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full self-driving capability

  1. R

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with FSD For Sale

    Up for sale is my immaculate 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with Full Self Driving! Below is the facebook marketplace listing. My Phone number is 248-974-9943 and my email is [email protected], feel free to reach out with any questions, offers, and trades...
  2. P

    Drove 2000+ miles, safety score 99 but no FSD beta yet. Please help.

    I have been driving my Tesla Model Y since last 4 Months. Drove almost 6k+ miles with first 200+ miles on 100 safety score and then another 2k+ miles on 99. But still haven't got the invite for FSD beta yet. I have a software currently running is 2022.4.5.3 which seems latest one..
  3. laudbrian

    2018 Tesla Model 3 - LR - Red - Low mileage - Immaculate - FSD - Unlimited data connectivity

    Photos: Summary: Exact mileage 19,150 as of this post FSD purchased and enabled/Enhanced Autopilot with latest hardware 3.0 (includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Autosteer, Summon, Autopark, and Navigate on Autopilot) Premium package with premium sound Heated seats front and rear. Black...
  4. CoffeKow

    Smart Summon Drove My Model Y Into A Tree - July 2021

    Video footage of Smart Summon crash here: I purchased the Full Self-Driving capability via subscription for my 2021 Tesla Model Y on Saturday, July 17, 2021. On Sunday, July 18, 2021 at approximately 12:40pm while activating the Smart Summon feature in a private residential parking lot, the...
  5. E

    Price to upgrade to FSD from EAP?

    As of today, what’s the price to upgrade from EAP to FSD? I’m getting conflicting answers from outdated articles online.
  6. CertLive

    4 months left in 2020 to make a Tesla FSD on city streets

    We are in that same position now as I was buying my 2019 Model 3 from the Tesla website last year. Knowing that as stated by Elon that the car would self drive by the end of 2019. How confident does everyone feel? You see if I look overall at what my car could do then in terms of AP FSD and now...
  7. M

    For Sale: 2018 Model X, FSD, 7 seats, Brand New Tires

    Model X / 2018 / Blue - b954a | Only Used Tesla Asking: $87,900 2018 TESLA MODEL X LR (100D) 17,300 Miles AUTOPILOT FULL SELF DRIVING 7 SEAT INTERIOR Model X Long Range (100D) Deep Blue Metallic Paint 20” Silver Wheels All Black Premium Carbon Fiber Upgrade Front Console Dark Headliner Towing...
  8. J

    Order FSD today or wait until 10/31?

    When TSLA stock hit lows a few months back I purchased stock with the intention of using the profits to buy FSD. As of today the profit from those shares would completely cover the cost of FSD. I was about to pull the trigger. While I consider it highly unlikely, what if Elon offered a last-day...
  9. B

    New Model 3 Making Noise

    Hi, just got my new AWD LR Model 3, I love it but am experiencing a noise when acccelerating in between 25 MPH and 45 MPH. I have attached a recording, it is a high pitched pulsing / whistle sound coming from the front. Is this normal? I know its subtle but I have three days left to return it...
  10. S

    Navigation w/FSD in LA -- 110 FastTrak?

    Hi LA Tesla drivers, Curious if anyone has used FSD with navigation between the South Bay and Downtown -- will the HOV setting put the car in the FastTrak lane? Or is there a separate setting to accomplish this? The ramp is probably 2 miles from Tesla's location in Hawthorne - hard to imagine...
  11. lunitiks

    Model 3 will generate cash flow of $10,000 per year at a minimum on an autonomous taxi platform

    Elon Musk retweeted: Fire away...
  12. lunitiks

    The «Full» in Full Self-Driving Capability

    Let's get to the bottom of this. Gloves off. As of this writing, Tesla calls their $ 5,000 / $ 7,000 safety and convenience option «Full Self-Driving Capability». Not «Self-Driving Features». Not «Self-Driving». But «Full Self-Driving Capability». The only guidance Tesla gives us on what...
  13. diplomat33

    Is GM's Supercruise dead?

    So GM is axing the Cadillac CT6 which is currently the only model with Supercruise. Here are all the cars GM is axing as part of its restructuring So is GM's Supercruise dead? It is possible that GM will add Supercruise to one of their other models but I can't help but think that GM may just...
  14. R

    Supercharger Credit not honored with Oct 13 orders.

    Just informed by customer support that newly announced free Supercharger use is not carried over to orders made two weeks ago. Also Full Self-Driving Capability is still on my order and not removed as heard on recent news.
  15. strangecosmos

    Tesla reaches 902 million Enhanced Autopilot miles — what next?

    Estimate by Lex Fridman at MIT: Accelerating doublings As Tesla deliveries accumulate and the rate of Model 3 deliveries accelerates, the number of Enhanced Autopilot miles driven every month will increase exponentially. Lex estimates that Tesla has delivered about 280,000 HW2 cars. At...
  16. strangecosmos

    The competitive landscape of autonomous car companies

    I don’t have an us vs. them mentality with regard to Tesla and other companies when it comes to autonomy. I care most about preventing people from dying in car accidents. Two of my friends died that way. It is so heartwrenching to think about them — their plans for the rest of their lives, and...