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paint chipping

  1. M

    Best option to fix paint scratch for pearl white?

    Unfortunately, I hit the curb a little bit while parking and it caused a minor scratch on the left side of the front bumper (see pic). I'm not sure if I should get the Tesla pearl white touch up paint because it says on the website that it may not match well depending on the application process...
  2. R

    Paint chip

    Just got my MY a month ago from today and noticed a small paint chip on the back of my lift gate underneath where it says duel motor. I seriously do not think it was a rock hitting the back of the car or something bumping into it. There’s no dent, but paint completely off a very thin area of...
  3. D

    Blue Paint, Model Y

    Hi all, Just moved over here from the now inactive Tesla forums. I looked over Tesla's new "Engage" site, but there doesn't seem to be much "there" there. Look forward to participating in this community! I took delivery of my MY in November 2020. In short, love the car. However, I'm...
  4. E

    Fix front bumper chips

    I purchased a used M3 coloured MSM and the previous owner did not put on PPF. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but the front is chewed up from tons of rock chips. Anyone know how I can fix this (and the approximate cost)? I will eventually get PPF for just the front bumper as the rest of...
  5. Freewheeler

    Vendor MY Lower Rear Door PPF Kits

    Hey everyone! I crafted a PPF kit to address the "strike zone" on the lower half of the Model Y rear doors where they flare out and are impacted by grit and gravel spray from the front tires. Until there's a decent front mudflap something needs to be done, and I'll still use this even after...
  6. N

    Cracked paint?

    Is this what I think it is? It looks like paint has cracked? same way if the solvent of the paint wasn’t mixed in correctly and left cracks in the paint. There’s 3 locations within this picture. Wth am I looking at
  7. Kamixus

    Door Hinge Paint Issues

    It’s been about a month since I took delivery of my M3 And I only just noticed that there were some pretty severe paint chipping on the passenger door hinge. Is this normal? If not, is this something Tesla will fix considering it was not identified during the initial inspection?
  8. S

    Best place to Trade New Model 3

    I am in a pickle and need a bit of advice. What is the best place to Sell or Trade Tesla Model 3 that has less than 1000 Miles? I purchased the new Model 3, at the beginning of December 2019, and we didn't like the build quality of the car (mostly with the exterior appearance including...
  9. idealdreams

    Paint chips on hood after 2,000 miles?

    I've had my LR AWD Model 3 for about 6 weeks now and have put just under 2,000 miles on it. As I was washing my car tonight, I noticed several very small paint chips on the hood in various locations and I can't figure out how they're getting there. My Model 3 is black and the paint chips appear...
  10. bulls96

    Chipped paint cleaning my car

    So this happened. I have been cleaning my car with a pressure washer and soap at least 5 times now. Today I was trying to get a small dot dirt on the car and then caused this.. Whta do I do? I was using a tip specially for delicate items like cars (like it says in the instructions use for...
  11. I

    Paint chip on new inventory MX

    Hi Folks, I picked up a new inventory MX 75 last weekend with only 12 miles on it. I noticed some defects with the trim and seal along with a few paint chips and one chip on the wheel. One paint chip exposed the metal underneath. The delivery people agreed to fix trim and seal but was adamant...
  12. R

    Paint Crack/Fissure or Road Debris Impact?

    I wanted to get your guys thoughts on some damage I found on the bumper of my white Model 3 today. While I was inspecting my Model 3 I noticed some damage right below the passenger side headlights (photos attached). At first I thought it might have been some sharp object hitting my bumper...
  13. AutoElegance

    Vendor New England Paint Protection Film

    At Automotive Elegance we service any vehicle and any need of a customer in the paint protection world! However this is a Tesla website so we are here to focus on Tesla owners and their specific needs. The delivery dates have been really erratic for new Model 3 owners and we have been working...
  14. MountainRoad

    Experience with Ceramic Pro Coating in CO?

    I’m considering having my Model S coated with Ceramic Pro 9H by this detailing shop here in Boulder, CO: Ceramic Coating – Boulder Auto Detail Any suggestions based on prior experience? My car is more than a year old and I’ve never coated or wrapped it, so I would be particularly interested to...
  15. tangent

    Raised FWD Scratch at Garage, Touch up Paint Suggestion?

    Finally the unthinkable has happened, when I raised the falcon wing door at my workplace garage, the door hit a metal pipe that at the ceiling beam that the radar obviously has missed, that has left small scratch on the door. The scratch is small, it is thin like nail and about 1.5" long, but...
  16. nitram26

    Refreshed Model S paint chipping

    Curious if this is a known issue.. picked my MS up less then a week ago. when i picked it up, it was outside under a roof that didn't have good lighting so i didn't catch this right away. it has been raining all week and finally got a chance to give it a wash. I noticed that there is paint...