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2021.4.11 downloading

does not make any sense;

Welcome to the world of Tesla update numbering.

I think in those cases feature was already there before but only disabled for users;
so they could have just enabled it along with some bugfix

What is your point? If a major feature is contained, but not enabled, in 2021.4.10, and then it is enabled in 2021.4.11 they still released a major feature in a minor point release.
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hey guys if u see only last number change its a minor bugfixes and not worth posting here
for example:
2021.4.11 vs 2021.4.12 means bugfixes/patch
2021.4.00 vs 2021.5.00 means minor changes / new features

(updated per MP3Mike comment)

As others have said this is not the case. 2018.10.4 (if memory serves), for example, was a complete rewrite of most of the autopilot software using Karpathy’s “software 2.0” and the improvements in performance were remarkable.

I don’t recall if there were any user-facing tweaks in that one but I remember the difference between that and the previous dot dot release being significant at the time. Of course now it would look hilariously clunky but in those days autopilot couldn’t handle a hill crest without veering all over the place.
Going from 2020.48.35.5... to 2021.4.11.
And the result is........