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Teslogic with dedicated screen


I saw comments on another post about a dedicated screen for Teslogic. I figured posting my experience and how I overcame some of the concerns may be helpful to others. I’m using a OnePlus 9 phone.

I’ve had several days over 90 degrees and the phone hasn't overheated. I think Cabin Overheat Protection is helping, and this could vary by phone.

I'm not concerned about theft because I don't regularly park in places that could be problematic and can take it off when I do. I know this could be a bigger concern depending on where you park.

Turning the screen on/off, battery drain:
Since I’m using an Android phone I used Macrodroid to write a few simple macros to handle this.

Activity based screen on/off. Turns the screen on while driving and off while parked. Depending on your settings it can be slow to react so I often still turn it on with the power button. Delayed off is fine.

Bluetooth on/off based on screen on/off.
Turns Bluetooth on when the screen is on and off when it's off. This follows the first macro but also works if I turn the screen on/off manually. Turning Bluetooth off disconnects it from the Teslogic transmitter and allows the transmitter to sleep. Occasionally Teslogic wouldn’t be open when the screen came on for whatever reason. So as part of the Screen On macro I also added a Launch App for Teslogic which solved that problem.

The phone I'm using turns the screen on when connected or disconnected from power. When the car sleeps it stops providing power to the USB so the phone is disconnected from power and the screen turns on. When it wakes it provides power to the USB which also turns the screen on. My last macro turns the screen off when connected or disconnected from power which solves this issue.

Bugs and suggestions:
The battery reads 1-3% higher than on the display. I’m told an update will fix that soon. The Max Speed for autopilot occasionally becomes out of sync which is frustrating because I often use FSD. If the data is available it would be nice to see ETA below the time and arrival battery charge bellow the battery.

So far I’m very happy with this solution and think community support would continue to improve it.
Parkind is also a concern for me. I have been thinking on how to put a teslogic capable phone in this kind of mount.

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I considered something similar. Some of the Hansshow screens run Android. It may take some work (and surely be very expensive in the end) but in theory you could get an Android Hansshow screen and install the Teslogic app on it.