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  1. M

    2015 S 85 For Sale in NJ

    It’s time to move on. Dark blue 52,000 miles 1st gen autopilot Panoramic sunroof Cold weather package No accidents. Clean car. Factory warranty through 10/21 or 100,000 miles. More photos available to interested buyers. $39,900
  2. NorthEastUk

    Chargegate, S85 Only

    I've just been on the Tesla facebook group and seen there are in total three S85 owners who are concerned about charge speeds at superchargers. (same day) If you have confirmed with the support line that your battery is the correct temp when charging and You are still getting slow charge...
  3. A

    2014 S85 - 3k Miles - 3 Year ESA Warranty - Los Angeles - No AP - $53k

    2014 Tesla Model S 85 (No AutoPilot) VIN: 5YJSA1H11EFP36866 Location: Los Angeles, CA Mileage: 3,893 Range on Full Charge: 263 miles Condition: Excellent Tesla ESA Warranty: 2014-2022 (05/22) CLEAN CARFAX - 1 Owner Price: $53,000 Hi everyone! I am excited to be selling this excellent...
  4. Dutchmeeuw

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Lost 20km of max charging within 2 weeks on my S85D. At the 12th of May I was able to charge to 399km at 100% charge. 2 days ago the max charge has dropped to 379km all of a sudden. Temperatures at both charge times were around 18 degrees Celsius. Called Tesla and they’re telling me the car...
  5. Wazzul

    FS: 2014 S 85 w/Autopilot

    Well cared for Tesla Model S 85 built Nov 2014, delivered 1/29/15 Silver exterior with black leather interior Carbon Fiber Decor Accents Tech Package w/Autopilot High Fidelity Sound System Sunroof Twin Chargers Paint Armor Protection on front Free Unlimited Supercharging for life New tires Oct...
  6. Knightowl

    looking to buy a tesla s85 around 35k

    Life happens, I am in need of another Tesla S85 with rear kid seats or priced right that I can retrofit them in. Have 3 young kids, thought we were done but now have surprise twins on the way. If I can find a suitable car before the end of the year it would be a blessing. I expect I can get...
  7. Piney999

    S85 Battery Degradation

    I know this thread has been done before, but I am looking for some fresh data. For the S85 folks out there, whats your milage, and whats your 90% rated miles. I am at 101,000 miles and my 90% is 203 rated miles... That seems too low, but I want some more data points. I still love the car...
  8. pjw65

    North Cape in Winter

    Is it safe and possible to drive in December from Skellefteå, Schweden to Alta, Norway and use 2 CHAdeMOs in Finland? A Better Routeplanner This looks much faster than using Supercharger in Norway to drive up to Alta.
  9. R

    Tesla S85 For Sale

    2014 Tesla Model S85, 33,000 mi., Red, panoramic roof, air suspension, tech package, tan leather interior, excellent condition. Located in 46118. Goes to the first $50,000.
  10. mka

    2014 S85 Pearl White, 36k miles, $51k

    2014 S85 for sale, great condition, no accidents, regular Tesla service. VIN P41xxx, no autopilot Location: Santa Clara, CA 36k miles, $51,000
  11. P

    December 2014 S85 $67,700

    Just ordered a new 90D so I need to make room in the garage. You can view the full add here 2014 Tesla S85 $67,700 December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $67,700 Under 24,000 miles (mostly highway) White body color, panoramic sun roof, tan leather seats, matte obeche wood décor 85 KW Battery --...
  12. cstromme

    Acceleration and performance of the X75D compared to a 2014 S85?

    Picking up a X75D on Saturday to replace our 2014 S85 (pre-AP, RWD), and I just now started wondering if the X75D will feel slower than our old car. 0-60 and 0-100 are listed as slower than our old car, but I also there was some issues with these numbers back in 2014 so I'm not quite sure if the...
  13. andrewschuyler

    If you'd have never owned a Tesla, would you buy a CPO MS today?

    I'm a model 3 reservation holder (in person,in line on 3/31). I'm looking at a CPO S85 I like that is currently in southern Cali. I drive around 20k per year for work. I get reimbursed for those miles to an average reimbursement of just over $800 per month. With this in mind, I can have a zero...
  14. julioalonso

    Late 2013 Metallic Blue Model S85 for sale in Miami

    One non smoker owner who pampered it. Car has never been through an automatic car wash. Has always been professionally detailed. No accidents. 26.150 miles as of today. I don’t want to sell it but have to since I am moving out of the country. Located in Miami. Built Oct. 2013. VIN 22075...
  15. J

    2012 Model S 85kw for sale in San Diego, Original Dark Green!

    Do not miss your chance to own this Tesla Model S in near-new condition! Only 46,300 mostly highway miles. One owner who pampered it. Kept in garage. No smoking. No pets. No children. I took delivery of my Model X recently and now I have to let someone else enjoy my S. Original Sequoia Green...
  16. BEEZR

    AP hardware in late-2014 builds?

    I'm looking at an S85, built in Nov 2014, that appears to have the AP hardware (from the picture of the front end below the nose cone) but according to the Monroney (window sticker) the car does not have AP activated. Is AP hardware included with all cars built at that time? I heard/read it was...
  17. btcounts

    What do you guys think is a fair price for this pre-owned 2014 S85?

    First real post on here, so hopefully I'm doing it correctly. I placed my reservation for the Model 3, but don't know if I can wait that long, so I'm looking at a pre owned Model S. What would you pay for it? 2014 S85 56,500 miles Multi coat red Black standard leather Tech pkg 19" cyclones...
  18. K

    Looking for feedback from Australian owners, particularly in Perth

    Hi everyone, To avoid being envious and impatient with getting my hands on a Tesla I've been off the forum for a while but I see things with Tesla in Australia have really moved along over the past year. Now that things appear to be full throttle and cars are being delivered to Perth and...