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  1. M

    What is this Rubber Strip on the side door

    Does anyone know what this rubber strip is? I am afraid to pull it, seems like it is connected all the way to the end of door
  2. O

    TMS P85 motor humidity: high voltage câbles seal leak, error GTW_w176

    Hello everyone, Here is my problem: 26/12: my Tesla model S gave me error messages: GTW_w018 and w157: reduced electrical power; GTW_w174 and w177: provide battery replacement based on voltage (12v); regenerative braking off; GTW_w017 reduced power. But she continued to drive. Then on...
  3. vanR

    DIY Tesla Drive Unit Repair

    Check the youtube channel I started about DIY repair of the Tesla Large Drive Unit (DU). This may benefit those who like to fix their car themselves, epecially if it's out of warranty. Here is the link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCIHg1trfQQTYIA88w-ZcCdw Background: The DU in my 2012 Toyota...
  4. PecuniaNonOlet

    Frunk lid seal not attached all the way around?

    Talking about the big upper seal held on with clips, not the lower rim weather stripping. See pics. Is it supposed to be flush all the way around? Mine is attached in the front (by the headlights) with some kind of adhesive. So it's flush with the lid and I can't get my fingers in there. I think...
  5. nateads

    Door seal leak

    I hope someone can help me to figure out what justifies servicing. My M3 rear right door seems to me like it's leaking into the cabin. I've sent pictures to Tesla service and they keep telling me if water is not entering the cabin then it's not a concern. I've attached a picture. What is...
  6. S

    New Stiffer Window Seals on 2020 Model 3?

    I looked at a new one the other day in a show room, and the seals around the windows looks thicker and stiffer than my 2019. Can someone upload side-by-side pics or confirm? Also wondering if Tesla will do a retrofit if I pay. Heard this helps with noise.
  7. D

    Rear window does not stay fully up, causing wind noise

    I took delivery of my SR+ last week and love many aspects of the car, but I'm having a few frustrations. Top of the list for me is that I get a lot of wind noise from the driver's side rear seat window, which will not remain in its fully extended position. The window will extend to its highest...
  8. M

    Front Window Moulding

    Has anyone had an issue with front window moulding/trim/seal tearing? Is this normal? The car is only 3 months old and wasn’t sure if this is normal or not.
  9. S

    Are Window Seal Gaps an Issue? (Not regular condensation in glass)

    I noticed that on my driver side, the seal that's between the back seat window and the little window has some gaps on the top and the side (little window side). The passenger side is perfect and tight. I don't expect this to really be an issue, but I'm wondering what would happen if a little...
  10. J

    Does everyone have door seal like this?

    Hi everyone! New Tesla Model 3 owner here. I interned at Tesla two years ago when they released Model 3. I even participated internal testings for seats. It was interesting that they wanted to know if females feel comfortable about the head rest when they tie their hair up. Anyways, I finally...
  11. Sawyer8888

    Complete Removal of Roof Due to Loose Seal

    I am looking at an extensive repair - basically a new roof due to a seal that may not even impact whether or not moisture enters the car. Tesla advised they would pay to have the roof recovered in Xpel. What would you do? Detail: I have a loose rubber seal that will require the removal of the...