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  1. Beta V

    Turn Signals and Critical Buttons made easier to feel

    I like to keep my eyes on the road. Every car I've owned has had a turn-signal wand on the steering column (except for my 1930 Model A Ford). My 2023 MX yoke has no wands/stobs/levers on the steering column. Instead, they have buttons on that must be located and touched to operate. Okay, cars...
  2. K

    Model x 2023 heated windshield (wiper heating)

    The heating elements in the windshield stops 3 inches away from the right side wiper tip. Exactly the part of the wiper that's cleaning the camera... In a car that's depending on its camera for safety. The ice buildup actually makes the condition worse for the camera than just leaving it as it...
  3. F

    poor wiper performance for refreshed Model S (windshield wiper nozzle issue)

    During a recently big snowstorm, I noticed my passenger wiper has noticeable poor wiping performance than my driving side wiper. the problem is the windshield fluid can not reach the far right side of the window, resulting in poor wiping performance while the windshield is dirty (e.g. during...
  4. M

    Passenger Wiper not working

    We just got a modest snow (with more to come) and my passenger wiper won't work. It looks like the nut is turning but I don't know the proper resting position to tighten it and try to get it working again. Mobile service can't give me an appointment until next week, I'm at work and we're due...
  5. shanerpark

    Wiper Squeaking Sounds

    I've searched for other threads but can't seems to find the same issue. Anyone else experience noise issues with their wipers? I noticed my wipers making a squeaking sound when it reaches to the top. I didn't notice until now. It's also somewhat sporadic. There are times when the wiper is...
  6. Seth2020

    I thought I new every control and setting on my M3 - just found a new wiper control

    Yeah, I know the subject is a little clikc-bait-y, but it is true. Prior to getting the car I watched every youtube video. Then with the car I have driven over 1000 miles with literally no where to go. And I thought I knew every control, but today I discovered something new The button on the...
  7. E

    Wiper Blades for M3?

    I'm struggling to find wiper blades, available in the Great White North, that will work in the M3 and not interfere with the spray module. Do we buy them at the SC or is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
  8. A

    Rain sensing wipers too tolerant of rain

    My Model 3 rain sensing wipers are too tolerant when it comes to deciding when to start wiping and for how rapidly to wipe. By the time the start, visibility through the windshield is way beyond acceptable (or safe) and when they do start, they start at a speed that is insufficient to address...
  9. C

    Model S windshield wiper upgrade!

    Does any one know if it is possible to upgrade the model S wiper assembly to the one that is on the Model 3? The Model S wipers are not that great during the winter. Overspray and spraying at the wrong spot is a huge problem and it makes the car less safe in the winter. For this I want to...
  10. T

    Model 3 wipers do a neat trick!

    I discovered a pretty neat little thing that our Model 3s do with the wipers. They actually retract down below the windshield line when not in use or when a bit of time has passed between intermittent wipes while on auto. I tested it while on the highway and the only reason I can find for this...
  11. M

    Windshield washer light problem

    I thought it was strange that I had used the wiper fluid maybe three times and the light came on. Today I filled up the fluid and the light is still on. Anyone else have this problem!
  12. selfbp

    Wiper Chattering/ skipping

    I’m so frustrated. I put some RainX on the windshield about an month ago and it hasn’t rained much since, yet I drove recently in the rain and noticed my blades chatter/skip/hop a little bit. So I thought. Hmm maybe just needs some more RainX around that area. So I recoated it all. HELL NO...
  13. Haxster

    Wiper Anomalies

    So, I’m patiently waiting for the rain-sensing to be enabled on my HW2 MS. I’m spoiled by having that feature on my 17-year-old Porsche. How tough could this be? Didn’t they verify that they could detect rain using the front-mounted cameras before they got rid of the IR rain sensor? Maybe it...
  14. D

    New user with Questions

    I posted on the delivery page as well , just picked up my S60 from Inventory with Enhanced autopilot. I've had the car for 2 days now, but see absolutely no indication of Autopilot anywhere on the car, when I ask someone about it they say I am supposed to get an update for it and its still...
  15. databen

    Tesla vs Competitors: Maintenance Costs

    I recently did some analysis on the cost of maintenance for a Tesla Model S and comparable ICE cars. No surprise to the crew here but thought I would share in case you like looking at charts about Teslas like I do :) More details + Charts here -> Tesla Model S vs Competitors: Cost of...
  16. KBurbridge14

    Wipers Jumping and Skipping

    As the rains have started here in California, I've discovered that my wiper blades are an abomination. Even if I wait until the windshield is drenched, the wiper skips and jumps across the windshield. It's untenable. Any suggestions?
  17. M

    Windshield Wiper Noise and Shudder

    I noticed this approximately a month ago. When it rains, the lower part of the driver's side wiper makes a shudder in the rain. However, unlike previous posts, which reported left over rain (and is a known problem), the blade does remove the rain in that area. I brought it in for service and...