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2016 Model X, leaking touchscreen

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My 2016 Model X began leaking touchscreen fluid from the bottom a month or so ago. We brought it in today and were told that it had a 4 year warranty on the screen and it has been six years. We showed them an article (NHTSA Asks Tesla to Recall Roughly 158,000 Model S and Model X Cars Over Failing Touchscreens) that describes the same problem in older Model X and Model S cars and it says the NHTSA asked Tesla to recall approx. 158,000 cars and replace the touchscreens. They are requiring us to pay for the replacement ($1000). Does anyone have advice on how to get Tesla to cover the costs of a repair that was caused by their error in judgement during the build of these cars? It is in the service center today but we can still cancel the repair if someone knows of an alternative solution. The touchscreen actually works fine but it seems irresponsible to watch it continue to leak and do nothing.....
Today I have just noticed goo seeping out of my touch screen onto my center console. Reading other threads it appears the best solution is to upgrade to MCU2 which replaces both screens at higher resolution and other benefits. Thank you for the link to the NHTSA request to Tesla for a recall. Maybe if enough of us complain loud enough they will address this in some way. Carl
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