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Not sure if there is a thread for owners who are over 100,000 miles on their Model S. Here are my model S details.
Model S 85 with 19 inch tires. Delivery on December 31, 2012. Bought Extended Warranty. Current miles: 101,169.
Regular service as per Tesla at every 12,500 Miles. On third set of tires. Drive unit replaced around 67,000+ miles.
Battery was repaired for contactors @ 75,000 Miles Service. Two door handles were replaced. Other small items
were serviced or replaced free of cost so far. Little concerned now because of out of warranty. Current drive
makes high pitching noise and a replacement is on order as per the service center.

Any owners out of warranty please share your experiences.
I'm a little confused because the warranty for the battery/drive unit should be 8 years and unlimited miles.

I can totally understand being a little concerned being outside of warranty since we don't have a good feel as to what things cost to fix (outside of the battery/drive unit).
Congrats! What are you thoughts on the car overall now compared to when it was new? Still just as engaging and not too concerned about longevity? Have any rattles or squeaks developed? I hope you report back that you have little anxiety and the car is set for the long-haul!
Mine was delivered in December 2012 as well and I'm about where you are, somewhere north of 160k km. Apart from various rock dings and paint chips, the car looks new still and drives and performs better than it did when delivered. Last I checked, my battery had ~3-5% less capacity than new, but that happened in the first few months and there really isn't an accurate way of measuring degradation in such small amounts. Over the time I've had the car, I've paid more in tires than in electricity. I'm on a 35% renewable grid with no coal, so that's a LOT of clean driving.
I know this is not really what you were looking for as I don't have a Model S with over 100k. But I do have two Teslas (Model S and Roadster) that are each over 50k so I have over 100k Tesla miles total; and both cars are out of their bumper-to-bumper warranty.

The cars both still drive like new. (No squeaks in the Model S, tons of squeaks in the Roadster). Of course there have been tiny bits of cosmetic damage (paint chips, scratches in leather, etc) but that's about it. Still love the cars! We took a road trip in the S last week and had absolutely no complaints. The S had some well-known issues when new (door handles, AC compressor noise, pano roof squeaks, poor defroster, etc) but they were all fixed early on. The Roadster has been perfect for 6 years aside from one battery rivet issue that I documented on these forums.

(I started a thread HERE on a similar topic that has more detail).
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Any owners out of warranty please share your experiences.

I'll be joining you in a few weeks. I'm at 86k miles. had all the common issues (12V, squeaky brake rotors upgraded, wet sand marks in paint, taillight condensation, fuses, stuck contactor, squeeks, pano wind noise, side mirror wind noise, stuck door handles, loud a/c compressor, melted charging cable, louve fans bad, steering column click, charging port lights out, side mirror bracket bare aluminium corrosion, yadda yadda). and on my 4th drive unit. this unit also has milling noise so will be on 5th at some point.

post warranty ->

all four TPMS went bad, had to pay for 1 of the 2 sets, cost me over $200.

they said my lug nuts were stripped and con'd me out of $175 (after the fact I examined them and they were absolutely fine, threads were not stripped, instead I think they meant the outside was 'worn' but they were not, so got ripped off by Tesla on this one).

big one was excessive wear in bushings on rear upper control arms which knocked suspension out of line and caused feathering on one tire and burned down to the cords on another. cost me $961 to replace links and $1200 for new tires.

theres probably more i'm forgetting off the top of my head.
Currently at 57K with no extended warranty. As far as out of warranty repairs, had weak radio reception and intermittent GPS.

The first attempt at repairing the weak radio reception they "cleaned up antenna grounds". This was done while still under warranty. This did not work. Later after starting to have the GPS issue, I had them take another look. They replaced the antenna module (amplifier) and that fixed the weak reception. This was done as "goodwill" due to the fact that it was ongoing issue prior to warranty expiration.

GPS issue they diagnosed as a bad antenna cable. They were able to reproduce the problem by twisting the antenna harness. Required replacement of antenna/harness. This required removal and re-attachment of the rear window. Also, required replacement of rear tail light because it's glued to the window and gets damaged during removal. The taillight cost $300, the GPS antenna $39.80, GPS cable $8.52 and 2.8 hours of labor @$150/hour.

All issues fixed. At all times the service people and experience were great.

Other notes: I have about 10K on my Rev M drive unit and it's still working good. There are a few creaks (pano roof) and rattles (something in the rear of the car) that aren't enough of an issue to do anything about. No other problems or issues at this time.
$800 to replace a $8.50 part... shame you couldn't take that to an indy shop, they could have spliced in a new cable and antenna in an hour and saved you $600.

This is the offending $39 part.

GPS Antenna.JPG

The issue is that most of it is located inside the rear hatch structure. The only way to access that is to remove the rear window. That's where most of the cost of this repair is. At that point might as well just replace the whole part instead of just soldering on new cable, which I could probably do myself. And if the rear window needed to be removed, I definitely would not want to do that myself. Frankly, considering how much effort it takes to actually do the job, Tesla was more than fair as far as the labor goes. The taillight price seemed a bit steep at $300 considering it is just a simple plastic part with a PCB with LEDs on it. One could also argue that Tesla's choice of a "clean look" i.e. no visible antenna's is the real reason for the high cost. In most cars this antenna would be a lot easier to access, making for a much cheaper replacement. But you would have to look at a "shark fin" or similar antenna likely visible from the inside or outside.
I knew it:eek:. I started this thread yesterday and had a flat tire on the Beltway in Maryland today. Called AAA for service and was towed to Costco free of cost. Luckily I am a card carrying AAA+ member.:smile: Called Tesla's Road Side assistance as a backup and found out the that first casualty is towing when the vehicle is out of warranty with an exception. If the need for towing is caused by the Battery or the Drive which are still under warranty, the towing is free. The person on the phone was very friendly and said they can arrange a towing but I have to pay the towing company charges. He got me two quotes but the free one is always better.:biggrin: The AAA towing truck is spanking brand new and the driver was in awe of the car as it is his first Tesla Model S tow. Treated the car with care.

@hanl1 - 90% charging is around 221 rated miles. Was 245 when new.
@Cyclone - Love the car. I got my money's worth as I could get to my appointments on time in the DC metro area even with the crazy traffic. For me being on time means more appointments which translates into more money. Almost bought a new S90D but did not go through because my favorite color is not offered any more.
There are a few creaks (pano roof) and rattles (something in the rear of the car) that aren't enough of an issue to do anything about.

FWIW, I recently had a non-specific rattle in the rear of my own car that was driving me crazy, and it turned out to be the license plate frame! (Worth checking.) I've also been getting a lot of creaks in my headliner area (not the pano roof); the car will be in for service next week and they'll take a look at it.

I now have 32K miles on my S, which otherwise feels brand new; 37K on my 2008 Roadster, which has developed squeaks and rattles like a mattress in a cheap motel. But I love her still. :love:

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