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2013 Dead MCU1 to MCU2 Retrofit From 2018 Donor

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My 2013 P85+ has the dreaded "black screen of death" and has become completely inoperable.

The small "cluster" screen works but just throws endless errors. (it's really pissed)

I can't put it into tow mode or charge it so getting it to Tesla is almost impossible at the moment.

I was able to get an MCU2 and dash screen from a donor 2018 70D.

The donor MCU2 boots up just fine and will let me nav around and shows info on the dash screen. It can recognize some of the features of my S but obviously is still coded for the donor car so a lot of things aren't working correctly. I was hoping that I could at least get it into tow mode but that isn't working either.

I've seen that in the toolbox, there is an option to perform the retrofit.

Is there anyone out there that knows how to do this and can either guide me through the process or refer me to a service that can do it?

someone can correct me if i'm wrong but i believe retrofit option requires backing up current MCU then restoring to new MCU...
sounds like backup might not be possible for u... which leaves only Tesla to write new MCU using VIN database...
Is there a way to "blank out" the MCU2 to a base 2013 P85+ config so I can at least get the thing in tow mode?
The eMMC should be covered under recall but I have a feeling that Tesla won't replace the board without me driving into a service center.
If you haven't found this thread, this is probably the best accounting of a DIY MCU1 -> MCU2 retrofit:

But long story short, I don't think you're going to have any amount of success on your own without the ability to transfer files off of the old MCU.