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  1. Pandamoanium

    2016 Model S P100DL - 70K

    Putting up my Model S P100DL+ for sale. Overall in excellent condition and treated well. Feel free to ask any questions on items I may not have mentioned 2016.5 (updated front). AP1. MCU1. Carbon fiber interior with black perforated seats. Free Premium Connectivity. 21” arachnid wheels. 19”...
  2. rajram

    2017 Model S P100D For Sale $78,249

    For Sale: Pristine one-owner 2017 Tesla Model S P100D in Solid Black. Current mileage: 10,650. If you're interested, please check out my ad on Autotrader for all pertinent information, pictures, vehicle history report, and reason for sale, Thank you for your interest.
  3. T

    FS: 2018 Model S P100D - Super Clean

    The car is at the detailer - Photos coming this weekend. I am selling my Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode!! Autopilot Hardware Ultra High Fidelity Sound HEPA Air Filtration System Smart Air Suspension Subzero Weather Package Keyless Entry Carbon Fiber Spoiler Power Liftgate Red Brake...
  4. Z

    For Sale: 2016.5 Model S P100D

    For sale is a silver metallic P100D located in Northern California. Clean Title - no accidents 30k Miles Full Warranty Until September Base Autopilot Premium Connectivity included MCU2 and HW3 Upgrade Full Self Driving Capable (not purchased) Air Suspension Subzero Weather Package (Heated front...
  5. I

    WTB Model S P100d - West Coast

    Looking to buy P100d. FUSC a must and FSD a plus. Located on west coast but willing to fly out for the right car.
  6. N

    WTB: Model X P100DL w/ 6 Seats - FSD Preferred but not Required.

    WTB! I'm looking for a Model X P100D with Ludicrous, preferably with FSD, but it's not a must. Less than 30K miles, clean title, no accidents, repairs or stories.
  7. M

    2018 Tesla Model S P100D Black on White perforated leather

    Enthusiast owned and maintained; garaged 100% of life. Only ~14,400 on the clock. Very well optioned with a lot of upgrades. Black over ventilated/perforated white leather with chrome delete (wrap), Advanced self-driving, Alcantara headliner, carbon fiber trim, Tesla logo wrap in Miami Blue...
  8. J

    Hello I’m Jeremy Jones with EV Fleet

    Hi I am an avid Tesla fan . I have owned the Tesla Model S 85 and due to me becoming bored with the speed of that car I have, just yesterday got into the P85 Model S !!! I actually named my new car Jeremy’s Fighter Jet because that is exactly what It is . My pastimes include Hunting Hellcats ...
  9. MichaelP90DL

    So I went drag racing with White Fang. I need help with a setting.

    The problem with a really smart car is it can sabotage you. OK here's what happened at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA, last night: Race 1: Against a Model 3 Performance. I had him off the line and was pulling away. Suddenly the car slowed. It caught me by surprise. I...
  10. F

    WTB - Model X 100D or P100D 2016.5 or 2017

    Looking to purchase 100D or P100D Model X with: 6 seats Air suspension Premium package Cold weather package AP2 or higher hardware (whether activated or not, doesn't matter) Only interested in vehicles with order date no later than 1/15/2017 and delivery no later than April 2017. Open to all...
  11. MichaelP90DL

    Why not automated drag strip launch mode? My tweet to Mr. Musk.

    @ElonMusk @tesla It occurs to me a couple tenths of a second could be shaved off the Model S in Launch Mode if FSD could be employed to identify the drag strip's green light and launch on its own. Removes human reaction time. Cool new feature? :) :) Sure as heck that feature wouldn't hurt...
  12. M

    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a P100D MX. I've been monitoring the Tesla used inventory for a couple weeks and just noticed that 5 of the P100D's increased prices around an average of $1K today. Is this normal? I'm used to seeing them drop prices but not increase. Also, with leases continually...
  13. C

    Waffling on used 2016 P100D through Tesla (long, but pics!)

    Hey All! I need some opinions. Long post but I'm really waffling on this, so I appreciate you reading. In October of last year, we bought my wife a 2016 X through Tesla with 16k miles (90D, Deep Blue Metallic, 6 seats, tan interior) and everything about the experience was great. The only...
  14. Gurujeff03

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance P85 $35k

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance P85 56295mi · P85 performance model. This is a signature model #575 · 85kw battery, 240-250mi range when fully charged (I rarely charge it all the way up) · FREE SUPERCHARGING, FREE connectivity (they have a monthly charge now...
  15. R

    Looking to buy a used 2016 P100D with 40K miles from out of state

    Hello Guys, I own a model 3 and very much impressed by the car and its functionality. I am looking to become all tesla house by selling my previous car and getting a model s P100D. I have my eyes on a few Model S P100Ds near me, but they have ~40K+ miles on them and they are 2016. My budget...
  16. S

    Tesla Model X P100D Full Review

    Tesla Model X P100D Full Review
  17. I-Fleming

    P100D Value Loss 70k in 1 year.

    I bought a P100D a year ago for a sticker of 144k, now the trade in is 70k ?? I have had a ton of cars over the years and this is by far the worst loss then any car I have ever owned. The main reason, I think, is Tesla lowered its price for the P100D to 109k. I feel this shows clearly that...
  18. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    I thought I'd start a thread to discuss new and used (mostly used) prices of Teslas. My interest is in Model S's, but any type could be discussed here, of course. I've been watching the woeful prices that most sellers have been asking for their used S's, and noticed this (imho) incredible deal...
  19. wenkan

    Model S to the Nürburgring Next Week!

    Moderator note: The first 5 or so pages of this thread contain posts merged from three different threads on essentially the same topic.
  20. Sunshine State

    Performance S price increase

    looks like all Performance models got a price bump tonight. The S and X Performance cars each lost the free interior color choices. Carbon fiber White is now $2,000, effectively making each car more expensive unless you only like wood and black in your performance car.
  21. Sunshine State

    Performance X price increase

    I was a going to order a new P100 X and the price went up 2,000 tonight. More exactly the white carbon fiber that was included is now $2k. All the interior prices are extra except black. The choices were included before on Performance. I’m going to hold off till after the new year to see if...
  22. jonnowocky

    New Raven X P100D: Initial Delivery & Ownership Experience (& gripes)

    Hi all, I put this post together just to collate my thoughts and issues with the car, as it might be of help to anyone about to collect. Firstly I should say I absolutely love the car. Range anxiety diminishes the more you begin to understand through ownership how it all works. Performance is...
  23. K

    Model S 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine wheels and tires (Seattle)

    Selling set of lightly-used Model S Wheels and Tires in excellent condition. These are gorgeous wheels! Includes 2 Front tires (Michelin Super Sport 245/35ZR21) and 21x8.5" rims, 2 Rear tires (Michelin Super Sport 265/35ZR21) and 21x9" rims, 4 center caps, 20 lug nut covers, plastic bags for...
  24. D

    2018 P100D any color (besides black) - must have white interior

    Under or around 10K miles.
  25. Tsportline

    Vendor Meet Project McCann - Satin Black Tesla Model S with Bentley Linen Custom Interior

    This 2019 Tesla Model S Ludicrous Performance just went from out of state to out of this world. Project McCann is the perfect showcase of what’s possible when you choose Custom Services by T Sportline. The Model S arrived from Tesla’s Fremont factory painted in Pearl White Multi-Coat and one of...
  26. R

    New Performance w/ Ludicrous Cheaper than Inventory Cars

    I have to assume these New Inventory cars will drop in price soon. You can now buy a brand new Model S Performance w/ Ludicrous for less than an inventory P100D. New Model S Performance with Ludicrous is $129k maxed out. New Inventory P100D: New & Used Electric Cars | Tesla
  27. J

    Manual firmware update (for new charge port)

    Bought brand new charge port for P100D year 2017. Part number: 1061353-00-F. The old one is mechanically damaged, albeit charging works but in limited mode. When charge port physically changed: The car says "Software upgrade required". Port will not unlock Doesn't charge if opened via...
  28. S

    Help! 100D vs P100D

    Hey everyone, I've found two private party Teslas and I am trying to decide which one to make my first Tesla. The decision isn't financial strain in either case, but I would like to make the best decision from an enjoyment and future resale value point of view. Here are my choices: 2016 P100D...
  29. S

    VIDEO: New Member & Model S P100D Review

    I was never fond of any electric car before! lots of talk and love for the Tesla cars but really you don't understand how good it is until your drive one yourself. The new Model S P100D is the fastest Sedan ever. 0 to 60 in 2.5 Sec the power is instant and savage, it doesn't feel like anything...
  30. aikisteve

    Can a crippled autopilot still avoid a €300.000 collision in v9.0? - Testing the Tesla

    Taking testing of Tesla's autopilot to the limits with disabling the sensors and seeing what it still can do. Auto lane change now uses (predominantly) the cameras instead of the ultrasonics. Impressed by the results and I believe this is now a good implementation to keep it as much as possible...
  31. aikisteve

    Romance Mode: what does it do for the battery?

    In this video I try to find out whether getting all snuggly and cosy actually drains your battery? It turns out to be quite alright, so don't let that stop you from getting it on in your car :eek:;)
  32. S

    21" Arachnid Silver w/ Tires set BRAND NEW

    I have a full set of brand new, never used Arachnid wheels and tires for sale. Located in the Bay Area. Looking to sell for $3,000. I can also deliver the wheels to you anywhere in the Bay Area.
  33. aikisteve

    Testing The Tesla - Update 2018.48.1 has some minor UI changes and a big surprise

    Am I actually responsible for making a change to the #Tesla software in update 2018.48.1? If that would be true, that would be awesome and that was also the initial setup of my Youtube channel: to help improve the product! I'm not really taking credit for this, but like to think that at least I...
  34. J

    P100D Brakes

    Question to the group - I purchased a new MX P100D in September. I have had a MS and an M3 in the past. The brakes in the P100D seem like they are no better (actually worse IMO) than both the MS and M3. Are they actually supposed to be higher quality brakes on the Performance models or is the...
  35. aikisteve

    Very young Tesla P90D driver challenges me to a drag race :-D

    Assertive young Tesla driver called me out for a drag race with his P90D, claiming he would beat me #justForFun
  36. aikisteve

    Tesla remotely fixes my car while on a road trip

    In this second part of my 1280km road trip, I got some good aikido practise, but also got confronted again with the camera issue, but Tesla managed to solve the issue remotely!
  37. aikisteve

    Taking v9.0 on a road trip and discovering some issues (part 1)

    This weekend, I took the car out on a 1280km / 967mi road trip to Germany for another aikido seminar. But along the way I discovered a few issues with the update and the autopilot cameras, disabling the auto lane change. Seems there are some issues with the alignment, like they had in the...
  38. aikisteve

    Update 2018.39.7 (V9) on Belgian roads: it finally nails the dreaded S-curve!

    Today I had the opportunity to test the unofficial version of V9 (remember, us non-US folks do not seem to have the right to get the software update officially yet :-( ) Thanks to the new neural net that also take all 8 cameras into account, the improvement we're seeing is unlike any other. Even...
  39. jorobsand

    Ludicrous Plus Widget

    Hoping the community can help me out with this... When watching YouTube or seeing others enable Ludicrous Plus and push their car to the limits, I often see them have a display that looks like this: On my 2017 P100D, I do get the energy meter to look like the one on the right, where battery...
  40. J

    My Perfect MX P100D

    Hey everyone, I'm new to posting here but have been looking through posts for a while now. Just had to share my excitement with you all as I just finished wrapping it, blacking out the trim, and getting the 22's/powder coating them. It was originally black but I absolutely love the color it is...
  41. aikisteve

    Tesla called me to ask if I wanted to order new key fobs

    At first Tesla couldn't confirm, but now they've called me to ask whether I wanted to order new key fobs to replace my old ones that have the security flaw. But I would have to pay for them.
  42. OG_Green_S

    Turbine Wheels 21" Charcoal Model S For Sale

    Tubine Wheels 21" Model S For Sale. Maryland/DC /Northern Virginia area, free local delivery. OEM rims, all four with TPMS sensor, currently wrapped in Continental Tires. Some minor Curb rash on protective seals, very good condition. Fits 245/35 R21 $1, 400 OBO
  43. aikisteve

    Unit Police - kW vs kWh vs Wh/km (or Wh/mi)

    Since I'm still seeing a lot of confusion about EV energy units and when to use which one, I made a video to hopefully clear this up once and for all.
  44. S

    2017 Model X P100D for sale

    I have a 2017 Model X P100D for sale: Fully Loaded, White/White, 6-seat, retracting spoiler, tow package, full self-drive, Supercharging, 7000 mi, full Xpel on the hood/fenders, black 20" Wheels. It was my wife's show-car until it was rear-ended. It just came out of the Tesla-Authorized body...
  45. G

    P100d X Full Charge - 161 miles

    Ok what am I doing wrong? I knew I was going to be running from softball game to soccer to softball to soccer today so I put the charge at Max. Put it on chill mode, range mode, and 60% was on highway (75mph average). I know going 75mph causes much more drain, had to do it because of the time...
  46. aikisteve

    Good news: software update 2018.32.2 solves nearly all bugs introduced in 2018.28.1

    Put the latest updates through its paces today and I am a happy camper in the sense that it solves nearly all issues I had with the previous update. Check it out here:
  47. B

    New* ventilated P100D seats

    Has there been any consensus on the quality of the returning ventilated seats in the P100D? I'm considering stretching my budget for the P100D (nobody let /r/personalfinance know), but I want to make sure I'm not receiving lower quality seats for doing so. Thanks for any input you may have!
  48. aikisteve

    AutoPilot 2.0: 2018.28.1 is the worst update in a very long time

    While we've seen a huge improvement at the beginning of the year with the rewrite of the AI system, and we have seen small incremental improvements over the past few months, for some strange reason this update now takes us way back with a number of regression bugs as well as new bugs. The...
  49. Sunshine State

    Looking for X P100D, Cash buyer

    Hellow everyone, I’d like to buy another X and we are a cash buyer. We have been looking at all the discounted new inventory and some low mile CPO’s, but like anyone, would like a better deal and know the deals are out there. We have several Teslas now so we are not in a rush until we find the...
  50. Sunshine State

    Want to buy X P100D, can purchase quickly, PM me

    Hellow everyone, I’d like to buy another X and we are a cash buyer. We have been looking at all the discounted new inventory and some low mile CPO’s, but like anyone, would like a better deal and know the deals are out there. We have several Teslas now so we are not in a rush until we find the...

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