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  1. Electric700

    Georgia Vehicle Inspection

    If you register a Tesla Model Y AWD vehicle in the state of Georgia, how do vehicle inspections work? Are you allowed to skip an inspection completely since it’s 100% electric (for plug-in hybrid or gas vehicles, inspections are required)?
  2. S

    Returning Model 3 back to Lease Company. Help?

    Good morning everyone, I've scoured the forum for similar threads but couldn't find the specific information I'm looking for. I'm returning my Model 3 after a three-and-a-half-year lease, and the collection/inspection is scheduled for the 20th of December. I'm curious about the level of...
  3. E

    Buying used/inspection needed

    I’m looking to buy out of state from a non Tesla dealer in the Cincinnati area. I’m looking for suggestions on how to get it inspected prior to being able to see/drive it. Any thoughts appreciated!
  4. T

    Delay on day of delivery due to inspection. VIN received.

    After waiting months, I finally received my VIN on 11/20/21 and was told to pick up my new MYP the next day on 11/21/21. Literally an hour before the confirmed delivery window, I got an email from Tesla saying the service team needed more time to pass inspection with the car and the delivery...
  5. apcautospa

    Vendor New Vehicle Delivery - White Glove Service at APC Auto Spa!

    New Tesla owners can now identify APC Auto Spa as the delivery destination to take delivery with confidence. Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of having a professional detailer with you when your new Tesla gets delivered. We will meet you at the dealer in either Bellevue or Seattle...
  6. D

    Tesla Service Center Inspection

    Hey guys, I booked an appointment with a Tesla SC to have the bottom of my Model 3 inspected and they got back to me saying they will charge $175+tax for it. Is this normal? The reason I wanted to get it checked out is, I was on the highway few days ago and went over a construction bump which...
  7. A

    What things to check when buying a used Tesla?

    I’ve been buying used ICE cars for nearly 30 years and never been stuck with a lemon. I’m pretty good at diagnosing ICE problems by feel and by ear and I usually notice problems several months before a mechanic is able to fully diagnose it. Now I’m thinking of starting a search for a 2015...
  8. kornelyus

    My MY delivery experience at Rocklin, CA delivery center

    I picked up my MY last Saturday, white exterior, black interior, dual-motor, long range, 19" wheels, hitch option. It was ordered Dec 2019. VIN=20xxx. This is my first Tesla. I was armed with three checklists and ready to reject the car if there were any serious issues. My wife and I combed...
  9. P

    Experience of Inspecting MY at Delivery

    Among those that have already taken ownership of an MY, did anyone experience a hard time trying to take your time inspecting the car? I'm expecting to take delivery this coming week and am wondering if I'll be allowed to take my time or if I should expect to be rushed and/or given a certain...
  10. S

    Used Model S inspection

    Hi, I am planning to buy a used single owner Model S but would like to get it inspected first. Can anyone help or recommend who should I go for - Lemonsquad or Pomcar or someone else?
  11. B

    Help checking out used Model 3 in Seattle

    Hi all! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, please let me know if not. I'm looking at a used Model 3 for sale in Seattle, but I am out of the area (CA) and would end up getting the car shipped to me. However, I'd love to have someone take a look in person just to make sure the...
  12. S

    Undercarriage inspection DIY with phone

    Might be an obvious thing to many but in case it's not, thought I'd mention that you can use an extending Selfie stick with your phone attached to it and put it on Video with the camera recording facing you and easily record the undercarriage of your car this way. No lifts or jacks needed. Sort...
  13. B

    Nova Scotia MVI

    New purchase of Model X. Where in Nova Scotia do people get their MVI done ? Is there anything different for this vehicle ?
  14. F

    Your opinion regarding my CPO experience

    Hi gents and ladies, I would like to get your opinion regarding my CPO experience at Chicago. I'm a first time Tesla owner and the following issues aside I'm absolutely stoked with my car. 1. With CPO cars your delivery advisor sends you pictures which have the visual inspector's notes...
  15. Warm

    Hulp bij beoordeling van technische staat van occasie Model S

    Dag allemaal. Aangezien mijn budget me geen door Tesla aangeboden occasion toelaat (laat staan een nieuwe), heb ik het voorbije jaar regelmatig tweedehands sites in de gaten gehouden. De vraagprijzen van particuliere verkopers komen steeds meer in de buurt van het mogelijke. Ondanks ik redelijk...
  16. tmxninja


    How often do you take your Tesla in for inspections/checkups and how long does the appointment take? I take in my gas car after 3 years. Would this apply for the Tesla too?
  17. sdrevik

    Confessions of a Nervous Nellie (Delivery Success)

    After having one botched delivery attempt (wrong color), I started digging through TMC to find out if my experience was unique. I kept reading more and more stories about cracked glass, condensation in tail lights, misaligned hoods, etc. The picture I was getting was unnerving. But at the...
  18. D

    Do not allow a third part of put your Roadster on a lift (properly placed jack okay)

    I did some searching on TMC, and I could not find a post that mentioned this, so I thought its worthy of posting. After having some service on a 1.5 , I asked about having a state inspection. I was told that the Tesla service centers in New York don't offer this, as they would need to make the...