giving me a 1% warning that the charging session is almost complete. Is that enabled or...
  3. J

    Fees Coverage

    What exactly are the fees tacked on to the final sale price?
  4. I

    Iowa to begin electric vehicle taxes and charging fees

    I can understand states needing to create some type of fee structure for electric vehicles since the current state of fees relies on collecting gas taxes. But it seems Iowa is piling on both sides. Beginning Jan 1 2020 and increasing each year in three stages fees for BEVs are $65.00 (2020)...
  5. M

    Used Delivery, Required in WA?

    I’m in the process of buying a used Model S from Tesla. I live in WA, car is in IL. I planned to spend $100 for a one-way flight and FSD myself across the country. However, sales just informed me the car MUST be delivered, for a $2000 fee - see bottom but something about getting a temp tag...
  6. FlyErik

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Wondering what the total cost is for those of us with Model 3s in different states. Thought it'd be an interesting comparison! List your state and total charge for renewing your vehicle license. (If you use acronyms/abbreviations, please explain them for those of us from other states!) Let's...
  7. R

    Typical fees when closing a deal?

    What are typical fees for buying a used Model 3 vs a new Model 3? (I'm thinking destination fees, doc fees, etc) Also have people noticed differences depending on what state they're in? For example, in my area, MD has a doc fee cap, but VA doesn't.
  8. GolanB

    Almost as bad as being ICED at a SuperCharger - High Entry Fees

    Today the Brooklyn Museum Supercharging station was empty - not a Tesla in sight even though the parking lot was otherwise relatively full. Why? Because today they were charging an 18$ entry fee, regardless if you were there to charge, and regardless if you planned on visiting for less than 15...
  9. Choochoosparky

    "Used" Purchase fees

    Hello everyone. I am ready to pull the trigger and purchase a used MS. I've been searching and saving for months and finally am ready to buy one. I've been going back and forth to calculate what payments would be and have tried searching but could not find an actual answer as to what the fees...
  10. T

    Pulled the trigger today, minor aggravation already

    I was very excited to order my car today, it's black on black MR, when I met with the salesperson yesterday for the test drive he gave me a quote for the financing, and on the screenshot he sent me it had the price (46,000) and it said on there that it include documentation and destination fee...
  11. Haxster

    My CA DMV registration fee jumped from $80 to $258!!

    I just received my renewal notice from the DMV for my 2016 Model S that I bought from Tesla at the end of 2016. The "registration fee" portion of the bill went from $80 to $258! I knew it would be increasing, but, from the latest DMV info on their site, the maximum for a vehicle worth over $60K...
  12. aekemmerer

    Is the Vehicle License Tax in AZ still reduced?

    I’m looking to place an order on a 3 and I know that the vehicle license tax (annual registration) was dirt cheap for alternative fuel vehicles ($150 for 5 years). However, recent legislation stated that alternative fuel vehicles will see an increase, if they haven’t already, and the state’s...
  13. mrfra62

    Charging fee super charger Europe

    just got my new model X delivered and I'm planning Europe road trip as holiday. Sales person at Tesla said that charging at super charger are free (no costs) due to referral code of friend who drives Model X as well. So in the Netherlands I don't pay for charging at super charges. How about...
  14. galbrecht7

    Delivery Fee

    I received my VIN earlier this week (before the policy change removing the VINs). While going through the process of getting loan terms through Tesla Finance, I noticed something in the final price of the car. On my Tesla account page, it lists my price as $55,000 which is accurate. Base price...
  15. L

    Would like pay-per-use Supercharger access for 2014 Model S

    I've had my Model S 60 since 2014, and did not pay for the unlimited Supercharger access since I don't take enough road trips to justify the $2000 up-front cost. Now that the pay-per-use option has been made available to newer owners, that seems like the ideal solution for me since it costs...
  16. GasKilla

    California bill to impose a $165 EV Road Use Fee

    Plug In America That link will take you to a site where you can contact your representatives to oppose the proposed bills.
  17. mhonig

    Registration Charge Rebate

    When I took delivery of my MS on October 6, 2016 in Tampa, there was a $500 registration charge. I inquired about the charge and was told by email from Cameron Watson, a delivery specialist, that they are not quite sure what the charge will be, so they overstate the amount and then refund the...
  18. Chrisizzle

    Transportation Fees - What should they be?

    10 days ago, I decided to trade in my Model S for a Model X. It was a rushed decision because I got a call on a Friday saying I had "substantial positive equity" in the car, included Supercharging was ending, and prices were going up by 3% on Monday due to exchange rates. Despite the phone call...