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  1. Cripps

    V11 - how to disable/hide audio sources

    In the previous v10 there was a recent-ish update that gave the user the ability to choose which audio sources to use. I can’t find a way to do this in v11 - and I would like to turn off some audio sources when searching for music. The old manual : “Use the icons across the bottom of Media...
  2. Max_G

    TeslaDrive for Sentry and music. What about video?

    I bought a Samsung Portable SSD T7 500GB to replace the 128GB stick that came with my new M3LR, to a) have more space for sentry and also put some music on it. I read on this forum on how to set-up other media, format and name it. That process is clear. Here what the 128GB stick looks like...
  3. N

    Need help with music - think I may have a bug?

    Hi everyone. I need your help. I had a Tesla Model S from March 2018, which I returned in March 2021. I ordered a Plaid then, and just got it. I accepted delivery right away because I figured that it can't be that much different than my old car so I'll figure out all the interface stuff. But...
  4. G

    Theater arcade lagging after update [netflix, youtube etc]

    Moderator comment - thread renamed and merged from "Netflix [app in car]" Anyone else's Netflix app laggy when using it? Once I've got the programme streaming its all fine.. No issues steaming or buffering etc, but loading and then navigating in app is sluggish and laggy for me. Netflix has...
  5. DDotJ

    Firmware 2020.44.X

    Looks like 2020.44 is rolling out now with a lot of features and improvements: Autopilot Set Speed Spotify Improvements Media Search Improvements Media Sources Voice Command Language Source Release Notes from u/paladinfello
  6. tfraley

    V10 Media : Wish

    Hey, guys Version 10 has dropped and finally got around to doing some testing. As expected you can not play any type of video while driving. I wish Tesla would re-think this and rather than block the who app/site they would just replace the video with a black screen I would love to still be...
  7. I

    Bluetooth phone and media connection on model 3

    Hi, There is one thing bothering me since i got my new model 3 SR+. I connected my iphone X to my car, the phone call and media playing are all working well. But If I choose radio or USB source playing, I can received and calling phone through car by Bluetooth, that's not problem. But I lose all...
  8. N

    Tesla Model X (and maybe S) Rear Entertainment idea. Anyone tried it?

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been posted before in this format, did a search, can't see it. So I have a MS and an MX...... and 3 kids! In the rear of my MS I have a Revozport iPad holder, it's great for the kids, looks OEM and as the audio pairs over bluetooth to the car, I dont need to worry...
  9. S

    Model 3 Voice Commands

    I know that there are some voice commands. Can people share with me what all the voice commands are? I have only found: Listen, Play, Navigate, Cancel, Call AND I don't understand the difference between Listen and Play. AND I will set up favorites and I can't find a command to play a...
  10. fallen888

    What's your favorite live channel/station?

    Perhaps I'm a bit old school, but I'm not a huge fan of podcasts. I prefer live broadcasts of talk radio, be it news or entertainment. I've found that CNN is live. Sadly, I don't have XM in my S60 (stupid premium package). So I'm just limited to whatever is on Slacker and TuneIn. What are...
  11. engle

    Big Elephants that Want Tesla (and all EV's) To Fail

    Those of us who use Autopilot every day know how the media has been inaccurately reporting on it, creating Fear, Uncertainly, and Doubt among many potential Model S and X customers. The record number of Model 3 reservations Tesla received this spring has awoken all of the elephants to the...
  12. jcadman22

    Media App Changes

    Tesla removed the input selector in one of the recent 7.1 variants. Tesla chose to remove the button I (used to) use EVERY day to switch between Bluetooth, Slacker, radio, etc., yet the set it and forget it audio button remains. I'm sure we could live with moving the audio button to the...
  13. M

    A hilariously bad Tesla article in NY Times

    Joe Nocera in the NY Times has a doozy of an article today in the "paper of record". Let me skip ahead to the conclusion before I engage with the meat of the opinion piece: In other words, Blodget believed that Amazon would hit $400, but that that belied was "not the same as analysis", or...
  14. F

    (California) Wanted: Tesla Rental in the Bay Area

    Hello! We are a production company in San Francisco wanting to rent your pristine 2014 Tesla (Red, Silver, Grey only) for a commercial shoot in San Francisco. We are legitimate. We have insurance, and we are very specific in these colors. The shoot is Wednesday, 2/3/2014 We will want the car...
  15. E

    Music from USB skips

    When I play music from a USB drive on my standard MS sound system, I am experiencing skips. I have tried two different USB drives from different manufacturers with the same result. Then I tried playing the music on my computer from the USB drive and there are no skips. So I am assuming the...

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