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2012-2015 Refurbished Battery Experience

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Hi, everyone. Any 'vintage' model S owners out there that needed a HV battery replacement? I know that the dreaded $20K price tag is always affiliated with such an issue, but I've heard Tesla offers refurbished battery replacements.

Anyone who's got refurbished ones, are they any good? What was the price and how has your experience been?

Just curious. Cheers.
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$10k USD - That seems to be the current market rate for an 85 kWh used/reman/salvage replacement pack that gives the owner a rated range of around 240 miles. Just the pack. Labor, taxes, and warranty (explained below) are extra.

$10k includes Tesla, 3rd party professionals and salvage yards. Tesla bundles in a 4 year/50k mile warranty while others offer warranties at an extra cost. Each year of warranty seems to range from $1250-$1500/year. e.g. Tesla's basic $15k=$10k pack + (4) x $1250 warranty. Of course, Tesla does not break things down like this, but based on 3rd party warranty fees, a reasonable comparison.

So your decision around that magic $10k number for a 85 kWh used/reman/salvage replacement pack revolves around warranty and convenience of location/time.

P.S. - Add $4k for Tesla's new (not reman) pack.

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To answer your question about reman reliability. First any reman is a crap shoot. At one end of the spectrum you could get a 10 year old pack with original cells that just needed a Battery Management Board replaced. The other end of the spectrum you could get a 5 year old pack that also needed a new BMB. And everything in between, a reman is a crap shoot.

The only way to get the original EPA rated range and faster Surpercharging speeds is with a Tesla new (not reman) pack. 85 kWh remans, due to the nature of their degradation will typically only get you 240 miles rated range.
My advice, and I'm just one person, is based on personally talking with hundreds of folks and my own experience. I don't profess to be the expert - (1) If you love the car and want to keep it less than 3 years, either get a remanufactured pack replacement or fix of your current pack for $7k-$15k USD, (2) if you love your car and want to keep it for more than 3 years then get new pack from Tesla for $20k, and (3) If you are mechanically inclined and comfortable/safe around dangerous high voltage, then you can swap packs or attempt to repair your existing pack.