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2021 model 3 sr plus ufo noise in drive? [pedestrian warning speaker sound]

hello. i have 2021 model 3 sr plus. about 2 months old 1700 miles. last night updated to version 2021.4.15. this evening as i was sitting in garage playing with streaming channels i noticed a loud ufo sound coming from what sounded like under the car. the car was in drive in hold mode. i thought it was coming from the speaker but when in reverse you could hear the speaker come on with the real pedestrian back up sound then i checked if anything was set to play through speaker while driving which it was not. as soon as you put it in drive you can hear the noise. dont have to be moving. goes away in park. reverse you could here it along with the back up warning sound. does anyone know if its just something cooling the battery, fans or heat pump etc? it was pretty loud but literally sounded like a ufo or spaceship or something. like a much louder version of the back up sound. cars been quiet for the most part never heard it until this evening after coming back from the grocery store and sitting in garage messing with music channels. was wondering if it was update related maybe and i just didnt notice it earlier in the day or is it just a normal sound i havent caught yet? anyone else have this sound when put into drive? gonna check it again in the morning after car sits overnight just wondering if anyone heard this before? thanks!
ok just double checked again, in reverse its just the jetson backup noise and in drive i guess its just the low speed spaceship sound it makes that i never noticed before with music usually on and not in drive while sitting in the garage. lol. im dumb...cool sound though.
Yup. The absolute worst part of the last update where you could play different sounds through the PWS was that it did not remove the original warning sounds, but simply played over them! (Unless I was doing something wrong).
Yes, that was the most useless waste of my and their time. They don't even let us change the sound permanently. Have to go in to that stupid tox box every time I get in the car. I guess it was always just a toy.