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  1. D

    Teslogic with dedicated screen

    I saw comments on another post about a dedicated screen for Teslogic. I figured posting my experience and how I overcame some of the concerns may be helpful to others. I’m using a OnePlus 9 phone. Overheating: I’ve had several days over 90 degrees and the phone hasn't overheated. I think Cabin...
  2. Nambo


    Selling a new HUD unit. $100 Also have a used unit in great condition $75 Located in OC, CA. Will ship. Details.. https://www.amazon.com/CARabc-Display-Competible-Dashboard-Battery/dp/B09YLVHMZC The perfect minimalist HUD for your Tesla! Easy to install and adds all the vital...
  3. moto_marco

    Tesla! You could provide us with the perfect dash display tomorrow!

    My search for a proper dash display drove me to purchase the Switchback dash from Hansshow. It's small so doesn't block air con, and unique in that it also holds a phone on the backside of the display. Since I don't care for their actual display I instead have been using an excellent phone app...
  4. Kate@Teslogic

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Hi all! We are developers of Teslogic. We’ve already published this tread on Model 3 forum, but our device is also designed for Model Y, so we’d like to post it here as well just in case. You can see the discussion here. As Tesla enthusiasts we decided to develop our own transmitter and the...
  5. Kate@Teslogic

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Hi all! We are developers of Teslogic. As Tesla drivers, we felt uncomfortable with the lack of a dashboard in front of the eyes. This could be especially inconvenient on long trips. So we felt the need to do something about it and developed our own transmitter and the app. The transmitter...
  6. D

    Any Austing Vendor to Fit HUD for Model3

    I am looking for any vendor near Austin area that can fit a Heads Up Display for Model 3.
  7. loanchau2k

    Instrument Panel Display for M3 and MY, or HUD

    This is the best I have seen so far. But really don't know if it's really functional or not...
  8. K

    Another heads-up display for Tesla

    Hey! Found another HUD for Tesla vehicle, what do you think about it? It is really seems to be useful?

    Forgive me Elon for I have sinned! (HUD rough in)

    I had a spare GPS enabled HUD display sitting around (for my other car) and decided to rough it into the Model 3. It's an Amazon special cheapy unit, about $30, that only needs USB power to run. Been using it for 2 days and haven't decided if it'll stay or I'll just remove it. From my...
  10. S

    Anyone interested in this HUD for your model 3

    Hi, I placed the order for this one yesterday HUDWAY Drive: The best head-up display for any car and I tried searching for people talking about this and found nothing. This hud product is designed to fit model 3's dash and you can use Waze - it's basically an airplay receiver for your iphone...
  11. M

    Swap Navigation on the HUD from left to right side

    Is is possible to swap the navigation on the driver HUD from the left side to the right side? (Model S 2013) I drive with my left hand on the top of wheel and it blocks the street level view of the navigation, so I have to change how I drive to see where Im going or I have to look over at the...
  12. MusQueTear

    Model 3 HUD

    While waiting for the Model 3 Hud... temporarily a smartphone :(
  13. Chasedrgc1223

    2018 Lexus LS HUD

    The new LS was just unveiled and I came across this gem that was hidden. If this hits production, this will be the largest HUD on a vehicle so far. Maybe we'll see something similar on the Model 3, and hopefully a full windshield display. Interesting to see on here, nonetheless.
  14. Mknac

    Heads Up Display

    Perhaps some people with automotive-engineering experience/background could speculate on why Heads Up display is not more common in cars. I've driven a couple chevy rentals, corvetteand camaro, with HUD and liked it. Clearly it can't be cost as the price would drop dramatically and the quality...
  15. Mo City

    Tesla Glass

    Tesla Glass: the electric automaker’s latest top-secret program While on one hand Tesla can appear to be a fairly open company, especially considering they open-sourced their patents and Elon Musk is quite a talkative CEO; on the other hand, Tesla is also keeping a lot of cards close to its...