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  1. M

    Rent model S in Oslo not from nabobil

    Hello, I would like to introduce myself at first. I cannot officially register to nabobil because of my age (20). So I have decided to try this way and maybe it will work out. I am 20 years old (have driver license since I was 18) student and programmer and a huge fan of Tesla (I have already...
  2. M

    Looking to rent Model S from Oslo, return in Bergen

    I'm taking a vacation to Norway in July and am flying into Oslo and out of Bergen. I was all set to rent a Model S from Sixt but suddenly they contacted me and said I must rent and return the car in Oslo. They won't allow me to rent one way to Bergen, even though the online reservation allowed...

    From Oslo to Amsterdam during the European Supercharger Rally.

    Tesla Motors just posted a great video on their YouTube account: Customer video: From Oslo to Amsterdam during the European Supercharger Rally. - YouTube Awesome.
  4. slcuervo

    Amazing proactive service from Tesla Motors (who read this forum) in Oslo, Norway

    Today I received an email from my local Service Center in Oslo, Norway, saying that they had seen in a Forum that I have a corrosion problem in my car, and that they will replace the part causing this during my scheduled service in a couple of weeks. They are referring to my post here on this...
  5. 2

    Meeting avec le patron a Oslo

    Ce matin, après un bon petit dej’, direction l’amphi a Oslo pour échanger pendant 2h00 avec « the boss ». Si vous n’avez pas pu suivre les annonces d’Elon Musk a Amsterdam, Munich et Oslo, voici un récapitulatif: Software 6.0 : · Navigation avec trafic routier en temps réel. ·...
  6. N

    Elon in Oslo

    See video at Teslas Norwegian site: http://www.teslamotors.com/no_NO/ or http://bcove.me/8drqwgp8
  7. Discoducky

    Elon and JB speak in Oslo Feb 1st 2014 1000 CET (4AM EST)

    Thanks for Johan for posting this pic in the investor chat thread and noting that there should be a feed from www.teslamotors.com
  8. celter

    Tesla Norway Event (Oslo March 6th)

    I guess Tesla loves Norway. :smile: I have just been invited to an evening with Elon at Tesla´s center in Oslo, Wednesday March 6. Curious about new information about Tesla´s plan for Norway. Superchargers coming soon ????
  9. K

    Hello from Oslo, Norway

    I just bought my Tesla Roadster 2.5 2012 model Obsidian Black with black rims Options include Upgraded stereo, Xenon, Executive leather Very happy and will never go back to petrol!
  10. A

    Model S coming to Oslo, Norway in April!

    Invitiation to attend the opening of the new service center and showroom in Oslo on April 11th just received today. A model S Beta and George B. will be there too! Looking forward to see the other Norwegian model S buyers there. I am EU Sig 174. Info from Tesla suggests that we will not...
  11. F

    Events in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo: New strategy directed to europe?

    As you can see in teslas event page, the tesla roadster will be promoted in switzerland, and in north europe. This is a promising move for me - and as an european I'm very pleased about this strategy. They hopefully can ramp up the number of units produced and sold!:smile: Tesla Motors - events