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  1. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    Cyberquad Recall

    With the recall for a full refund $1,900 they require you to send in the motor controller. It’s a 9 plug controller for the 36v 500w motor. Anyone already upgrade the motor or controller? Looking to get a replacement and higher powered one after I send in the factory controller for the recall...
  2. TryingHard32

    "To the best of our knowledge, there have been no injuries," Elon Musk.

    Last Thursday, September 22nd a major recall was announced by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Tesla Affecting nearly 1.1 million vehicles in the US because the windows might close too fast and pinch people's fingers. Documents produced by American regulators show the...
  3. L

    2016 Model X, leaking touchscreen

    My 2016 Model X began leaking touchscreen fluid from the bottom a month or so ago. We brought it in today and were told that it had a 4 year warranty on the screen and it has been six years. We showed them an article (NHTSA Asks Tesla to Recall Roughly 158,000 Model S and Model X Cars Over...
  4. sydneyguy


    Enter your complete 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get the latest information on any open safety recalls that apply to your Tesla vehicle. https://service.tesla.com/vin-recall-search
  5. I

    Model 3 Long Range 2022 HV battery replacement

    Model 3 Long Range 2022 battery issue Hi everyone, I just bought a model 3 on November 23rd and a week later received a call saying they my car may have a battery problem and that they need it back at the service department. I’ve been told my battery needs to be replaced. I was given a...
  6. Transformer

    Tesla released an OTA software update to fix "unexpected activation of the emergency brake system"

    > Tesla Inc. TSLA, -2.57% is recalling about 11,700 2017 to 2021 Model S, Model 3 and Model X vehicles, and 2020 to 2021 Model Y vehicles, because a communication error with the software may cause unexpected activation of the emergency brake system, according to a notice filed with the National...
  7. tybah

    Has anyone had issues with after getting the Infotainment upgrade?

    I have a late-2016 Model S. My car was included with the recall - for months before the recall was talked about, I was at the service center numerous times because I was having so many problems (backup camera slow to come up, if at all-loss of turn signals-frequent black screen-inability to...
  8. S

    MCU1 Bricked After EMMC replacement?

    I know this is beating a dead horse and this subject has been covered in numerous threads. As a long time lurker I haven't posted until now, but I'm kind of at a loss about this situation. I had been having issues in my 2012 Model S with the touchscreen glitching or acting up (no...
  9. A

    MCU1 NHTSA Recall

    Would the recall by the NHTSA for the ~150,000 Tesla Model S and X be extended to Canada as well? I haven’t heard about any recall in Canada for these sceens, just the warranty extension program that was mentioned by Tesla a few months ago
  10. S

    Hyundai Kona EV recall - battery fires

    Hyundai is issuing a recall of its Kona Ev model cars due to an apparent issue that has caused the batteries to catch on fire. Cause is still undetermined. Recall is on going in Korea and in works for US owners. from Car & Driver: Hyundai Kona Electric Recalled over Potential Fire Danger From...
  11. V

    My thoughts on the MCU1 failure debacle and the outcome for Tesla

    As an MCU1 owner that is near death I've thought about how this will play out for the company as a whole and have come up with the following scenarios. Of course all hinges on the outcome of the NHTSA investigation. 1. NHTSA rules against Tesla and calls it a safety issue and forces a...
  12. Gwgan

    Model X power steering bolts NHTSA Recall

    NHTSA Recall Code 20V-062 certain Model X 2015-1016 bolts holding power steering unit can corrode and break. This was settled on early Model S some time ago. I received a letter about this in early April and the best guess at that time was that the parts would be available in Late Summer 2020...
  13. T

    Regen causing unintended acceleration, according to new study?

    This new scientific article, below, seems like a huge big deal. Basically it sounds as though EVs, including Teslas, may be interacting with Bosch brakes to in essence short circuit (especially when the brake lights error code is triggered) and accelerate due to loss of regen/addition of motor...
  14. C

    Model X (2019) recall for main body harness issue

    Hi guys, New registered member here (been lurking for a long time)! Just got a proactive service appointment scheduled on my 2019 Model X 100D from the Vancouver service centre. As I didn't schedule anything, I reached out to the service centre by email and they confirmed the following: We...
  15. S

    All Jaguar I-Paces in US being recalled for brakes

    Thought this was interesting. There's A Serious Problem With The Jaguar I-Pace Car's been out in the market for a bit now. Husband had someone park next to him in one. Seem to recall Consumer Reports splashing braking issues about the Model 3 when it first came out all over the news and...
  16. deadlion

    First Mobile Service - Recall and Repair Items

    First mobile service was a very positive experience. The tech was excellent (and arrived early). Repair - Wheel well liner grommets - installed 6 on each side, aligned liners - Mirror triangle trim - replaced both (they actually latch on, one of the old ones stuck out quite a bit) - Inner tail...
  17. T

    Battery Replacement

    Tesla called me yesterday afternoon to notify me that my vehicle service was complete (replaced faulty charge door), and casually mentioned that "next time I come in" they will replace my entire LR battery. I started asking questions and was put on hold for a couple minutes, then was told it was...
  18. Eevee

    Takata Air Bag Recall - STILL!?!?!

    I received a notice 3 days ago that my 2016 CPO that I bought nearly 2 months ago needs to come in for airbag replacements. WTF??? Seriously? This Takata airbag issue has been known for years and years now. And my car was supposedly inspected and deemed safe to drive before I took delivery. So...
  19. J

    Park Brake Repair

    Anyone get an email regarding this issue? Dear Tesla Owner, My name is xxx, I work with the Mobile Service team at Tesla and we are reaching out to you to schedule the replacement of the industry-wide recall of the Park Brake repair. We want to assure that all customer vehicles provide the...
  20. W

    Steering Unit replacement.

    We took our Model 3 in for various delivery day issues and I get a call from Tesla saying they can’t release the car back to me until they replace the steering control unit. They don’t have a timeline of when the part will arrive and now I am just waiting for a resolution. Has anyone else had...
  21. S

    Mobile Service (formerly Ranger) rant....

    Well, I am usually quite positive on these forums, but I am a bit baffled by the new "mobile service" being touted as a replacement to a service center for most issues. First, I love the service folks in CLT. Great people, very helpful, enjoy chatting with them. However, CLT is nearly 500...
  22. Peteybabes

    Model X Recal!?!?

    Hello All, please see this link (snipped because i couldn't click on it as the link didn't function) Has anybody else heard about this? is this just a MarketWatch news error?
  23. BLKMDL3

    TAKATA RECALL 2012-16 MS

    Just looked at cars affected by recall and it includes 2012-2016 model s. Has anyone heard about this? Here is a quote from NHTSA. It says, "Takata air bags installed in tens of millions of U.S. vehicles are subject to recall due to a safety defect that may cause the air bag inflators to...
  24. N

    Major Safety Issue - Hoping a Tesla engineer watching the forums reads this!

    Last night, while driving down the highway in pitch black lighting, my headlights suddenly shut off! This has happened before, but not during a pitch-black scenario, and I was assured that this was a firmware bug, that it was identified, and was fixed. Obviously that's not the case. I had to...
  25. H

    Memory Seat Recall w/ Fob Not Working

    Anyone know what's up with this? This worked a while back with an earlier update but hasn't worked in a while for me. The screen identifies the key that's in the car but doesn't change the seat position to the proper user account without active input.
  26. cookpwr

    Tesla Brake Recall - check back for details

  27. U

    Newer Teslas also with Takata recalled airbags?

    Supercars at Risk: McLaren, Ferrari, and Tesla Added to Takata Airbag Recalls My nearly new Tesla has one of these?! How was this not corrected in 2015? Or 2014? Or 2013? Or 2012?... The situation concerning ammonium nitrate has been known forever. What the swear-word?!
  28. K

    Tesla is doing the seatbelt recall at supercharger!

    Tejon ranch... Amazing thoughtfulness by Van Nuys SC. Is this happening anywhere else?