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  1. K

    Crazy thought?

    I was contemplating ordering the Acceleration boost this upcoming weekend on Saturday morning 03Apr and returning it 04Apr sometime in the afternoon. After reading many forums i found this to be a pretty straight forward return and would be a good way for me to test out if it is something i...
  2. J

    Help! My M3 won't turn off!!

    I've been fighting this issue for over 2 weeks now. I have a 2020 M3 Dual Motor with just over 15,000 miles. Christmas Eve was my 1 year anniversary as I got my car on 12/24/2019. No problems with my car until two weeks ago when I was traveling out of town. I left work and drove to my hotel and...
  3. F

    So-Cal Power Frunk / Trunk Group Buy Interest?

    So....I have a '19 M3 Stealth Performance...and I'm feeling a little "osbornish" about some of the new features. While living in SoCal...I don't think the heat pump will make a huge difference for me, specifically - but I do like the power trunk option. So I got to researching and there is a...
  4. .FP.

    Power levels at various states of charge

    I recall seeing a chart someone created for a model 3, showing the different hp levels depending on battery percentage. Does anyone have this info for the Raven Long Range Plus Model S cars? I know I could use ScanMyTesla to see this info in real time, but I don't have one and figured someone...
  5. BM3B

    Model X horsepower and 0-60 sec discussion

    I am a new Model X owner LR+ 20" with -H battery built 9/2020. I have been looking for LR (non-performance) horsepower and 0-60 information and have not found much in the forum especially for power. I will post my findings to this thread and ask anyone else with info to chime in as well. Thanks...
  6. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Just got my survey for my Tesla Powerwall referral reward. Have planned to install it onto my solar equipt home, but I already have a propane generator and would really need at least one more Powerwall (likely 2 more) to fully power the house for any reasonable length of time and I'm not...
  7. fasteddie7

    Charging problems or weather related?

    I might be having a charging issue...not sure. When I got home last night after a snow/rainy hour commute, I brought my charger to the port and pressed the button. It opened but the lights didn't come on and the little tab that was in there clicked a few times. After that it finally lit up...
  8. xspace

    Power Frunk DIY Installation.

    Hey Everybody! For all of you who are interested, I just did a DIY installation of the Hansshow Power Frunk Module. For me, the ability to control the Frunk remotely is a game-changer. Please have a look, “Like”, and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos like it. :) Thank you!
  9. L

    Intentional power restriction

    Is it possible to restrict power with a limited accessibility? Purpose, rental or low experience driver safety precaution.
  10. T

    Georgia Power PEV Rate Plan

    Has anyone in Georgia switched over to GA Power's PEV rate plan? It advertises a special rate of $.01 per KWH during the hours of 11 pm to 6 am. Problem is that during the other times, the rate can be as high as 20 cents per KWH. On my residential rate plan I'm paying 5.7 cents per KWH 24...
  11. M

    Set Points to Save Power

    I wish that we could have set points in the model 3. For example if I set the heat to 72 then it would heat the car until it reaches 72 degrees inside. Then it would shut off both the heat and fan until the internal heat reached a lower temp of 66 degrees (or something like that). At that point...
  12. H

    Car didn't automatically start charging after power restoration

    So I live in Atlantic Canada. We had a bit of a blow last night which resulted in some (a lot) of power outages. The car was connected to my wall charger when the power went out and had been charging for about a half hour. I went to bed with no power. The power came back on at 1AM but I...
  13. DanTW_GB

    Looped Supply - May not be able to install charger

    Hi all... looking for some advice. Just had pod point call be back after two weeks waiting and chasing; they’ve let me know I’ve got a looped supply (first I’ve heard of this, apparently there’s one electricity cable coming in to my property and that feed is being ‘looped’ to my neighbour in our...
  14. nguyentoogood

    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    This is a mod i always wanted to do. It works on my 2015 P85D and the refresh front bumper. I believe if you have two bumper hooks you are out of luck. Well then. I made an install video and I hope this help our future owners who want to tackle the project! You can order it here: Tesla Model...
  15. T

    Can I use Model X battery to power my tools?

    Hi All, I've been working on building a small cabin on a piece of land I own and have been thinking about purchasing a Model X. The land is about 10 miles away from my house. and I usually lug a generator back and forth to power my tools, but it occurred to me: Couldn't I just use the Tesla...
  16. W

    While breaking, if you get the error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed"...

    I have a 2019 built Model 3. I haven't had it for more than 3 months. Recently, in the past week or so, I began seeing an annoying error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed" every time I braked. (I was not pressing both pedals). I attached the error message to show what it looked...
  17. MountainPass

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 SR+ Dyno Test. Faster than LR RWD?

    The day we picked up our new SR+, we had a little fun on the highway and noticed the cars seemed dead even, with the SR+ possibly being faster at higher speeds. Since we have an in-house dyno, what else is there to do than get it loaded up and see for ourselves! Here is a graph from the...
  18. jwwilsonmd

    Keep trailer power on

    Does anyone know a way to keep the power on that feeds and attached trailer lights? This also powers a small light inside my cargo trailer. Once the car shuts off and locks, the power goes off. Any hack to keep that supply on, other than running a separate power from the rear DC plug? Many...
  19. G

    Utility outage simulation data dump

    Wanted to share with those of you who are data geeks what I pulled as part of my utility outage test this weekend. :) Configuration - Late afternoon on a partly cloudy day. - 8.5kw array was producing about 2.5kw. - Home was consuming 900w-1200w at the time. - 1x Powerwall on firmware v1.37.1...
  20. Beta V

    Powering my Ham Radio

    I'm installing a Ham radio transmitter in my Model X and wanted to know what's the best way to power it. I understand there is a 12VDC power source in the frunk, but don't know how to access it, nor do I know how to get the wires into the main cabin. Is there a safe way to cross the "firewall?"...
  21. eXntrc

    Always Connected Model 3 Request

    (I'm creating this thread per the recommendation of @Akikiki) I really want to use apps like the My Tesla Alexa Skill and Wear for Tesla. Unfortunately, both fail most of the time due to communication errors reaching the car. The only way I can get apps like these to work is by connecting to...
  22. I

    Tesla car battery to power my house

    No answers, only question! If I buy an inverter, can I use the power in my Model S to power my house at night? If yes...how do you get the power from car through inverter, to house use? Seems like a good wheeze!
  23. gnuarm

    The Future of EV Home Charging and the Grid

    The typical home built in the last 40 years has 200 amp service and so can draw up to 40 kW continuously. I've read the distribution grid is designed for an average load of 4 to 6 kW per home. Can anyone confirm this number? Depending on the part of the US you live in many homes use a heat...
  24. heytae

    High Power (Limited Edition Autographed by Elon, black) Wall Connector, HPWC

    I have a referral award that I'm willing to have drop shipped to you. Brand new, sealed in box, autographed special edition Tesla Wall Connector / Charger. Generation 2, Matte Black Charger, 24ft cable, 80 Amps These are NOT available for purchase from Tesla. You can only get them for...
  25. C

    Net Zero House and 200A Service or More

    I am building a net zero house in Edmonton Canada, which will not have a gas service to it. It will have a 13kW solar array and I want to pre-wire it to support two future EVs. Sadly this new neighbourhood only has 100A services to their lots. There will be an electric heat pump, with auxiliary...
  26. fasteddie7

    Can I mess up my HPWC?

    my car is in for service and I have a loaner for the night. When I got home I plugged the loaner in and the “unable to charge” close port and press the brake message popped up. It’s still charging and I need it to charge to make it back to the service center tomorrow. Can anything negative...
  27. fasteddie7

    Power flickered now odd behavior

    I got home from work and plugged in to my HPWC. I normally get 47/48 A 37 mph charge at 12kw an hour. In the middle of the night the wind was owing hard and the lights flickered on and off for about 10 seconds. I went out to the garage to check, and the car had some errors thrown up about...
  28. fasteddie7

    Which adapter and is it safe?

    We are in the process of laying down new concrete for our garage and I will be unable to pull into it to charge. I have a regular 12 v and another plug installed that is a 30 amp. I've attached an image. My Tesla connector does not match it. Is there an adapter that I can connect to my plug then...
  29. K

    Keeping power on when parked, and not in driver seat

    Any tips on this? I place a bag in the driver seat so that it senses the weight, but that only gives about 15 minutes before everything shuts off.
  30. M

    Turning off regen and power limiting for increased range

    2 Questions a. Would anyone know of a way to turn off regen (I know you can set it to low) completely. During highway driving, i prefer to coast rather than regen to not double tax mechanical energy with the various losses (motor, controller, battery). b. Is there a way to limit total power...
  31. L

    House Breaker Box Maxed Out

    On Saturday, my wife is going to test drive a Model X. This will be for her car and not mine as I already have a reservation in for the Model 3. This will be our first time ever in a Tesla actually. Depending on how it goes, we might be placing an order for one. Though, who am I kidding... I...
  32. tornado

    Fuse Box on 2016 S

    Hello, I have a late-2016 Model S (and a 2013 S which is not pertinent to the current question) that I'm trying to tap into a 12v switched feed. There are no diagrams at all for the fuse boxes in the new Tesla. Don't ask me to check the manual as they haven't included the word fuse at all in the...
  33. A

    2016 Obsidian Black 85D AP Cold Weather Premium Interior

    I have for sale an Obsidian Black Metallic, Tesla Model S 85D with 17k miles. This vehicle was purchased new on 3/14/2016. The car has been well taken care of and is super clean. No one has ever smoked inside nor have there ever been animals inside. Specifications 85 kWh Model S Dual Motor...
  34. VerityZooms

    High-performance aftermarket audio in a Tesla

    So, my Model X is shaping up in to the beautifully customized beast I've envisioned; the next step is audio. I drove an old antique Mercedes drop-top for many years; and I had her fitted with a … frankly unnecessary quantity of bass-in-the-trunk: a pair of JL's 13.5" W7AEs (theoretically maxing...
  35. hrbmd22

    Panel between the Dome Lights

    Does anyone know what's the small mesh panel between the dome lights? I have recently acquired a dual camera dash cam, and I'd like to install it with as light wiring as possible. It fits over the existing rear view mirror. The power cord is shown in the installation manual as being run up...
  36. IgorAntarov

    Supercharger power requirements? How many kW it takes from the grid?

    What are the typical Supercharger power requirements? (How many kW it normally takes from the grid?) As we know multiple chargers working in parallel can deliver up to 120 kW. But typically if we have multiple telas charging in parallel the output power is going down. Plus sometimes...
  37. E

    Locating Amplifier in Trunk

    Hey folks, I have been unsuccessfully searching for the better part of the day for amplifier mounting options and respective ground points to use. I understand there are 3 locations to put the Amplifier, however, there are concerns for each location: 1) In the Frunk cubby: Most...
  38. Zextraterrestrial

    Get out too fast - car stays on!

    OK I finally learned why I have found my car listening to music without me. Or why my car left the parking lights shining all night one evening. Rain. If you get out of the drivers seat and close the front door relatively quick, say a bit <1second, the car stays on. Well when it is dumping rain...
  39. D

    USB port power upgrade

    I know there is a test showing the center console USB ports only outputs around 1 amp each. Has anyone bought a 2-port, 2.1 amp,aftermarket USB charger and tried to upgrade the USB ports from the back? Does anyone know how to take the center console apart? I'm trying to charge up my iPad...
  40. J

    Manual - Dashcam with constant 12v power

    I worked out an manual on how to install dashcam on the Roadster. The information could be useful for those who want to learn. :smile: See the attachment. PDF file
  41. ElectricAvenue

    Driving 1 mile vs. powering a 1500W electric heater.

    I am trying to get an idea of what 300wh/mile means. I have a few of those small electric heaters in the house that I use in the winter time, they are rated as 1500 watts. My Model S says that I am averaging about 300wh/mile (watt hours per mile). Does this mean that the Tesla can go 5 miles...
  42. Brightonuk

    Track Day Done!!

    What an experience:biggrin::biggrin: Gotta say I was very very nervous going out the first time but they paired me up with a pro who races every weekend so he tried to keep me on the track showing me when to turn in to a corner and it is way later than you think, so late I was thinking he...

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