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refresh model s

  1. G

    Not Available 2022 Tesla Model S -Long Range - Refreshed Refresh (w/extras)

    This car is amazing. Unfortunately, I have to sell it. Please only serious offers and interest. Best offer. Thanks! For sale by Original Owner.. located in Northern California. $81,000 Essential Details: - I'm the original owner (October 2022) - Low miles - 7700 - No accidents, clean title -...
  2. U

    Refresh Gear Selector Lights

    Did some searching on here and the internet but wasn't able to find anything relevant to my question. Model S LR 2022 Refresh My wife notices the lights on the gear selector/drive mode selector almost every time she gets in and starts driving, but I've almost never noticed it. Either I'm very...
  3. Jett Black

    2021 Model S Long Range - Red Multi-Coat, FSD, XPEL PPF - $107k

    REPOST! I messed up the first post. Apparently I don't know what kind of car I have. So, let's try again! 2021 Model S Long Range FSD - $12000 Red Multi-Coat - $2500 21" Arachnid Wheels - $4500 Cream Interior - $2000 10,750 miles - Priceless XPEL PPF on hood, bumper, quarters and mirrors...
  4. R

    21' Tesla Model S Refresh, Low Milage

    Selling my in perfect condition refresh Tesla Model S. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Paint is fully protected with clear/hydrophobic Suntek Reaction wrap PPF. Handwashed bi-weekly. 0 scratches, 0 swirls, 0 marring. No rim damage or scratches. Non-smoking owner and kept indoors. Immaculately...
  5. OilSucks

    Not Available 2022 Model S Long Range - Red Ext/Cream Int - No FSD - $104K

    Hello everyone! After some back and forth I think I’m going to step out of the S and go with my Model X that I reserved that will be delivered soon. For sale is a red exterior, cream interior 2022 Model S Long Range! Get this car NOW instead of waiting months and also get a car that has had any...
  6. J

    Multi-Device Bluetooth....Where Is It?

    When Tesla first unveiled the refreshed Model S/X, they promised multi-device Bluetooth which would presumably be useful for rear-seat passengers watching media on the second-row screen. It doesn't seem like this feature has been added yet. Does anyone have any insight into if/when this will...
  7. F

    Gap on trunk latch cover for refreshed Model S

    Hi, I recently received my 2022 refreshed Model S and noticed that there is a gap in the trunk latch cover, my other Tesla car doesn't have such gap so just wonder if I got a defect part or it is common for refreshed Model S so I can decide if I need to book a service appointment for that...
  8. 4SUPER9

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    I am creating this thread to discuss access to power for those who desire modifications to the 2021 refresh Model S, such as adding a radar detector, dashcams, additional LED lighting, etc. This is being already discussed in multiple different areas, but not consolidated anywhere. I...
  9. C

    Looking for thoughts on Model S LR (refresh) vs. M3P

    I've been eyeing the S since the refresh tease early this year, but having never driven a post-2016 S, I'm not sure what to expect compared to my M3P. I love the sportiness of the M3P, and don't really want to lose much of that, but the quality of life changes in the S seem appealing. I do a lot...
  10. DavidSRQ

    Model S "Team September"

    Was EDD of September RN1149 Model S Long Range Pearl White Multi-Coat 21" Arachnid Wheels Black and White Premium Interior with Walnut Décor Yoke Steering Autopilot Full Self-Driving Capability
  11. 1

    Model S Refresh / AQI (Air Quality Index Question) ??

    So back in Jan / Feb On the order page of Model S/X refresh there use to be screenshots showing the Air Quality Index number on the screen. Question did Tesla is yet to turn that feature on ? Or did they just remove it I do NOT see it on the order page any more and not lot of people or even...
  12. Leeon

    Refresh Model S Spotted in San Diego

    Seen a 2021 Refresh Model S in San Diego. White on White... and I can confirm it had the Yolk steering wheel. Didn't have a rear badge so I’m assuming it was the long range. Looking forward to an update on my order.
  13. is3

    Het vraag en aanbod draadje

    Omdat er inmiddels veel vraag en aanbod is naar Tesla gerelateerde items maar een apart draadje aangemaakt.; EDIT: Er blijkt wat onduidelijkheid te zijn over wat wel en niet is toegestaan. Dus hier wat richtlijnen: - GEEN reclame door bedrijven - GEEN reclame voor bedrijven of producten...
  14. B

    Refresh headlights on Pre-facelift MS *opinion*

    Member for awhile now and just getting to my first post. I have a MS P85D and was looking into some custom lights... Mainly blacking the housing, frosting the DRLs, and maybe sequential signal modules. With just the 2 options doing this work on the headlights would be close to a grand if I sent...
  15. T

    2015 P85D Needs Facelift!

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 P85D and want an OEM bumper refresh. I saw on a previous thread that an AZ local named Tyler has a shop and is able to perform the upgrade. Does anyone know how to contact him or does anyone else in Arizona perform this work? I’ve read on other posts ways to achieve...
  16. D

    Elon already showed us the refreshed Model S!

    Watch video to learn more: Disruption Research on Twitter
  17. MelaniainLA

    refresh Model S with rear-facing seats: where to put the stroller?

    We have a 2017 refresh Model S with the smaller frunk and the rear facing seats in the trunk. It was great for our one 2 year old as it liberated our entire second row. Last week, we had a new baby who goes in the middle seat in an UppaBaby Mesa. We have an UppaBaby Cruz stroller to which the...
  18. Torklift Central

    Vendor Anyone Local to Seattle, WA with a Refresh Model S?

    Hey All -- We're interested in creating a new no-drill Law license plate bracket design for the Refresh Model S. We have one that we've created for the Pre-Refresh, which you can see here: The Law - Tesla Model S Front License Plate Bracket-Aluminum (Auto Pilot Compatible) X7283. We...
  19. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler For 2016.5+ Model S

    The Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model S facelifted vehicles works with the 2016.5+ standard front bumper to provide a sporty performance look. The spoiler attaches easily and can be removed easily without damaging the front bumper. It provides stock levels of ground...
  20. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Transform Your Tesla!! Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia System

    The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler. This distinctive front spoiler amplifies the performance...
  21. UnpluggedP

    Vendor WORLD DEBUT: Unplugged Performance Refresh Rear Set

    Hot on the heels of the development of our Refresh Front Fascia for the Model S, we also began to work our magic on the rear of the refreshed Model S. This week, we debuted our new Refresh Rear Set, our take on Tesla's newest rear end for the Model S. With the updates to the Model S several...
  22. Tech_Guy

    Refreshed MC RED Blacked out Accents coated with 3M PPF

    Picked up my new MC Red P90D on Tuesday and took it directly to Elevated Auto Concepts in Pasadena. We went over what I wanted and left them to work there magic. I requested full 3M Paint Protective Film, all chrome blacked out, 3M Crystalline window tint 40% on the sides and back and some...
  23. DÆrik

    Refreshed Pearl White 90D Photos

    Hello, I just picked up my Pearl White 90D yesterday and thought I would post some photos! So far I have switched out my 19" Slipstreams for 19" matte black TSportline. I also added the TSportline lug nut covers (They really look great and cover up the factory lug nuts). I also used the factory...
  24. SMPL

    Delivery to Toronto - refresh model S

    Hey Everyone, My refreshed 70D is currently in production and awaiting release for shipping to Toronto. Anyone else out there in production or recently completed and awaiting final delivery to toronto in the next few weeks?